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  1. I didn’t catch the N word, but I’m pretty sure he let the F word fly.
  2. Chantel started it all by lying to her family when Pedro first came on the K1 visa. Pedro was so embarrassed that he claimed to not understand English when the family got too close in their questions. Her family was incredibly rude to Pedro’s family in the DR. Despite Chantel’s claims that she just wants the family to come together she sure stirs the shit.
  3. There is no way Azan is going to go to whatever shithole Nicole can afford to live in Florida and be smothered by her love.
  4. Rewatching season 4. Azan trying to drag Nicole up that sand dune is hilarious. That their relationship has lasted this long is a credit to her will, determination, and bank account.
  5. I don’t get why Conrad even asked for the 50 euros. He had just gotten a large tip It wasn’t like he needed the money. Maybe he’s been blowing money on Hannah in some way and was feeling she was taking advantage.
  6. I think Collin is just about the nicest guy and can’t figure out why the girls are running after a douche like Joao.
  7. Now I think the next anxiety attack is going to be the real deal. The first one got Conrad cuddling in her bunk again and they were very cozy on the client boat ride. I think Sandy rocks.
  8. Little Conrad’s feeling the heat too now that Hannah’s back on deck.
  9. It’s her third season and there was not a whisper of anxiety before this whole Joao, Brooke, and Conrad situation came up. Why should she care so much about what Brooke does as long as she does her job.
  10. I’m a nurse and I’ve seen women use anxiety attacks, migraines, and fake seizures to keep their partners attention on them. We pretty much know when it’s real or not.
  11. She also needs to quit smoking. Not attractive. Conrad trying to get her to brush her teeth before bunking up. Gross
  12. Hannah just needs to STFU! So mean high school girl.
  13. Cats.....lots and lots of cats.
  14. I don’t buy her boo hooing that she drives away men when she realizes she loves them. Conrad turned away from her first because he just got tired of listening to her bitch.
  15. Azan’s sister looked like she wanted to slap her silly. Is Azan getting paid by the network to be on the show?