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  1. Michael and Hazel are the same person. They just have different limits on what they are willing to do to get to America - or possibly have different ideas of what is the best strategy to achieve their goal. Michael knows that there is no way he can avoid having sex with her and still come to America. He is closing his eyes and thinking of the green card. He is probably also trying to decide if he can keep this up for the 2 years it will take to get permanent residency. Hazel knows that the best way to keep Tarik interested is to withhold sex. (Plus I think she is genuinely dis
  2. I was thinking the same thing... and I actually think she was too, she has a weird look on her face when he was doing that. I was actually worried for the baby when she let him deal with the crying... I was thinking what if he snaps?? That’s your baby I wouldn’t trust a stranger with my baby!! No way! The way I took it was he was saying he was hoping she could keep the baby in the state she currently was, not that he thought Lucy was crying then and Rachel should quiet her. He was trying to arrange the crib - something he did not know how to do - and was hoping to do it without the
  3. Cereal Killer! Love this and yes, it was great. Could that be the twist - Ciara really likes Ben but stays with Tripp (because he's safe) and Ben and Claire get together and Ciara's head explodes?
  4. I'll send the Lord's prayer purse, the red bag with MAKEUP, (I'll make sure to fill it with LOTS of black eyeliner, and bright red lipstick)harsh black hair dye, lots of overpowering perfume and the mile high stilettos that you can put on after running then through the escalator. You'll do us all proud!
  5. I'm thinking a series of costumes/disguises might be fun, especially if they include wigs. Groucho Marx eyeglasses, Mrs. Roper Caftan, Sophia Petrillo outfit complete with purse, Kramer from Seinfeld.... the possibilities are endless and they could ALL be different personalities - at least then she'd have one.
  6. I have no spoilers - I really thought the way they were going to go with this was to have Abigail admit she has feelings for Stefan but they could be dropping Gabigail anvils. Why else would you let someone you supposedly hate touch you? No sane person does that.
  7. He tried to video chat but it seemed to him like he was looking at a GIF not actually talking to someone who was answering his questions.
  8. So now I've lost the last few shreds of affection I had for Maggie. She lost most of it when she turned on Theresa but today just sealed it. Self-righteously saying Brady deserved to know the truth about the woman he planned to marry and then shutting up because Brady was on the verge of forgiving Victor! She doesn't care about Brady at all - she just wants to enable Victor. For all her talk, she has no intention of letting him take the consequences for his actions. As to Victor - yes he's an ass but he was 100% right in his description of Eric and Jennifer!
  9. Yes, exactly my thought. I didn't go transgender at all.
  10. As I said, I think Eve is kind of the worst. But just because you are better in comparison doesn't make you good. And even if you are terrible, that doesn't mean you can't call out other people on their terribleness too.
  11. OK, so I think Eve is kind of the worst. But I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed her little speech to Jennifer today. She was 100% right that Jennifer needs to tell Eric or get off her high horse and admit she is no better than Eve. Actually getting slightly interested in the dead Leo case. I'm glad they aren't dragging this out any longer.
  12. YES!!! 100% Agree! Go for it! I'm sure he told you that you were pretty and he somehow magically knows all your fantastic qualities (that your husband has somehow missed over 13 years) just from looking at your profile and pictures. He knows you are kind, gracious, honest, hard-working, graceful, cultured, a good listener with a great sense of humor and a fantastic mom! Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. How could he NOT be your SOULMATE - THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE???
  13. I agree, I never said I wanted to see anyone's underwear - just if I have to..... Didn't your mother always tell you to wear clean underwear just in case? I'm thinking if you wear a shirt where people are likely to see your bra shouldn't it at least be nice? I also don't believe in soulmates, the love of your life, or love at first sight. Now lust at first sight...... But she seemed so nice in her text!
  14. I'm not blaming Michael - the way his friends were talking - he does not live in a great area and probably has no opportunities there. I really think he suspects the only pictures he has seen of her have been highly filtered/photoshopped. I once worked at a university with a student from Africa getting a grad degree in one of the sciences (don't remember which one but it was a VERY complicated field.) He told stories of "educators" that would come to his high school and try to get them to spell things like "cat" and "dog". Idiot didn't realize they were probably better educat
  15. Well a dog, sure. I completely forgot about soulmate!
  16. OK - maybe I am old and have lost any amount of romance I ever had - but I CRINGE any time these people talk about "The love of my life." Do they ALL get their ideas of relationships from soap operas and romance novels? I have never met anyone in real life who uses that phrase and that includes people just getting married and people like me - married 30 plus years. This implies that if this does not work out - you are screwed! There is no one else in the ENTIRE WORLD for you. Maybe this explains the desperation? I also love how people are able to determine so many personality traits
  17. Yes, stuff is supposedly happening but I can't help think, that they should just wrap up all these plot lines. Don't care about Chabby, don't care about Stefan, don't care about dead Leo, don't care if Rope get together again, don't care about Brady and Eve, would care about Jennifer and Eric but had the chance to watch a U-tube video of someone peeling a carrot instead - went for the carrot. Gabi being all scheming is interesting - as long as they don't have her wimp out by getting a conscience. Ben and Ciara are interesting only because they cause problems for Rope. I can't b
  18. And, she went back to the police station trying to convince Rafe to "find" evidence that Ben did it when Marlena just told her that she is positive Ben didn't set the fire. And she still hasn't called off the investigation - apparently, your daughter is the ONLY person in town who matters - none of those other crimes need to be solved.
  19. Yes, we have absolutely NO PROOF that she asked her mother to take care of the baby and her mother refused. I think it's kind of mean to hang labels on her when we have no idea what her position is. And you are absolutely right - We might assume that if Dad was concerned he would have offered to keep the baby and Rachel refused him as well. But, again, we have absolutely no evidence that taking the baby with her wasn't her first plan all along.
  20. That's what's wrong with this plot! Ted doesn't really have any leverage over them because he has the body. What is he doing with a body if he's so innocent? Can he prove he didn't do it?
  21. YES, and Jessie REALLY appreciates Darcy, Angela is going to be royalty in the state of Nigeria, Rachel is going to discover the arrests were all a big misunderstanding (after which they hugged it out like real men) and Kreenie loves Pole (who loves his mother like any normal boy)! The other couples we haven't met are probably really sane, nice, non-scamming people. (I know it's on the other show - but Azan loves Nicole with all his heart and can't wait to marry her!) Anyone want some of MY meds?
  22. Yes, that's what I'm having a hard time getting past. Every time Abigail even vaguely tries to take responsibility for anything she's done people fall all over themselves telling her it's not her fault and she shouldn't be so hard on herself. She is the kindest, most wonderful, sweetest innocent in the world and NOTHING she does is ever wrong. Meanwhile, Ben, who was also seriously mentally ill (was he hearing voices when he committed the murders? I honestly don't remember), shows remorse and is trying to take responsibility gets told over and over that he is simply the human equivalent of
  23. To say Azan was out of line because he picked on a single mother is sort of irrelevant. Nicole will NEVER use her money to give May a better life. If she hadn't given the money to Azan she would have given it to some other scammer. If it wasn't Azan May was calling daddy it would have been another man - likely someone else who will also leave Nicole when he has gotten whatever he wants. Nicole wants a MAN. It isn't like she was this poor struggling mother who was simply conned and now feels really bad because she knows she could have spent the money on May. She had no interest in making
  24. Yeah, when Steve was doing the "poor girl" thing about Abigail I kind of wanted to hurl (both something at the tv and my lunch!)
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