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  1. Gasp! (Cue pearl clutching) If she were more transparent about it she could sleep with cast, crew, production...who cares? To me it is not the fucking that is the objectionable component of her behavior.
  2. I get that huevos rancheros might not be hugely popular in South Africa, but it's odd that Bugs had never heard of the dish. particularly because of the industry she is working in and the position that she holds. I did love the editors for captioning each time she took a swing at the name. Anyone in the mood for... gueyas rancheros? cuevas " heroes " (my personal favorite) quieras " I don't know if she ever got it right, but the guests didn
  3. He- is not an attractive man She- looks quite pretty. They- are two sociopaths intertwined.
  4. I am very hungry. I order pizza and eagerly await its arrival. When it comes I'm mildly disappointed. It is missing some things, and has too much of others. It is not a good pizza, but I eat the damn thing anyway. I've been looking forward to it all day and we're in the middle of a fucking pandemic. I'm taking my small comforts where I can get them. After eating, I push away the box feeling a bit nauseous and a whole lot unsatisfied, this is not what I was looking for. That is this season of RHNYC for me.
  5. While watching Pete get so emotional over "Lana" leaving, I wondered if part/all of his response might be misdirected grief about his dad's terminal illness. I found Hannah surprisingly enjoyable twice this episode... ( As a rule I think she's truly vile.) The first time was her stunned expression when finding out Pete was a father. Gobsmacked. The second was when she realized she had left the poor musicians below deck for much longer than she had intended.. Her line was something like "Everything is going great except that I totally forgot about two humans waiting in the gall
  6. I know when I think of Catelynn I think of someone who puts great effort in eating an all organic, non GMO diet.
  7. Poor Chris...it looked like he was in a great deal of pain. It's sobering to be in such a physical profession (which he seems to love and be quite good at) and then be faced with the possibility that that might be cut short. It just figures that the annoying thinks-he-knows it all dude (Parker) is frolicking underwater with his girlfriend after making a total ass of himself, and his sweet natured, experienced replacement goes down for the count after only being there for a hot minute.
  8. Vivienne Tam was my first thought also. I remember when her collection came out ( I'm old) when I was in college, and there was this very uncomfortable showdown between the people that were enraged at Mao's image (with pigtails, cross eyed, etc...) being used so flippantly, and those who wore the prints as a way of taking back power (?) Since both sides were of Chinese heritage, it was interesting to see such a strong divergence in opinion. Really wish Leah would stop drinking. Why after so many years of sobriety would she set herself up like that again? My dad was a very hard core
  9. I only watch this show sporadically the last couple of years, so I might have missed it -Why do Reza and Adam live in such humble abode? I am in San Francisco, so I get regional high cost of housing, but with Reza's love of brand names and flashy, gaudy, more is more style I was expecting something, you know...more?
  10. Right? This from woman who requires a daily 4pm nap. It never ceases to amaze me how gracefully Luann ages. I was just watching an episode of the first season, and good lord, she looks almost exactly the same. She's completely obnoxious, but looks damn good.
  11. Kind of unfathomable that a woman who has seemingly never made a responsible decision in her entire adult life has been given such a huge platform to encourage others to make equally bad (medical) choices. Awesome.
  12. "This will all he covered..." Freudian slip?
  13. I'm so relieved that Adam and Jenna reconciled. I was worried that we might have to go an entire episode without them making snide and condescending remarks about their coworkers.
  14. This is true, There are also vegans like me that choose to eat a plant based diet to lessen the carbon footprint they leave behind. In my case it doesn't much matter to me what was in the pot or pan previously, just what is in it presently. (A side note,-even with all his complaining, I thought the food Adam made looked pretty good.)
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