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  1. Too bad Kerstink wasn't there. She could throw on a string bikini and proselytize to the masses.
  2. So no lock n stock?
  3. David is the only sex kitten on ITKWD! Dance, kitten, dance!
  4. Well she's a nice addition. Wait until the uglify her with various smocks and orthopedic looking sandals...
  5. If he knew he was gonna be on TV he'd have worn something more appropriate:
  6. My dream of retirement was always buying an RV and driving around the country. My wife likes to remind me that I don't like driving our regular car, let alone some massive RV. And I also prefer hotels. So perhaps our "dreams" aren't always realistic. That being said. I don't know what Ant's health issues really are. But health issues can totally mess with your judgement. I wish her well. And her family. Mostly her husband. If she is indeed ill, that's going to be horrific for him. That is my biggest fear in life. More so than anything that happens to me.
  7. It is strange. She can look nice when dressed, but they always have her in something frumpy.
  8. Yoga? I would think her very American brand of Jesus would call that Devil Stretching.
  9. Much like the junk they've had on air lately...
  10. Rules like the on the internet are almost begging for negative comments.
  11. I'd say over 90% of what they sell is marketed to women. Even kitchen gadgets a guy who cooks would like seem to be few and far between. Maybe the older generation Bose or laptops they act like are deals would attract guys, but I haven't even seen those lately. HSN used to have tools and gadgets but I haven't watched that in a few years. They don't even throw us dudes a bone with attractive hosts much anymore... Diva and Food Network are a match made in heaven. Surprised he never had a show there. He could have some of his bachelor friends over to his fake kitchen set and cook all
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