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  1. Annetteboardman

    The Great Australian Bake Off

    Is there any plan to have a fifth season ? -- By this point last year the fourth season was almost over. ab
  2. Annetteboardman

    Face Off

    I have just started rewatching Face Off from the beginning. I know I watched the first season when it aired (I don't know how I found it but I know I watched it). But the challenges for the most part were completely unfamiliar to me. So it was cool to watch something so brand new. The show was good from the beginning and the challenges were really good, even though it took the artists a while to figure out what they could actually do. I'm glad Syfy has them all available as I think I will be watching them for several weeks, one or two a night.
  3. Annetteboardman


    I was nervous about the show after the first 10-15 minutes, but it did set up some interesting issues (who is the law on Mars, after all?). And I am so excited to see it back again. I like the mix of people (characters and actors) on it.
  4. Annetteboardman

    Making It

    This reminds me more of "Work of Art" which took people who worked in a wide variety of mediums and had them compete. I enjoyed that show quite a bit but it is a bit hard to pick one person from a group that is so diverse. These people are all much nicer than the neurotic art schooI types they had on Work of Art, though. I'll watch a bit more. I liked the three wood constructions for the quilt. All of those were beautiful. I also very much liked the paper flower for the first challenge. I know they can't cover every type of craft, but wish they had people like a jewelry maker (wire, enamel, and several other materials can be handled relatively quickly), someone who dyes fabrics,, or a cake decorator. How long were they given for the master craft assignment?
  5. Annetteboardman

    S05.E03: Hearts of Darkness

    Have they had one of the murderers narrate the episode before? It really got to me when I realized that, and I am still disturbed 24 hours later. Congrats to them for doing this, but ... wow. Have they used this narrative technique before?
  6. Annetteboardman

    S13.E10: Who Wants a Pilot?

    I am so relieved that Matthew is out. I haven't watched much this year because I find him so incredibly hard to take. I just hope he doesn't show up on something else I would like to watch.
  7. Annetteboardman

    S04.E03: Desserts

    I made floating islands for a dinner party once. I like meringue and custard so it made me happy. I added Grand Marnier to the custard so we all were very happy by the end. I didn't poach them in milk but I don't remember how I cooked them (as I did cook them) -- it was almost 25 years ago. They were quite light in spite of the custard, as I recall.
  8. Annetteboardman

    The Shows of 2015: More Indecipherable Seasonings

    Just watched the "Rock Stars" episode (8/18). The only thing I really enjoyed was the guy from "Twisted Sister" saying he tasted lots of food but couldn't eat much because he needed to fit into really tight pants. That was funny and revealing. The other revealing moment was the one woman saying she was trying to win for a charity that dealt with alienation of non-custodial parents in divorces. And she said that she hadn't seen her kids for three years, implying it was because of the ex. That was kinda icky, and TMI for a generally fun show. And the food looked blah -- I wish they had shown some creativity in the first course, for example, instead of every single one seeing tortillas and making tacos. My general response to this episode is "can't wait for the upcoming kids tournament" and that is never a good sign.
  9. Annetteboardman

    Season 11 Anticipation

    It doesn't seem to be up now, but it was up last night, because I watched it. It probably was a goof on their part that I managed to hit at just the right time.
  10. Annetteboardman

    Cutthroat Kitchen

    Matthew. Ick. He is one of the competitors on NFNS this year. I was so icked out by that I had to come over here to complain as well. If he isn't off soon, I just can't watch. I don't ever want to see him again on my tv screen.
  11. Annetteboardman

    Season 11 Anticipation

    Oh, no. Matthew, the guy I dislike the most of anyone ever on Cutthroat Kitchen is on this season (he was so sure he was better than anyone else and he was so cool and young and he threw his partner under the bus and got eliminated for his own bad food). He was insufferable in the first episode (up on the website). I dread this season if he isn't dumped soon.
  12. Annetteboardman

    Season 11 Anticipation

    The first episode is already up on Food Network's website. No spoilers here, but just wanted to make sure people knew it was there.
  13. Annetteboardman

    House Hunters International

    Does anyone know where one could check updates on people featured on this show? I was actually wondering if there was any statement about the guy who was making cheese and living high up in the mountains outside Kathmandhu. And there was a couple who were social service people (missionaries?) who were working in a school in the capitol. Does HGTV ever release statements about people like this?
  14. Annetteboardman


    I think, unfortunately, that this is it for me. I find that I care less and less about the characters along the way. Life is a bit too short for this mess.
  15. Annetteboardman


    I was so hoping this would be better. It was incoherent and ... really? skinny dipping in a sacred pool on an archaeological site? Sigh. I would have thought it would at least get some of the archaeology right. The sets are nice, and the city is beautiful.