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  1. DreaMar

    S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    And I’ve been finding Helen’s and Noah’s POV to be a snooze fest. I would like to see more to her story. Her work on making us feel her pain when everything happened was amazing! But now it feels like a completely different show.
  2. DreaMar

    S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    Hilarious! This has been one of my favorite insights! I agree, though I feel like they have all been kind of boring. There are only 8 episodes and they aren’t fulfilling my fix at this point.
  3. DreaMar

    S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    Yes! I agree that Louisa just needs to say ✌? already. I think that the “walkabout” is actually a good idea. I know it sounds kind of stupid and in reality most people can’t just pick up and go, but I see his struggle. I think he loves them both, and it seems from the preview he is finally going to let Allison go and move on. I also feel like I’m the only one that wants them (Allison & Cole) back together. idk where Allison disappeared to, but it’s getting old already! Her 3rd disappearance so far? And, lastly! I would like a win for poor Helen! She seems to be handed one platter of shit after the next.