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  1. I really enjoy the episodes where they are looking for Spanish style homes in Spain.
  2. I love looking at the updates on the website!
  3. Too many small mistakes on behalf of the show producers in this episode. Not their best moment.
  4. I wouldn't change anything if I had a do-over for the show. I love this show and I'm so sad that there will not be a season 3
  5. The plot twists in the second half of season two were awesome. I love this show!
  6. I know. I don't have too high hopes but I just really wanted the show to continue
  7. I can't believe the show is over, especially after that ending. They better be making a season 3.
  8. I kind of like Conrad's character. He seems to actually enjoy his job unlike some of the others, and I think he is funny! He can be a bit bossy at times when he pulls the hierarchy card, but overall I really like Conrad!
  9. I enjoy watching the Vancouver spinoff because Vancouver is so beautiful, and the homes are as well. My favorite part of this spinoff is the fact that the budget is always high. I actually like the personalities on this show more than the original, although some of Jillian's designs do seem to lack creativity.
  10. Does anybody know of any house hunters episodes that have large budgets? I love watching the show, but I really just want to watch them shop for really expensive and really luxurious homes!
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