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  1. Pine

    Northern Exposure

    I use to see Marilyn hanging out around Redmond, WA for several years after NX was cancelled. I wonder if they will ask back all of us who were stand ins and extras? It was really like a big family, and a lot of fun. I am surprised that Joel wants to bring it back since his leaving kind of gave the show the kiss of death.
  2. Read his books. He is in love with Anderson Cooper, and hangs with Jimmy Fallon and Sarah Jessica Parker. I use to adore Andy, but, now meh.
  3. Pine

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Redmond HH. I knew all those houses too. Thank you Kirklandia!. Two of those houses were owned by people I knew. That ugly 405 freeway house, the original owner was tall, and had issues after being hit while riding his bike. The house they purchased was owned at one time by someone who owned an apartment complex next to one of my rental homes in downtown Redmond. That was a fun one to watch.
  4. Pine

    S06.E04: Bitch in Charge

    If you don't want to be upset, you don't evesdrop, and at the very least, you let people know you're coming through. I think that everyone learns this at an early age. I don't see anything wrong with Kate and Josiah saying Caroline talks to much, mostly about herself. I thought that Ross was wierd about telling Rhylie he talked to the Captain, and mentioned her. He made it sound like he didn't say much.
  5. Pine

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The vocal fry on the lady in the San Diego couple was so irritating. She was a very wierd chick, and her husband was too. They were correct when they said they were ying and yang. Cannot imagine them having many couples friends. In this day and age, you know about as soon as most agents what's for sale. That agent deserved a 6% cut on his end. :) I am finding House Hunters more and more boring. I use to really love watching it, and hope that I enjoy it again. At the present time, I am saving over 6 at a time, and then watching the first minute or two, ff through what they want, watch the first house and then ff to the end. A lot I watch about 2 minutes and delete. Especially the South of the Border, Australian and Far East episodes of HHI
  6. Pine

    Watch What Happens Live

    When is Andy writing another book?
  7. Pine

    S03.E15: One Million Percent

    Wow the meals are looking the best of any of the Below Deck meals on either show. way to go Adam! I think you're even surprised about how well you're doing. I don't mind Hannah much, she is allowed to buy nice things. She just shouldn't loan those items out, because no one else will care if they break it or it disappears. I found the primary's wife or girlfriend whatever she was, was scripted to ram into the yacht with her jet ski? That whole sequel with Jamie was just odd.
  8. Pine


    My take was the tourists were charged over the edge by the grizzly bear. I doubt they had climbed up that cliff.
  9. Pine

    S05.E09: Honk If You're Horny

    I use to like this show a lot more. It's just not as fun as it use to be. I won't stop watching it, yet.... :)
  10. Pine

    Little Women

    Is this the same one I watched a year ago? I keep seeing it is the 2018 version.
  11. Pine

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Chicago couple, I winced seeing their Springer Spaniel wearing those godawful booties. The condo they chose was my least favourite. But the booties were just too much on a dry sidewalk.
  12. Along with the child hating, snarking wife....the husband was way too concerned with laminate flooring!!! LOL, like he would really care, and it's a rental. Too much scripting. I cannot imagine a Nurse Practitioner hating her children that much in real life. JMHO of course.
  13. Pine

    My Lottery Dream Home

    I have only had two of these shows that I liked. The Sacramento guy, who got a house in the country with a big shed for his bikes and cars. The older couple who bought a cute beach house for the family to enjoy. Otherwise, I hate to admit, I find David just too over the top smarmy. I liked the old pre distracting tatoo, didn't try to be smarmy David. Just my opinion. I feel like the script calls for him to be over the top.
  14. Pine

    The Durrells In Corfu

    I believe the puppy given to Gerald is a Spinone from Italy, or a cross of one.
  15. I heard him as saying, "EMISSIONS on automobiles"