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  1. I have to admit, I was a little surprised that Kelli seemed to know so little about wigs, how they're worn and wig maintenance during Kat's makeover.
  2. I agree. With everything so discombobulated, my guess is they keep all or most of the vets. I expect there have been or will be some behind-the-scenes conversations with some of the vets who would likely be cut (ie Christina, Jalyn, Meredith, Lily, Kat, possibly Savannah, would be my guesses) on the expectations if they return, etc., maybe to nudge them toward a graceful pre-TC exit via retiring vs. public humiliation of being a vet cut during TC on TV.
  3. His assistant, Kevin Walsh, is amazing too!! I LOVE Marshall and Kevin!
  4. Lol! Molly mentioned on one of her IG posts that she's retiring this year, which made me sad, because she has always been one of my favorites. Honestly, I have to agree with you about Christina too. I like her story and her perseverance but it always perplexes me when these girls try out for SO LONG, through a process that is s physically, mentally and emotionally grueling, MAKE it through Training Camp and onto the team, then either let themselves go physically and/or collapse performance-wise or fall back into the same habits that got them cut from TC or auditions before.
  5. Christina, Lily, Jalyn. Meredith has a guaranteed spot due to her Jones family connections. I'd say Kat might be one of the "on the bubble" storylines but gets back on the team for the sake of diversity and being a foil, with her slightly ditzy, outgoing personality, to make VK appear mature and grown-up. I am really curious to see if Christina and Brennan try out for another season, especially Christina, who appeared to have struggled performance-wise and in balancing her full-time job with her DCC TC obligations.
  6. This might have (and surely HAS) been asked and answered but I couldn't find it with a quick scroll. How many vets, as of the close of the first round auditions, are DEFINITELY retiring? And how many have definitely stated they will return? Please and thank you very much! Also, you all are wonderful! I enjoy this forum SO MUCH!
  7. Her non-waterproof mascara and eyelash extensions streaming down her face ...
  8. I love Maddie and I have loved her STORY since she returned the second year. However (and I say this as someone who falls over her own feet walking), she's never struck me as being a powerhouse dancer and if it's glamour you are looking for, she's not the gal to bring it. She has always come off as a more tomboy type of personality and physique (which is expected, she grew up in her mom's dance studio). She also has appeared to have a slight jiggle a couple of times, I think at last year's field audition (?) she was a little "fluffy." I was not impressed with either Amy or Maddie at point this season. I expect you're right though about her having a hold on that point spot. I wonder if they'll have a backup since Maddie has had a recurring hamstring injury? IF Bridget (the OBVIOUS point and/or backup, IMHO) is retiring, that gives TPTB the perfect excuse to slide their little pet VK into the backup spot and then into point. And God help us if the uber-wealthy Jones family had to pay extra for an All Star! Char and her kiddies might have to cut their Med cruise on the family's $250 mil super yacht a day short.
  9. Rookies? I'm thinking that with 30ish vets returning and knowing they have All Stars to put in for those 6-7 open spots, they can be REALLY choosy for this season's rookie TC class. I have to think it would take a HUGE screw up from a vet to get cut at finals or during Training Camp.
  10. I LOVE Charm! She is definitely a breath of fresh air and some of what's needed to rev up the show!
  11. I would love to see an episode that introduces the behind-the-scenes staff of the DCC and talks about what they do. Judy has assistants, presumably Kelli does too. Let's see how they make DCC operate. Get rid of the atrocious theme song. Either get the rights to the actual music that goes with the routines or match appropriate music to the routines. STAHP with the Star/Cowboys product infomercials. It's awkward and embarrassing. Show more of the individual group rehearsals and the rookies-only and/or vets-only rehearsals. Show more of the events that the SG and other DCCs do in the off season. Film and show the post-game victory celebration song and dance that the DCC does in their locker room. Film and show a whole training camp session. Refresh the audition judging panel (not a show thing but a DCC thing, I know.) I love Neal McCoy as a singer but Neal is 61 and him leering over girls who are young enough to be his daughter or granddaughter is getting kind of creepy.
