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  1. Looks to me as if she's trying to copy Kourtney's eyebrows. Or is that Kourtney with a C? Well you know who I mean.
  2. I don't know about her butt being muscular...but...the front of her thighs bulge out muscularly, if muscularly is a word.
  3. Watched it last evening. Suzanne looks somewhere north of 90 years old and Alan.....well Alan...there are no words. Well actually there are words but they're in rock bottom taste but I'll say it anyway....Alan looks like death warmed over.
  4. So one person gets to dictate the change in Jeff's greeting. The one he's been using over 40 seasons. Well now, isn't he just so special? And Jeff almost wets his pants with joy.
  5. He left him behind with relatives because he was concerned and uncertain about the new harsh environment he was moving to being too much for Sipsy.
  6. When the "loves" were building that whatayathingy (the word escapes me, duh) to slide across right towards the end of the show there was a scene with a nice big house just behind them in whose yard they would have been attached it to trees it seemed to me. The house had an upper story with big windows and smoke coming out of the chimney. I replayed that tail end of my recording several times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I can't stand those two long enough to care to go back through the whole recording for their scenes to see if I missed seeing that big house in them. Caught it du
  7. Phony to the max. Those dramatic facial expressions, the forced laugh, her whole persona, phony phony phony.
  8. Appears to me she's getting it cut at the same chop shop Amy goes to and they're using the same weed whacker on her as on Amy.
  9. Well I've been watching this show since it's inception and don't believe I've ever heard any of the male agents go on about any female agents the way Tyler does about Steve. Nor the way he was acting a few shows ago when auditioning male models. This show has always seemed to be above that. Unless I missed a scene or two when leaving the room to refill my dish of ice cream.
  10. How many freaking times does Tyler have to remind us that he's gay?? (the comments about Steve). Why is it so important to him that we know? Who gives a crap? Just do the show and leave your sexual preferences out of it. Yes, on occasion Fredrick says or does something but he's more natural about it whereas Tyler wants you to know "I AM OUT AND PROUD". Every time I start liking him again he starts with the goo goo talk about Steve and I don't give a damn. Just like I don't give a damn about Steve or Ryan's heterosexuality. Show the fabulous listings you have and leave it at that is what
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