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  1. All these block competitions are filler fun, like while scrolling on your i phone. I have ceased to take any of them seriously anymore. Everyone wins something, regardless of how poor or well they do. That floormat/privacy wove material on the ceiling was just gross. After owning rentals, I look at everything to be as simple and easy to clean and replace as possible. IKEA rocks. :)
  2. For sure! I watch HH and see houses like mine that are now selling for almost 2 million in my area, going for under 400 or 500K. Location, location, location is so true.
  3. I think that realtor had on my V neck rust coloured Eddie Bauer t shirt!!! hahahaha I am not a cat person, but, I adored their cats! (I don't hate cats, just don't have any)
  4. I hope that ALONE isn't Jumping the Shark! I think we all like innovation, over starvation on this show. I at least don't watch to see suffering, I watch to see perseverance and innovation, triumph over the challenge and isolation. Some of these other shows have thrown, a hand raised piglet or goat in for subsistence, and it is stupid. I do wonder about the beach fish! I just watched the Mongolian season, I somehow missed, and it was quite good. BTW, it looks like they are skipping this week. episode 9?
  5. Which probably doesn't have a good nightlife.
  6. I have started taping and watching Mediterranean Life, and quite like it. Nice to see our favourite agent, Adrian Leeds on an episode this week. And she seems to own a place in Nice!
  7. I have started taping and watching Mediterranean Life, and quite like it. Nice to see our favourite agent, Adrian Leeds on an episode this week. And she seems to own a place in Nice!
  8. ASTORIA by Washington Irving is a very good book. Written in the mid 1800's.
  9. Normally you hear, don't cook, but rarely can't cook. Guess Home Ec needs to return. I would think living in the South of France would be a delightful place to cook. Do we know what she did for work in the USA? Yannick sure had cute dimples!
  10. https://torontolife.com/real-estate/this-wasaga-beach-cottage-which-got-renovated-on-hgtv-just-sold-for-1-1-million/ This is a good article.
  11. Floating home, I wonder how cold it will be in the winter? When I lived in England, it could get pretty cold, and of course damp. Azores lady, I figured the house with all the cats was her house. :) Hope she doesn't have any cat hair allergies. :)
  12. I agree with everyone else, those home owners were the worst landlords. I no longer own rentals, the Seattle area rental laws are not landlord friendly at all. Renters may go without paying rent for at least six months, until you may evict for non payment. They then move before the court date, and the landlord is stuck with no rent, and a trashed house. I wonder if that is why the twins didn't rent out the house they were going to rent out, and use it as an AB&B? Obviously the house last night, was not part of what's happening in the area, and I cannot imagine how they had o
  13. I am starting to like this show more. Just show us less home life. Maybe I will stop by their shop next time I am in Snohomish.
  14. I have very often wondered about this. You're getting a loan based on appraised value. Anything more, including the price comes out of the buyer's pocket. A big thing in the 🔥🥵 East of Seattle market, is a house may sell for $100,000.00 +++ over appraisal value, and the winning buyer has to make up the difference in basically cash. No loan over appraisal value.
  15. Men feel the difference, standing or sitting, the elongated and higher toilet bowls are a big plus to men. Mr Pine wouldn't joke about comfort. 😹
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