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  1. I couldn't even finish this episode. The so called victim wouldn't quit hollering out and her reasonings for going extreme were crazy. I tend to shy away from episodes or shows in general where I can't stand the victim. It makes me feel bad lol. That's exactly why I let Big Sky go quickly. This was a terrible episode.
  2. I watched the whole series and I loved it. I wish it had been even longer. Never read the book. I didn't even mind the subtitles and usually that annoys me because they're so small that I can't read them from where I sit while watching tv. Like, he just seemed to really like her and then he just turned on her. The acting was so good. When I watched whatever episode Kevin was left in the snow, it was severe winter weather pretty much nationwide and it made me have some real hatred for his father. I got a lot of feelings during this show.
  3. I've started this but the back and forth time jumps were just too much. They didn't have to do it THAT many times. If I get bored enough, i mat revisit the show but they didn't catch my interest enough to make me hang in there.
  4. I had never heard of this show. I didn't know there was a first season lol. But I like it well enough. I was happy to see something that wasn't about someone displaying some "cool" talent they think they have or a repackaged, garbage singing competition. I rebuke any of that mess pandemic or not. (Shakes angry fist) it's short and the comedy isn't stupid humor which I can't do so I'll take it gladly enough even though it isn't set to be my next addiction. It's hard to highly satisfy me comedy wise.
  5. I had fun tonight. I had missed you guys the past couple of weeks. Lost a member of the family. It was super rough. Glad I got here for the finale. Take care!
  6. Taking it back and giving it to a new prisoner. Poor Kelly and all those kids.
  7. Well, we know it's super hard to get out of those abusive relationships. Bless your heart, Michael. I hope she beats the stuffing out of him.
  8. Ain't nothing like marrying a man you're already married to that you haven't heard a peep from in 10 days. But then again, that devil dick. "Do it! Do it!."
  9. Shavel gave me some real Maury lie detector reveal vibes right there with the screaming. She took me back. Lol
  10. No worries. Michael will leave the light on for you, Shavel.
  11. It just dawned on me of that when I see Kristi I think of Amber Portwood off of teen mom. I haven't watched that show in years but they remind me of each other in some way.
  12. Can we all agree that we're all terrified to go to our mailboxes?
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