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  1. At any point on the feeds this summer, have any of the houseguests talked about how extra extra stupid they will look after the season ends if they never nominate Cody or Nicole for eviction? Every wall yeller and departing houseguests such as Kaysar have been putting these two names on blast for weeks and weeks as being the most protected and still--they are never nominated.
  2. During last night's "war on Christmas" (somebody alert Bill O'Reilly!), I kept hoping that Day or Bay would tell her to shut up and go make Paul a sandwich.
  3. Unless I missed it (which is possible since the boredom from watching this episode resulted in me reading a book simultaneously), I wonder why the "legendary" Ms. Anita Veto didn't make an appearance. And all this fuss about sneaky Dani surely will contribute to Cody's spreading bald spot and stressed-out dark circles under his eyes. Does Derrick have any advice about dealing with those two issues?
  4. Can't wait for more whining from Ratcole about the fence shouter. "Corrrrreeeeeey, I mean Coddddddddddey, I know that had to be Janelle yelling mean things about me! Why won't she leave me alonnnnnnne? Why is she so obsessed (TM Tommy) with me? Everybody in Ubly is going to be so mad at herrrrrrrrrrrr."
  5. I have watched every season of BB and I have to say to Dani that I have cheered Janelle and adored Janelle. You, missy, are NO Janelle.
  6. LOL at self-obsessed bully Xmas envisioning herself as the Chenbot's future replacement! I can just imagine her reaction if she wasn't nominated for a Best Reality Host Emmy. Would she track down each voter and throw coffee on them and/or ram into their car? CBS cares!
  7. Memphis' weird obsession with "avenging" Dan's defeat by Ian reminds me of the time Mike Booger evicted Janelle and said while voting, "This is for Will and Erin" (Will's wife). Mike was still upset from the previous All Stars season when Janelle cast the lone vote to expel Will. So petty and childish but maybe houseguests should start using their on air voting time to announce that they are seeking revenge for--Lawon, or Busto, or Christine, or Aquadouche, or (insert random houseguest's name here). At least we wouldn't have to listen to more birthday greetings for Cousin Sidney or great aunt
  8. If TPTB propose a second round of "house choices," how about Best Grifter (Male/Female) - Saggy C. and Raven. Most Insane - Mike Booger and Raven. Worst Hygiene - Austin and Nasty Gnatalie (the shower-avoiding runner up from Jordan's winning season). Most Frequent Sexy Times - three way tie (Ollie/April, McCrae/Amanda, Matt/Raven). Best Pool-Related Performance - Old Man Jerry and Shima. Most Alarming Mental Breakdown - Willy Hantz and (tie) season 2 Nicole and Audrey. I missed the house discussion of Most Attractive Male and Female but wondered if Christmas nominated tiny bearded would-
  9. Is the HOH allowed to share the bed or is that forbidden due to COVID? Bad Nicole could sleep in there, even though it might "out" her tightness with Cody. As for how "mean" Dani is, I have a vivid memory of the first days of her first season when she ran boohooing to the "older" woman Kale (?) whining about how she hates Evel Dick and he's going to ruin her game. Kale was extremely sympathetic and promised Dani she would do all she could to help Dani oust Dick from the game. Sure enough about a week later after the father/daughter "reconciliation," Dani went to Dick and ratted out Kale,
  10. These contestants (especially most of the women) are obsessing over Janelle so much I wonder where they will transfer their anger once she is (inevitably I'm afraid) booted in the next few weeks. Janelle is getting blamed for EVERYTHING! At this point I just want quick evictions for Dani, Bad Nicole, Cody, and Memphis.
  11. The irony of Christmas going on and on about how her broken foot is that it wouldn't have made any difference one way or another. Each week Paul decreed who would win what while Christmas, Josh, Alex, Whistlenut, Mensa Raven and Matt genuflected. I also remember that whenever she heard any conflict erupting (usually in the kitchen) she would immediately wheel herself over on her scooter and inject herself into the disagreement while dispensing angry glares and threats. She totally bought into the concept of being one of Paul's jack-booted enforcers. Wonder if she and whiny Bad Nicole will comp
  12. Concerning Christmas discussing her season, is Jillian the one who was always squealing about "Girl Power?" Also it will be interesting if Lincoln's Birthday talks about her Paul "crush" (so gross) or anything about the notorious Raven. I assume that all former houseguests are fair game for feeds discussion and don't have to sign waivers? Please please PLEASE Cody--don't go after Janelle and Kaysar this early! We've waited so long to see these two back in the game and I'm pissed (TM Paul) that one of them may go first. I had a horrible feeling that J/K would be the immediate targets.
  13. I've been intrigued by the media suggestions of last minute cast replacements, such as Hardy. Of course I won't be happy until I learn that the one and only Mensa puppetmaster/compulsive liar/Arkansassy grifter Raven will indeed be in the house to spread her unique brand of crazy. If not then what about Cody C's (then) married cuddle bunny "nudist" Christine (remember the intro video of her opening her fridge door nekkid?) Or maybe one or both of the "Jesus twins" (Adria? Sunshine?) who after winning HOH announced to the house that they would be consulting with the Lord about possible evictio
  14. Any rumors that Raven may be back? Please please please! I know she suffers from two defective hearts, a hole in her stomach, brain cancer, an inverted spine, and cholera but I wanna see her reprise her iconic barking and puppetmaster skills.
  15. I guess I'm the only person watching who enjoys Ben. Yeah he made a couple of mistakes early on, but he's a powerhouse in the challenges and I enjoy his quirky humor, such as changing his voice when talking to nutty Adam. I know I will now get totally slammed.
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