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  1. I hate to say it without knowing their personalities but they all seem to kind of blend, so far. Sadly, that seems like the direction the DCC has been going for the last few seasons.
  2. AGREE with this so much! I feel like I don't know hardly ANY of the returning vets from last year because they didn't really focus on many of them, it was all the "Victoria and Dayton Show." They used to give nice little glimpses into many of the TCC. Wish they would do that again.
  3. Kelli has mentioned this to various girls during uniform fittings. Vivian was one that stands out (the first season Vivian tried out) but there have been others. "Our girls your height are xxx pounds ..." I think Liz Reuter (not sure of the first season she tried out) was another she mentioned the height/weight comparison to.
  4. Maybe she means that Dallas doesn't have the kind of professional dance and performance opportunities that the coasts do? Wow! That is DEFINITELY down from years past! But the prospect of there only being seven open positions (barring any veterans not invited back to TC or being cut during TC) kept many of the marginal dancers away? I wonder how much of an effect the prospect of being on DCC: MTT has had on audition attendance?
  5. Also the "legacies have it tougher because ... " line. Jay mentioned at one of the judging sessions last year about Victoria being heavy and said he expects the highest standards of legacy cheerleaders, since they HAVE lived with it all their lives and they know, better than anyone, the standards.
  6. Pure dance ability. For all her training, she never struck me as a very polished and precise dancer.
  7. Eating disorders and an obsession with thinness, fitness, etc., are not unique to DCC. There have been hundreds of column inches written by former members of famous ballet companies, by former gymnasts, by former members of other dance and performance troupes, about their own battles with eating disorders and striving to stay thin and fit in order to keep performing and stay qualified under very strict weight and body shape requirements. I think the most honest anyone ever has been about how the girls battle to stay thin came in two scenes - one was a girl at the first day auditions who was waiting for the board to be brought out and she mentioned if she saw her number, she'd be eating tuna and celery "again," but if not, she was going have a cheeseburger. The other was when Kelsey (not black-haired Kelsey but the one before her, with reddish-brown hair, who had stomach troubles and lost a bunch of weight) was eating a Combo pretzel snack as she drove to practice and mentioned that was her supper.
  8. Absolutely. I mean, we watch the solos during auditions, which are absolutely brilliant and showcase the incredible talents and physical abilities, then they go into training camp and learn what seems like pretty basic choreo to these routines.
  9. I wonder if/how the choreo will change now that Michelle Keys is out of the picture? I am absolutely NO expert whatsoever on dance or choreography but it seems like the dance steps and the choreo has gotten kind of outdated and repetitive over the last few years. I'm sure it's tough to learn all the steps the DCC has to learn in a season but it seems like they keep doing the same things. I'm so sick of Thunderstruck I could just cry. Also, did someone get released under the radar? It seems like Jinelle has danced in almost every game this season. Is it just because we notice Jinelle more, whether as a regular DCC or an All Star, than we did past All Stars who were filling in or have there been that many absences and illnesses/injuries this season? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Jinelle and she has always been one of my favorites but it seems like she's danced a lot more in a single season than any of the other All Stars. I'm curious about this too. She's at least 31. The Daily Mail Australia did an interview with her in late December 2014 and she was 27 then. I love seeing her, it just seems we've seen her a lot this season. And, I suppose, social media wasn't around to the extent it is now so we didn't see how often Emma or some of the other All Stars performed during a single season.
  10. That is VERY interesting, ESPECIALLY after the very awkward "ad" for Cowboys Fit during the swimsuit episode last season. I wouldn't go so far as to say Victoria was cut with an eye toward that, I don't think CMT tips their hand on whether they're renewing until they see viewer numbers and advertising dollars from the season - and see what advertiser commitments they have for a prospective next season - but if they do renew, this is an interesting preview of a possible/likely storyline. I really like this group. Wouldn't mind seeing some episodes about them and the selection/audition and practice process!! Unlike DCC, it seems like they change their routines from year to year.
  11. Season 10 was KaShara's rookie season, as well as Holly P, who's gone, Robin, who's gone, Megan, who's gone, Jackie, Jax, Selena, Stephanie, who are all gone. I think Amy and Kash are the only two members of the Season 10 rookies still on the team. (OK, I am actually watching the final episodes on Amazon to do this for all you you! SUCH a sacrifice, lol!) Just saw them. They look ... meh. The choreo looks sluggish? They're all together but the choreo just looks dull.
  12. That would be a tough pose for anyone to look extremely toned. Also, they have to breathe every now and again.
  13. Sorry, JUST catching up since computer gremlins erased my bookmarks and my password to this site. And YES, SleepyJean, yes!! I so agree with you! I don't know whether it was the atrocious editing this year or the fact that none of the rookies really stood out as unique or the fact that it seemed to take FORRREEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR to get to the roster announcement (in reality, they announced it AFTER the Cowboys played their first home game?), but DCC:MTT seemed really tired and tedious this year. There are a hundred ways they could keep each season fresh and interesting but it seems like someone is running out of ideas or imagination or energy or all of it. The "ad" during the swimsuit episode for Cowboys Fit was just ... embarrassing. I remember they did those kind of ads for the then-new DCC fitness DVDs and it was just as embarrassing then. And we keep seeing the studio rehearsals. OK, we get that part. Let's see the group practices, let's see how the "sausage" is made, ie how the routines are choreographed, the trial and error of putting steps together for the various routines. Let's see some of the run-up to the actual first day of auditions, the DCC prep classes. Let's see a typical work day for Kelli and/or Judy. Let's see an episode on diet, what do they eat to stay so thin yet have the energy to dance for four hours at a game? How about fitness? How DOES Lauren get and keep those abs? Let's see the game day preparation, hair and makeup. Let's see a typical weekday practice DURING the season, do they review film, like the players? Do they still get critiques? I follow Michelle Keys Greaves's Instagram and she has posts on there about getting makeup done for the DCC episodes this season and waiting to film segments for it and you see how much, more than probably any of us realize,the show is staged and posed and planned and how very little "reality" goes into it. I LOVE DCC:MTT, I adore it, and always will but it really needs to be freshened up.
  14. That was my thought too! She was a star on DCC and could really have gone far there. And she left ... for - whatever it is she's doing now? I followed her on Insta for awhile but the photos have gotten trashier and trashier. I mean, it's her choice but this doesn't seem like a step UP from DCC in any way at all.
  15. The sound system in AT&T Stadium is hideous, loud but tinny and garbled-sounding. I know it's a huge acoustics challenge but you'd think the Joneses could drop a few bucks for a better sound system.
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