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  1. Millie in Seven Brides rocks. She doesn't take Adam's crap. RIP
  2. My favorite Norm sketch is the 1996 West Side Story parody with host Robert Downey Jr: https://youtu.be/qNzNeGw8Fmo
  3. At the beginning of Karate Kid Part 2 outside the arena the tournament announcer tells Daniel "They'll be talking about that last kick for years to come" Damned if he wasn't right!
  4. I always liked that Dr. Brahms switched her hair from Edwardian to 1940s:
  5. I never watched it because I heard how bad it was but I did see The Defenders where people said they improved his character. I thought "Wow if people are saying THIS is better than his show must have really sucked!"
  6. The recent death of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts made me think how much I like the Whoopi Goldberg movie Jumpin' Jack Flash ever since I saw it on TV as a kid. I love any comedic movie where an ordinary person somehow gets involved way over their head in some criminal or spy plot. Plus it has Phil Hartman and Jon Lovitz in minor roles.
  7. I appreciated the rivalry and dislike between Sam and Tory didn't start over Miguel but real personality and class differences. Sam's privileged upbringing and goody two shoes nature clashing with Tory's cynicism and struggling working class background. They were never going to be besties even if there wasn't a boy to fight over.
  8. Lou Grant was such a great character both in comedy and drama and Asner's ability to do both was outstanding. When I watched the first episode of Cobra Kai and he appears as Johnny Lawrence's stepdad it was an indication it was going to be better than I expected. I was like "Whoa they got Ed Asner?!"
  9. I hope the pandemic doesn't get addressed at all next season. The show has been a nice escape from reality for me. I love this alternate world where there are all out karate battles between teenagers and a septagenarian cult leader supervillain is wreaking chaos unopposed in the San Fernando valley!
  10. Are there actors you wish had been guest stars? I just watched And Soon the Darkness a 1970 British thriller starring Pamela Franklin who I remembered as the student with the glasses in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. According to her IMDB page she guest starred in a ton of American TV shows during the 70s from Bonanza to Mannix. She was in four episodes of Fantasy Island playing different characters! Then she suddenly quit acting in 1981. Seeing her in the movie I mentioned made me think she would have made a great guest in MSW as either framed niece, murderer, or victim.
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