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  1. This is true, There are also vegans like me that choose to eat a plant based diet to lessen the carbon footprint they leave behind. In my case it doesn't much matter to me what was in the pot or pan previously, just what is in it presently. (A side note,-even with all his complaining, I thought the food Adam made looked pretty good.)
  2. Unpopular opinion I know, but I'm glad that Kate is not going to be returning. I think she seemed totally over it even when the season was just beginning, and mid season when they were docked and she walked over (with camera person in tow) to see the boat she had started her career on it all seemed like a story arc that was creating a narrative...and for me it makes sense. Then there was the small matter of her being assaulted and treated like shit, so you know, that too. More UO-I don't enjoy Lee at all. I don't like his style of leading, I don't think he has the ability to separate his friendship with Kate with his job of seeing a situation impartially, and most of all I can't fucking stand when he calls the men working for him "Ladies." (This had occurred at least twice, but not this season) I really would watch another season of Below Deck if it started over with a whole new crew. I like the premise very much. Was it new information, or just new to me, that there was also a producer in the van when Ashton punched the window?
  3. Some disjointed thoughts...(although on that note, if you reside in a state where it's cool I highly recommend Kiva chocolate. Something tells me that I wont find theses puns as funny in a few hours...Moving on) I thought it was nice that Abbi was there and could give an update on her situation even though her season was a short one. Her hair looked really pretty and she seemed quite happy. When this crew started I was so pleased to see a POC included....particularly on the interior. (I have a terrible memory for television, but I'm pretty sure that hasn't been a thing on this series, or the Med version either. Please correct me if I'm mistaken) And Simone seemed quite smart and funny and affable and then cut to a few months later and all I can think of while watching the reunion is FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SIMONE, SHUT UP!! It's frustrating how she doesn't seem to be able to understand that it is not Kate's job to be her mentor and that there are things she needed to learn that Kate just wouldn't have time to teach her (And I say that as someone who is really not a Kate fan.) And speaking of Kate (the dress that she wore seemed to be trying to asphyxiate her) Though I find most of what she says not entirely genuine, her conversation with Kevin was not as much as a train wreck as I feared it might be. Considering what an ass he was to her for most of the time, it was generous of her to sincerely compliment him on his work ethic. Oh Shirted Brian, the more you talk the easier it is to dismiss you.
  4. Courtney was my favorite this season and Brian's abs were my second, so it was kind of cool to have the former lead the latter into one of the guest rooms to spend the last night together with seemingly no strings attached. It is my sincere hope that the footage from this year follows Ashton around for every job he ever applies for...he should never be put in any position of authority or power over others. He has clearly shown that he cannot handle it.
  5. I have been blessed with a scary fivehead, and bangs are my everything. These aren't totally doing it for Catelynn, but at least there on the right track. (Really bad pun there, no? )
  6. The tender ride the guests took to their picnic was so strikingly beautiful. I think it was my favorite part of this whole season!! You know how you can be walking down the street, minding your own business, and someone will say "Smile!" and it is just the most obnoxious thing? ( I remember being young..20...and getting a phone call my mom was in the ER after experiencing a heart attack... I had to get to her but I had no car...no $ for a cab...ran to the bus to make it across SF at rush hour, trying not to lose it. The man waiting at the stop with me says, "You're so pretty, you just need to smile more" That falls under justifiable homicide, right? ) I say all this because I found myself watching Kate serving lunch (who I think must be very good at her job) and wishing she would just smile more.
  7. Quite the juxtaposition to watch the scene with veteran Kate (when seeing the first yacht she worked on) reflecting on her 10 years in the industry, and then seeing her physically blocking the doorway of the interior from Kevin like a child would later in the same episode. Luckily for her, there were so many dick moves tonight by so many crew members that it doesn't stand by itself in cringe worthy moments, When is this season over again? Is it longer than usual, or does it just seem that way because the only person I can stand is Courtney?
