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  1. This show, Brooklyn 99 and The Blacklist were the last shows I was watching on network or cable TV. Everything else I watch is on a streamer. B99 has ended and I wrote off The Blacklist last year when they killed off both Lizzie and the whole reason for the show to exist. After this first episode, I should start sharpening my cord cutting scissors.
  2. Is it really that difficult to believe that people fall so easily for this scam when you see how many people believe that the election was “stolen” or get their information about the COVID vaccine for their cousin‘s friend’s husband’s enlarged testicles?
  3. So, Bradley was plucked out of obscurity to co-host TMS. The show blew up, but she was left standing. After being there less than a year, with the ratings tanking, she thinks she deserves to be be the anchor of the nightly news? She’s lucky she still has a job. And if the way she got Corey’s job back is by simply telling the board what Hannah told her, she’s no great hero for simply speaking the truth. She should be kissing Corey’s ring for sticking up for her.
  4. The portrayal of Atlantic City was depressingly spot on.
  5. With all the hallucinating going on, we don’t know if Masha was imagining Carmel was her shooter. However, with only one episode left, it’s gotta be somebody we’ve seen before. I’m hoping it’s Glory who feels slighted for not getting enough credit for the great smoothies they’re whipping up. But if it is Carmel, why wouldn’t she go after her ex husband’s new wife instead of some woman who had a meaningless fling with her husband?
  6. Is it possible to get a contact high from watching a tv show, because I can’t remember if I hallucinated some of the shit from this episode. Was there a scene where Carmel was dancing to Xanadu one minute, and then put a white colored contact lens in her eye in the next minute? Adult Frances still feels the loss of her father when she was ten, but eleven year old Frances was the life of the party. The Jessica and Ben characters’ sole purpose seems to be to fill out the slate to make the title accurate. While many fatal heart attacks are caused by undiagnosed pre-existing conditi
  7. I just finished The Morning Show. Martin Short played a “Woody Allen” like director friend to Steve Carell’s “Matt Lauer” type morning show host.
  8. I seriously can’t recall a more boring character in a somewhat “prestige” show than Masha.
  9. Every one of her recent roles seems to call for a character who is very enigmatic. With the way her face doesn’t move anymore, she can’t help but appear enigmatic! I read that Nicole stayed completely in character at all times on set. Since Melissa seems to be the type to keep things loose, I wonder how that went over with the others?
  10. This might be a stretch, but Napoleon Marconi = Ted Lasso
  11. Maybe she can join up with Dr Max Goodwin in the NBC Extended TV Universe. Agnes and Luna can be sisters. I, for one, will not miss her. They should pair Red up with Donald and let hijinks ensue.
  12. St. Jack Pearson sure did turn out some seriously messed up adults. Beth missed an opportunity to teach her daughter all about selflessness. The world doesn’t revolve around her. Nobody wants to wear brides maids dresses so suck it up for a few hours. I predict that Toby cheats on Kate, which leads to the breakup. Heaven forbid a Pearson would ever be blamed for screwing up their life.
  13. I stopped watching this show when the idea of Lizzie becoming some super criminal with the ability to take on both the feds and Red Reddington became too preposterous. But I have one question for the brave souls who have stuck with it. What happened to Agnes?
  14. Next on New Amsterdam. Max solves global warming by getting Elon Musk to give everyone a free Tesla. Hey Max. All people need to get online is a Chromebook and Amazon has them for about $200. No need to give them $5,000 laptops to watch YouTube. And giving someone access to the internet to better educate them is kind of an oxymoron. If Helen can afford to live in a ballroom with a full wall of windows, and Bloom has a room big enough to grow a redwood, then Max should be able to afford a nanny for not-Agnes. The neurology department seemed to be staffed with quite a few veteran
  15. Two quick surveys: Who has the worse parent: Luna (daughter of Max Goodwin) or Agnes (daughter of Tom Keane)? Is Iggy worse at being a psychologist or being a friend?
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