  12. Melissa wasn't even that great as a DCC. She didn't seem to grasp the concept of traveling across the floor/field, Kitty (or someone) called her whiny a couple of times and she just never really stood out. There are other DCC alumni and All Stars who would be MUCH better mentors and coaches than Melissa, Sarah Gourley Idziak, for example, or Jennifer Colvin, who taught some of her choreo this past season. I've also thought Melissa is pretty snotty and downright mean when she talks about the ladies who audition badly or who don't fit the DCC look in the first few rounds. I've also often had the thought that Judy isn't the biggest fan of Melissa and her role. There was a famous moment with Maddie in her rookie season when Melissa told Maddie to smile more and Judy said to Melissa, "So THAT'S why we brought you in! As the smile coach!" and the sarcasm was EPIC.
  13. OMG, YES! AT LEAST get elevator music WITH THE TEMPO THAT MATCHES THE DANCE THEY'RE DOING!! Denise Dicharry's OUTSTANDING drumline routine was set to the actual music for the first season. When that season went into reruns, they set it to some horrible music that isn't even the same tempo!
  14. I wonder just how many are working full time or going to school full time anymore? They used to focus on the jobs the ladies had and they've veered away from doing that as much, which makes me think they are not enforcing that rule (request?) and that fewer girls are working full time jobs. I think Christina was the only one whose job was shown last season, in the cheesy scene with retired vet Danielle, in an office with absolutely NOTHING ELSE in it. Bridget mentioned working as a veterinary assistant and she's not doing that anymore. PLEASE PLEASE please make this happen! That song is awful in every way!
  15. What was Heather being punished for?
  16. I liked Tess, really never noticed her much outside of her rookie year. It shocked me when she made group leader - I thought she retired last year!
  17. OMG, yes! I am glad I'm not the only one who's noticed this! It seems like over the years, TPTB has moved more toward the "little girl" look and manner of speaking, etc., vs. promoting the image of mature, accomplished women. Women who act like mature, intelligent adults, in speech and poise, are few and far between these days when the squads of the early to mid 2000s had plenty of them. Lauren was one, Heather is another, Caroline is another but they are definitely an endangered species in the DCC ranks nowadays!
  18. Nor with me. This is petty but Tara's ongoing dark roots DROVE. ME. CRAZY.
  19. Speaking of former DCCs, what's the story on why Kitty Carter was so abruptly erased from the DCC scene? I mean, it's like she never existed. They didn't mention the girls prepping at the Dance Factory, she was absolutely GONE in Season 14.
  20. Given the current Coronavirus situation, I would think this would be GOLD for the producers of DCC: MTT! What a great way to refresh it and get everybody interested in it again - do a 4 or 5 episode special season intro about the unique challenges AND opportunities that the #COVID19 quarantines and social distancing posed in the audition and tryout process, with a MUCH deeper dive into that process than we've seen in the past, THEN pick up from the Training Camp announcements as usual and go through TC, including, if needed, how TC and the start of the season was/will be impacted by the Coronavirus quarantine delays on events.
  21. I hate to say it without knowing their personalities but they all seem to kind of blend, so far. Sadly, that seems like the direction the DCC has been going for the last few seasons.
  22. AGREE with this so much! I feel like I don't know hardly ANY of the returning vets from last year because they didn't really focus on many of them, it was all the "Victoria and Dayton Show." They used to give nice little glimpses into many of the TCC. Wish they would do that again.
  23. Kelli has mentioned this to various girls during uniform fittings. Vivian was one that stands out (the first season Vivian tried out) but there have been others. "Our girls your height are xxx pounds ..." I think Liz Reuter (not sure of the first season she tried out) was another she mentioned the height/weight comparison to.
  24. Maybe she means that Dallas doesn't have the kind of professional dance and performance opportunities that the coasts do? Wow! That is DEFINITELY down from years past! But the prospect of there only being seven open positions (barring any veterans not invited back to TC or being cut during TC) kept many of the marginal dancers away? I wonder how much of an effect the prospect of being on DCC: MTT has had on audition attendance?
  25. Also the "legacies have it tougher because ... " line. Jay mentioned at one of the judging sessions last year about Victoria being heavy and said he expects the highest standards of legacy cheerleaders, since they HAVE lived with it all their lives and they know, better than anyone, the standards.
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