  8. Although I did love seeing Tamra look utterly moronic doing her best Sean Spicer impersonation in the bushes, the season as a whole fell very flat for me. I would love if they changed it up next season formula wise. Maybe by breaking the fourth wall a bit more (kind of like they do on Teen Mom, but even more so) by having the cast members acknowledge that they have to show up places because of the constraints of doing the show, like Kelly had to tonight. Or that this new person is showing up because so and so got canned, or that they don't really want to take a trip with this person they don't like, but it is part of the show. Any little bit of actual reality on this candid reality program might be a welcome change. Maybe in addition to the Vaseline lens talking heads they add in editing now (which always seem disjointed and scripted, obviously shot well after the filming of whatever scene they are commenting on) they could include the producers on set asking questions or clarifying things and show the crew, cameras, etc... I know it would give the program a decidedly different vibe, but it seems the bloom is definitely off the orange now, Formula is tired.
  9. I was happy to see the return of the guests this week. (With the exception of the guy who complained about his meal not being Michelin quality, and then was kind of an asshole in a way I can't really describe, but sensed when Courtney gave him a glass of wine) The dad of the family of four (Albert, I think?) is so laid back and seems to have such a pleasant vibe. When his parents came on board I could see where he got it from. The children are beautiful, and I love how they try all the food that is presented to them...Even if it is the tiniest bite of the somewhat scary looking black rice pudding. My kid is also really adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, and it does make things easier, although I don't think we'll be jetting off to visit Thailand on a mega yacht anytime soon! What an unusual reality their children have.
  10. I agree. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for the better (or worse) part of my life, I thought Margaret's comment was spot on and compassionate, Also I don't know if Jennifer is the first person I would think of as having a healthy relationship with food and her body considering her comments about liposuction as an alternative to exercise. I had to fast forward past the dolphin crap (such a beautiful, incredibly intelligent animal. It's heartbreaking to think of them being used in this way) and it looks like I might have to do the same if Jackie's storyline hits a little too close to home.
  11. Not mentioning this for any particular reason, but do you know what could be embarrassing? So, say your families routine is a little off kilter because of a big life stressor that has occurred, and you're watching your Bravo shows when you wouldn't normally. And say your husband and teenage daughter come home from their evening walk only to be greeted by a tv screen filled with Tanner's bare ass as you dive for the remote, and then after a couple of beats your husband asks in his most amused-but-trying-to-contain-it voice..."Hi hon', watcha watching'?" And you're pretty sure Mother of the Year is not in the cards for you. That might be embarrassing. Not that I would know.
  12. Disjointed thoughts; Thank god for the elephants, because without their appearance my favorite part of this episode was the quizzical and then dismissive look that Capt. Lee gave to the piece of lettuce sitting atop his lunch before he tossed it aside. I have decided I want to be Courtney when I grow up...Too bad I'm just about old enough to be her mom. The whole "yachtie" spat was so silly. When Kate uses the word, Brian very politely ( and drunkenly) kisses her hand and asks her not to call him that. She wants to explain why he should not be offended by it, but does so by repeatedly using the word. She says she would call herself a yachtie..what would he call her? And then he says he would call her a bitch. That went south in a hurry. Watching Kate getting ready to go out made me wonder...do people who use lip injections get some sort of dysmorphia? To me they look ridiculous (Particularly in real life) when not done in a very subtle way. Hers are pretty bad...not Rinna bad, but bad nonetheless.
  13. I think the more uncomfortable that Simone got the happier the primary became. Degradation is his foreplay. After watching last season (particularly the reunion) I was bummed that Rhylee was back...and true to form she wasted no time showing her ass (although still just figuratively at this point) And still...there is something about her that makes me not want to write her off yet. I think part of it is how eager she is to learn all that she can while she is on the ship...not just what to do, but why you do it, her strong work ethic, and, damn, her upper body strength is very impressive! Watching her help Tanner in 96 degree heat deflate and then fold up that slide knowing that it weighs a ton, and also carrying the fucking primary prick to a chair when he was complaining of the ground burning his feet...I really wish I liked her more,
  14. So I had to fast forward through the weaning party to avoid the second hand embarrassment I was sure I would feel. It's subjective for sure, but it would be so cool to see a woman person on a reality show that just really reveled/owned their sexuality without being so awkwardly juvenile about it. In her talking head shots Tamra's cleavage looks quite scary...which I guess is fitting considering the person it is attached to There is something so vulnerable about Kelly, and I really want to like her, but her inability to contain her anger really needs to be looked at and worked on. It always seems like she is just a few drinks way from a felony.
  15. Wow, that breakfast with Kenya and her husband made me cringe. It didn't really seem as much that he was so bonded and enamored with his daughter, but more it was a way to show in a passive aggressive way his hostility toward his wife.
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