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  1. my wish.... dwts: juniors does not happen
  2. I believe and I certainly hope she was playing it up for Sierra's benefit because if not and she expected to be handed the LA in front of everyone then she hasn't really paid attention to the Survivor modus operandi. I can think of no time when the show has "outed" anyone as having an advantage and thereby indirectly putting a target on their back. Even when players openly get them vie a bidding war it is left up to the player to decide for themselves to openly bid for and win and advantage therefore "outing" themselves.
  3. Ha, I see what you did there....
  4. Thank you Wings. You seem to be a lone voice in this so just wanted to jump on your bandwagon. I co-sign to all of this. I love Caleb's style and would much rather see them portraying themselves as the authentic, down to earth, hometown, rustic individuals that I believe them to be.
  5. I relate to this show so much and love it for that very reason. I could be Katie in practically every way except that I am a part time vs full time SAHM. Even my 15 yr old can see elements of our life in it. Yes it is over the top, yes it can be trope-ish, yes it expands on stereotypes, but you know what... that's what for me makes it relate-able and funny it's a TV version of "a lot of comedy is funny because it has an element of truth to it" So much this!
  6. Are you referring to the fact that she wrote it as one word? If so, she is correct, Disneyland is one word.
  7. Please elaborate on this. I don't follow any of the Brown's outside of the show and this site so I haven't seen anything that would give this impression. If that's the case even though Mykelti is quite young she still has an heart and emotions and I'd feel terrible for her if this bears out to be true.
  8. ack! my mistake, I can barely keep my own family straight I don't know why I thought I could somehow keep the Brown kids sorted. Thanks for the correction Red!
  9. Maddie didn't live w/ Caleb prior to marriage. She lived w/ a family friend and worked in their pawn shop (That's what I heard anyway).
  10. I got the impression he was bothered by it but they all realize there isn't really much they can do about it and accept that for what it is (kids growing up and making their own decisions).
  11. MissLindsey... Go Green! sorry about the threadjack, that response is ingrained, now back to your regularly scheduled program
  12. I have to say (and I'm surprising myself here) Maddie's solo was quite good. Until recently, I've been pretty meh on Maddie and her dancing but since she returned from her movie shoot I've been able see more of the draw. I wonder if maybe my lack of interest or more recently my appreciation has been due to the choreography. I've been uncharacteristically pulled into her dances since she returned from her movie shoot and wonder if that's perhaps because they are being choreographed by someone other than Abby or Gia? Similarly, while I've always enjoyed Kalani's dancing, I enjoyed it far mor
  13. I thought they were making reference to the Jonesyee cult led by Jim Jones. The kept referencing "drink the kool aid" which is a phrase derived from the method of death employed my most of the cult members when they committed mass suicide at the direction of their leader Jim Jones in the late 70s.
  14. I believe Lemons is referring to earlier seasons (maybe season 2?) when Abby was giving Nia culturally inspired dances and costumes. There was significant backlash from both Holly and viewers.
  15. I fully believe the twins, Sam, and the rest of the saga is fake. That being said: My water broke w/ both my kids and yet I had c-sections w/ both of them. My first was presenting forehead first and due to low muscle tone wasn't able to be repositioned. My second was born too soon after my first so I wasn't a candidate for a VBAC. She arrived two weeks earlier than when the Dr. figured the due date was so we hadn't scheduled the C yet. Every birth, pregnancy, and mother is different I was one of those moms who was very active right up until I was headed to the hospital, so much so
  16. You can read all the sordid details right here in the Meri thread. I think there's some in the media thread too. It broke sometime late September and has been discussed extensively so you'll have to go back a some pages but there's a ton of info and links to other sources.
  17. Just want to gently put out there that this and a few other threads seem to be dancing on the line of "fat shaming". I'm not one who is typically riled up about this but I've been seeing it more and more here and I'm just getting a little uncomfortable with it.
  18. ehh, I've been making my kids costumes since they were born. The costumes for the young ones are super easy regardless of variety of fabrics, wings, bonnets, hats, whatever. It's when they get older and want things like Cleopatra's mummy with a white chiffon strip dress or Attack on Titans Police Corp uniform with leather straps and gear that you really have to have some skill.
  19. <- Stands and applauds @ Himela.
  20. umm, if she's being paid by them and her work with Sherlock is impacting either the quality or quantity of work she does or she pursues those cases while she is "on the clock", they have every right to have an objection to what she is doing.
  21. I have a strong suspicion that if she had not gone to check on him she would have taken even greater flack and had shade thrown her way for being uncaring and neglectful. Consider reactions when one of the wives leaves a situation/discussion and the criticism that follows when none of the other wives or Kody go after her. Amen! As a mother of a 14 yr old special needs son, I can tell you that without encouragement and support my son would rarely try anything new much less try to overcome a fear. The ability to face one's uncertainties and push forward to accomplish whatever is befo
  22. This is exactly what I've been thinking especially since the brouhaha with Kelly. It seemed to me she was intentionally trying to instigate Abby on many occasions. Consider the time she blew into Abby's face; to me that smacked of "poking the lion" for no other reason than to get a volatile reaction. She even had a little bit of a smirk as if saying "ha! take that! now kick us off the team please!" or better yet, "hit me so Lifetime has no choice but to release us from filming"
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