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  1. I didn't know about that! It's probably a good thing - Zoom is really the only reason I've bothered to shave or cut my hair for the last two years.
  2. My wife has them all over the house. I was running to Costco once a month just to stock up on batteries. Not to sound crazy, but I don't think batteries last as long as they used to. I had to give that a double-take. it looks like actual QVC wardrobe.
  3. I would gladly take a break from the need to buy stuff for people. I just don't think those people would appreciate it.
  4. FInally something to fit into that phonebooth sized lantern.
  5. Yeah, because it is going to be fun knocking them into the sink every time you reach for the soap.
  6. Either married for the PR or because of an unplanned pregnancy. Creepily so.
  7. Interesting article. But where QVC has the advantage is being on TV - TV is easier to thrown on in the background while you do other things. Laptops, phones, etc. aren't. I used to throw QVC on as background noise for my office. I've worked at home since 2002 so I liked the sound of voices (I'd keep volume low enough to hear but too low to make out what people were saying). But since my wife started working from home because of the Rona, I can talk to an actual human being instead. And, to be honest, its probably not great for our romantic life if she sees my alone in a room with QVC play
  8. They could focus on products where demos really make a difference - Kitchenaid mixers or Vitamix for example. In the past I have found those segments to be actually quite helpful. Instead they focus on overpriced clothes that nobody under 60 is going to wear. Or various frozen foods that are twice the price of what anyone could buy at their local supermarket.
  9. I still get sad every Sunday night. This goes back to when i was bullied in school some 30 years ago. Sunday meant Monday when it was all going to start again.
  10. Probably just seeing if the greasy stank from the mini potstickers finally went away.
  11. I've worked from home for years and always had two dog beds in my office because the dogs just wanted to be in there with me all day. Once the lockdown hit and my wife started working from home the little traitors moved right into the bedroom where she has a desk. They both sit on the bed and just stare at her all day.
  12. David wants you to think he's slathering them in sausage gravy because that's what the audience wants. I guarantee one of those sacks of dumplings never saw the inside of his freezer.
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