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  1. Vendetta being one of Briscoe's last episodes, Orbach already being sick, I am wondering if they wrote the lack of interaction that way deliberately to reduce his screen time. Daniels was Green's friend as well, and we know Green has done (and will do) some ethically questionable things himself over the course of the show. So yes Green was likely not hard enough on him, but probably a combination of the personal relationship and understanding the instinct as a cop (if not condoning it). I'm trying to remember Amends, I believe the case in Amends was re-opened independent of the detective, Brannigan just happened to get a chance to rectify things. He could have taken the secret to his grave and let the killer go free forever without that intervention. He still denied justice for almost 20 years, 20 years of pain for the victim's family, that can't be ignored. What I think is the stronger mitigating factor is that it was the corruption of his superiors that sparked the subterfuge. He may have even felt fear for his safety from them and/or the Sarno family had he decided to continue to pursue the original case despite their objections (in addition to torpedoing his career). So of course the situations are not identical, but it's the closest parallel I could think of on the show with Briscoe involved.
  2. Interesting point, what that reminds me of is Amends, where Briscoe eventually forgives his cop friend who acquiesced to his superiors and concealed evidence to let the killer go free for almost 20 years in exchange for a promotion. Initially as I recall, yes, Briscoe was angry when he deduced this is what had happened, so he pressed the cop to come clean, and when he did he forgave him.
  3. Another unpopular opinion perhaps: Worst EADA was ladies' man Jack McCoy in seasons 5 and 6.
  4. See I liked some of the longer expositions in Season 1 (some, not all). You make some valid criticisms from my perspective, however the openings in particular also became so formulaic as the show went on that any deviation from the pattern feels welcomed to me when watching the shows back.
  5. Ha, yes, I recall from the other board that you hate Aftershock. I do not like Aftershock either, it was much more effective when they weaved in elements of characters' personal lives into the stories rather than focusing on the characters' lives as the story. Like when Swann mocks Ben Stone's divorce in American Dream and angers him, that was a good way to note Ben's personal life in a way that didn't become the plot itself, but furthered it.
  6. It was a fairly short speech, but Denis O'Hare (as James Smith in Pro Se) explaining to Olivet how it feels to be on his medication is always a good one. O'Hare's a great actor.
  7. Competence and Virtue I wouldn't say I actively disliked, I just wasn't interested in the plots. They're not an episode like Damaged where I curse that it was ever brought into existence. White Rabbit I will agree with you that having Kunstler there was interesting (sadly he was dead by the next season) and they had some interesting elements of the plot. I'd say I more actively dislike Privileged and have issues with Act of God (defense lawyer had to be completely incompetent not to create reasonable doubt in the first trial).
  8. Perhaps unpopular opinion: I dislike Season 5. It's my least favorite of the first 10. I'm a Ben Stone guy, it feels like he should still be there and I am not a fan of the ladies man version of Jack McCoy. Yes, it was subtle with him and Claire for 2 seasons, but it did nothing for me. Logan was getting stale in the junior detective role and it was the right call to go another direction (feelings about the Curtis character notwithstanding). But mostly the episodes were really not that strong in my opinion. Purple Heart's my favorite, but then it's followed by Switch, which I hate. Second Opinion, White Rabbit, Competence, Virtue, Seed, all episodes I don't watch if they are on.
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