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  1. Pine

    My Life Is Murder

    I want her earrings. Haven't been able to locate the maker though.
  2. Where do I find newer shows, not HH, but like "Houses With History" etc....?
  3. I didn't realize that they are already married. I worry too. If she doesn't run home in 3 years, then they will stick together. (engaged to someone in another country and lived there for a few years, went home, glad I didn't wed.)
  4. I hope that all the Australian House Hunters truly love where they are, since the entire country is on complete shutdown.
  5. I really likes the Mexico City dog. They said he was a Malamut dog, but, he is actually a Shiba Inu. Very chichi withe the tech crowd.
  6. I was excited about this show, and the first season was pretty good, minus the carriage house. Now they all actually seem the same to me. yawn.....
  7. It is better watching without the sound. The host's are just way too annoying, especially her. Sorry. Otherwise, I love seeing the old homes. I just recently sold my 1920 home that had been in our family for almost 50 years. It took us a whole year to make sure everything was done and fairly period and comfortable. And of course we kept it up the entire time we owned it too. It was only as bad as some of the Cheap Old Houses featured when we bought it. 15K 50 years, ago sold for 2M in 2021, 60' x 100' lot.
  8. BRAVO must know that people are now really sick of fighting, and friction. We just want to relax and see beautiful homes.
  9. Could barely stand watching Noosa Head......but, I do want to know where Teena gets her lovely sun dresses! On a HHI note, those prices are like around Microsoft in Washington State.
  10. Hoping the cottages made it through IDA.
  11. I still lean towards the old aged brass. (not the coated shiny brass) That copper was just a bit much. I think it was just a tab bit overkill. I hope that these Bravo shows will continue to walk away from all the drama, I stopped watching all the Real Housewives because of all the made up drama. They tend to give people an idea that acting this way in public or towards other people is a ok. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you is a safe motto.
  12. I think she may have had some minor dentistry work after seeing those unflattering photos.
  13. Sorry, I have never lived where there was razor wire around the property, and I have lived all around the world, but the thought of razor wire plus a gate has never happened. Gated communities yes, razor wire, no.
  14. Cabo, I don't like seeing razor wire around any complex, it would be a big no to live in a country where that is a thing. Hague, so tired of seeing people say they want their children to experience all different kinds of life to be well rounded, then moan and groan about garages, yard space, more than 1 bathroom......you may as well just stay in the USA, or a newer country than Europe. JMHO of course.
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