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  1. I'm really having trouble getting into this season because there is not a single couple to root for. Usually there is one couple who have the flexibility and sense of humor to give things a go. This bunch is a complete disaster with the exception of Gil who seems to regard his shrew of a partner with a sense of bemused disbelief. Run Gil! RUNN!!!! And take Bao with you because she seems like she might be redeemable if paired with a partner who was looking for an actual human to marry.
  2. Does anyone else get the impression that production may finally be getting a little tired of Jeff’s shtick? In the past he’s been presented as the ultimate manly man survival beast. This round he’s getting quite a different cut. His immature obnoxiousness is being highlighted. Stop staring directly into the camera dispensing your infinite wisdom. You are not the next big thing. SHUT UP JEFF.
  3. Ok Jeff, because as we know you are the BEST AT EVERYTHING let's see if you can be silent for 60 days. GO!
  4. Jamie and Beth really seem to think they're going to break into show biz with their very own reality show due to the HILARITY of their ANTICS (insert giant eyeroll here). They are cringe-worthy in their frenzy of attention seeking. It's fast forward for me too.
  5. The overarching theme for this season seems to be contractual obligations and how to fulfill them.
  6. Ok, hear me out on this one. I think for the next season of MAFS they should produce "Couples Consult", a spinoff featuring our favorite still married couples who would Zoom in and give advice to the couples on the current season. It would be a super cheap hour for Lifetime to produce and we all know the couples would be way better at advice than the experts!
  7. Here to agree that deciding to go off your meds a short time before a super stressful life event seems like a really bad idea. To paraphrase gonecrackers and Retired at last said above, take your meds Christina, nobody cares. That marriage is not long for this world. I want to hang out with Woody, Armani, and Miles! They seem like good hearted fun people. Karen is starting to remind me a bit of Perpetual Virgin Iris. She's awfully persnickety. Bennet and Amelia seem to have mastered the idea of not taking themselves so seriously. Having been married for 41 years (last week!), I ca
  8. I'm trying to imagine what Henry's interviews must have been like. Producer: So Henry, you want to marry a stranger? Henry: Silence. More silence. Yes. Producer: Are there particular traits you are looking for in a wife? Henry: Silence. More silence. Uncomfortable twitch. No. And they came to the conclusion he'd be great TV? I find it painful to watch someone so incredibly uncomfortable in social situations.
  9. Jamie and Beth got their dog on the plane unrestrained by claiming it's an "Emotional Support Animal". ESA dogs fly for free.See the little red vest with the wording on the sides? You can order those vests from a multitude of places and while they may look official, they mean nothing. Then you buy a letter from an internet "doctor ormental health professional" stating you have to an ESA to fly due to your overwhelming fear issues. No doubt there are people with a legitimate need for an ESA, but in many, many cases it's nothing but scam to fly your dog for free and to avoid putting it in the
  10. It was bugging the heck out of me but I finally pieced together than my vision of Amelia seeing patients is based on Dr. Kylie from MadTV (yes, I know, I AM old). The only thing Dr. Kylie was missing was the bird on her head.
  11. For someone who was so terrified of Covid-19 that she was sobbing in her car about the danger to her baby, Jamie sure had a lot of people at the delivery. A photographer lurking around shooting every writhing moment? Really? I'm needing some personal distancing from Jamie's spawning. 😱
  12. I'm really enjoying this series. I loved Kristine and Keith from the get go as well as Greg and Deonna. Both couples had a undercurrent of playfulness that seemed to bode well for their marriages. Deonna harassing him about a baby reminds me of the time I harassed my husband about buying me a pickup truck. It was understood between us that it was all in good fun. The truck was red. Jamie and Beth seem to enjoy fighting and yelling at each other so I guess if that's agreeable to both of them, have at it. Their dynamic makes me nervous. Jepthe and Shawnice have always been favorite
  13. Matt looks like he's homeless with his greasy hair and the knees out of his jean sweatpants. He appears to badly need a shower. Thanks to our NC legal folk, I'm now of the opinion that Amber and he are milking this divorce thing for just a little extra camera time. They are both abhorrent. It's interesting how different some of these couples are on Couples Couch (which was far more entertaining than the actual show this go-round) so my observations are based on that rather than the reunion. Danielle looks way prettier just hanging around her house with Bobby than she did when she
  14. This mess, my friends, is what you get when folks want a wedding but have no idea what's involved with in a marriage. They are responding to pressure from society and family to get married and have children by age whatever. They want a big party with fancy clothes and the spotlight on them. They think people fall in love on a time schedule. What do you mean you may not love me in 8 weeks? They don't seem to get that their partner may not always fulfil their every fantasy. Very few of the people on any season of MAFS seem to grasp what's involved with an actual marriage. When you've been
  15. Zack's total lack of self aweness makes me wonder what he actually asked for in a mate. I can see him thinking that asking for someone intelligent, athletic, and adventurous made him SOUND good to the experts. What he actually wanted was a blond booby chick who was dumb as a hammer so he could dazzle her with all his big fancy words and complicated though meaningless sentences. Mindy stop clinging and move on with your life. Michael and Meka both look like they are having the world's longest root canal. Without anesthesia. Brandon strikes me as someone who has been petted all his li
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