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  1. WallStreetDuchess

    Ghost Hunters

    I thought the reboot was just ok. I will give it a few more episodes before deciding one way or the other. I always liked Grant, but I really miss Steve.
  2. WallStreetDuchess

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    Ugh... This was one of the very few shows I watch on network television. I can't believe some of the other shows (such as Schooled) got another season and this didn't. Off to sign the petition...
  3. This was on Jill R's Facebook this morning... **URGENT PRAYER REQUEST!!** I Refrained from posting about this when it first happened (4 weeks ago) because we all get injuries from time to time and plus, I wanted to preserve Angie's privacy. Angie is my sister (and my sister -Amy Foster's- quadriplegic) identical twin. However, this injury has become worse and worse and we are GRAVELY worried now. 😢😥 Let me explain. 4 weeks ago Angie was reaching for their new rabbit which had hopped behind a stack of drywall that Jordan and Angie had just purchased to remodel their basement. As Angie wrestled with the drywall to be able to reach far enough behind it to reach the rabbit, the drywall began to slip. It was 1,000 lbs. of drywall and there was NO stopping it from crashing down. Angie (unfortunately) did not get out of the way in time and her leg and heel of her foot took the brunt of the force....splitting her heel WIDE open! Her leg was also severely bruised. :( Jordan rushed Angie to the hospital and the doctors (in my humble opinion) haphazardly sewed her loosely together. Then started the journey of a series of poor decisions on the doctors end. 🤨We are by no means the professionals, but even in our limited medical expertise, thought the doctors' care of this severe wound was careless and the taking out of the stitches premature. The wound continues to get worse and is now turning black. It is showing signs of serious infection and we are extremely concerned about possible bone infection and / or other possible life threatening concerns. We are praying even to the end that Angie will be able to KEEP her foot. 🤔 I cried over the phone with Angie and asked her permission to share with you all so that you could PRAY! ❤❤ THE EFFECTUAL, FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAILETH MUCH! She accompanied this with several pictures of her sister's foot, some of which were blurred out by Facebook for graphic content. Gotta love how she mentions her other sister being quadriplegic. SMH.
  4. WallStreetDuchess

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    There seems to be a lack of windows in Josh's house. It's all siding with a few dotted here and there. Maybe it's because I have a huge window in my living room and at least 3 in the other major rooms, but this really stuck out to me.
  5. Oh boy, JRod has a few new Instagram posts up. It appears DEAR Timothy surprised her and Sweet Nurie with necklaces and cards for Valentine's Day. The one they're both hearts with the word Love on them. Kind of icky to give to your sister. Not to mention, he has other sisters. I wish I was able to post the pictures but am not on the right device at the moment.
  6. WallStreetDuchess

    S10.E10: Episode 10

    I almost couldn't watch this. I cannot stand Bethanny. I don't understand why they can't just stick with the original line up of Sharks. The guest sharks are always so one-note. The products were nothing I would really be interested in. Since the move to Sunday, I really have to make a point to remember the show is even on. If I do, great. If not, oh well.
  7. WallStreetDuchess

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Was that picture of Sam sweeping taken at the TTH? It looks like a bigger kitchen that what the Dullards have at their hovel. Note Sam's Pistol Pete hat. Sigh, those were Derek's glory days for sure.
  8. Re: the JRod Plexus pimping... That baby she is holding isn't even one of hers is it?
  9. WallStreetDuchess

    S06.E02: Queork

    This was such a low energy episode. It just dragged on and on.
  10. Oh my word! I decided to watch the "birth story" as a way to delay getting ready for work (it's cold and rainy here-ick). Now I am scarred and left with so many questions. What happened to the "mom"? She looked dead on the table and then- boom- it was all about the "doctor." That poor daughter who had to go along with this. Whoever upthread said she looked less than thrilled is right. Can you imagine what her friends think? Wow. Anyway, I feel like I know how I will spend my lunch hour now- trying to figure out WTF I just watched. I can totally see JRod cooking up something like this and Precious Nurie as her trusty nurse.
  11. WallStreetDuchess

    The Profit An Inside Look: LA Dogworks

    I hope they keep doing the recap shows like this one. They're more interesting than the regular shows from this season. I was happy to NOT see any of those damn broken heart sweaters.
  12. WallStreetDuchess

    S14.09 The Newest Star

    Snooze of a season, so it is a fitting end. I don't think I will even watch next season. Like others have said, it's not like the the winners get shows anyway. It just feels like Food Network feels obligated to have this show on every summer and they really can't find the talent to sustain that.
  13. WallStreetDuchess

    Four Weddings

    That was boring. If they have to keep this new friends/family theme, at least cut out all the extra crap and just show the wedding. I really didn't care for the whole painting ceramics scene to show how great of friends they all are. And not to be a jerk, but I could've done without the son's accident as well. I just want to snark on weddings!! Please TLC, if you do another season, go back to the original formula!
  14. I saw JRod's funeral post this morning. It was tacky as all get out. I had no idea she didn't even know the family (I tend to only skim her over capitalized, emoji filled posts rather than read the whole thing)- that makes it even tackier. I was looking at her blog post about their amusement park trip and all the pictures she took on the rides, even a roller coaster. I live close to one of the bigger amusement parks, and there has been a huge deal about banning phones even in line because idiots like Jill have their phones out on the ride itself, which puts the people around them in danger if the phone would get forced out of the riders hand. Of course, she wouldn't think of that. It's just something that stuck out to me since it has been on the radar close to home.
  15. WallStreetDuchess

    Four Weddings

    I have to say, I enjoyed the episode more than I thought I would. It is way too long though. I really hope Ashley was faking all that crying at the end. If not, wow...