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  1. I’m mot on Twitter, so I’m curious why they think it hit an iceberg. Because they didn’t have sex? Otherwise it was a pretty solid indication of Elliot’s feelings. I will say, the whole letter thing was weird. My guess is that the writers had no idea what the letter said when they wrote those original episodes. But this was a strange way to resolve it.
  2. Then wouldn’t that mean there had been a camera personal in the room before Sutton came in? Or am I not remembering correctly?
  3. Something occurred to me, though I may be misremembering. Wasn’t there already a camera in the room before Sutton went in? When they showed the footage, it was from the vantage point of watching her coming in. Do they have stationary unmanned cameras in all the bedrooms that record 24/7?
  4. IMO Elliot not pursuing Olivia (or vice versa) is because 1) They were work partners in a job they were both passionate about - a romantic relationship would require that to end; 2) Elliot was separated, not divorced, which I expect would be an issue for him (being a “good” Catholic) and her (the very real possibility he would go back to his wife - which he did); 3) Olivia’s investment in his marriage/family - whether that’s projection because she never had a real family or because she just really cared about them all, I think it would be difficult for her to be the “other woman”; 4) TPTB had
  5. That would be a question for the writers. I sincerely hope they do not go down the road of the “but what about black-on-black crime?” false equivalency since I find it reprehensible, but if they do, I’ll be discussing it in that episode thread.
  6. Whatever you do, do not watch the series “Hannibal.” IMO one of the most brilliant shows ever on TV, but truly disturbing.
  7. 1) That’s not her job. 2) This feels very close to the “Sure, black men seem to be injured by white cops at an unusual rate, but what about the gang violence (ie black-on-black) crime” debate. I am really OK with the show not going down that road with Benson.
  8. The whole Liv thing seemed really shoehorned in. Did they have to cut scenes due to COVID? Otherwise 1) Why didn’t Elliot tell her about Wheatley’s interest? She (and/or her son) could have targets on their backs & he didn’t think she might want to know? And 2) What was the point of the secret text having her come to the hospital? Was Morales supposed to take her out as well as Angela? That would make sense - effectively killing the two women left in Elliot’s life, talk about revenge. If that wasn’t the point, what was? Novichuk is terrifying, and if that had been what was used, the w
  9. Victim blaming is the reason so many rape & abuse victims don’t go to the police.
  10. To the “He was bigger, why didn’t he just leave the room” argument: 1. He testified that he was initially unconscious and came to when she was already assaulting him. And yes, anally penetrating an unconscious person is assault. It could have been left purely at that & been considered a crime, 2. But let’s say he was drunk, but had the cognitive wherewithal to leave. The man has experienced years of emotional, and with the throwing of things, hitting with beer bottles, at times physical abuse. He was clearly very afraid of this woman. It is not unusual, especially in abuse situat
  11. 1 - I believe it is now typical that the state files charges in domestic abuse cases, because often times the person being abused would be too afraid to pursue charges. As far as a safe word, he said “No.” Does that count? 2 - I’m pretty sure the husband & son won here. Living in that home with a mother who yelled, screamed, threw things including coffee pots, hit your father with beer bottles, etc is traumatic for a child. Oh wait, she also cut herself with a knife so she could falsely accuse his father. It’s difficult to make the case that living in that home with both his parents i
  12. I’m not going to argue this, because life is too short, but best I can tell, there are a decent enough fans of a Benson/Stabler relationship to make it worth the writers & show runners to go down that road. I thought the same for Scully/Mulder, Grissom/Sara, Carter/O’Neil and probably some others & was surprised at the vehemence of those who either insisted no relationship existed, or were disgusted that it did. As far as this specific episode, Wheatley’s trying to brain fu@k both Angela & Stabler. He has no idea who Stabler’s “true love” is, but his musings sure had the
  13. Haven’t watched SVU since Stabler left. He came back so I thought I’d give it and OC a shot. I’m glad I did. I never watched L&O shows for the case of the week or the mystery, though those were fine. I mainly watched for the interactions & relationships. Otherwise for me it’s just another dead body found in the bushes/alley (seriously, these shows make you paranoid to jog or walk your dog). I enjoyed the E/O partnership & all its messiness, so am looking forward to seeing how the shows handle them working through them navigating the fallout from 10 years ago. About that -
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