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  1. Full disclosure: I am very much aware that the story line of Tina needing "space" is pretty much ridiculous at this point. But I don't care. Tibette!!! I had no intention of watching the reboot. For me, it was and will always be the original. But I will watch it now. See reason above. :)
  2. Please forgive my sci-fi ignorance, but are the viewers supposed to just accept that the upside down and the monster exists, or do we care why/when/how it came into existence. Thanks PS - Dustin rocks!!
  3. Regarding Ali's sexuality, I have known women who were overly sexual with men in an attempt to hide or mask the fact that they were actually attracted to women. My question is why did Ali shut down the friend when she finally confessed her feelings? They seem like they have a pretty open and honest relationship. Was she disgusted (for lack of a better term) and want out or did she not want to confront the fact that she might actually feel the same way? Sex is easy. Feelings are not. I have no idea whether this storyline will continue next season, but I wouldn't mind seeing Ali try to have a sexual relationship with someone she has feelings for instead of standing in a bathroom with, basically a stranger, and a red sparkly dildo. :) It might just make her more likable.
  4. I knew I missed Dr. O'Hara, and this episode made it clear to me that the show missed her, too. And yes, Eve Best looked terrific. In my mind, Jackie died. On purpose? I hope not, but I'm not convinced. Overall, I enjoyed the show. But I enjoy Edie Falco in anything. And the show introduced me to Zoey Barkow/Merritt Wever, so I will be eternally grateful :)
  5. I absolutely love that you guys are trying to figure out Piper's underwear profit. :) Everytime I saw the women jogging around the track, I just assumed they were all "expediting" the delivery, and it cracked me up and made me a little queasy at the same time. :) I enjoyed the comic relief of this storyline, right down to Piper's brother and sister-in-law trying to "re-create" the "formula". S3 as a whole? I am admittedly a Vauseman shipper, so the lack of any real relationship was a bummer, but once I let that go, I thought the season came together pretty well after a slow start. Boo and Pennsatucky were probably the highlight. And the lake scene at the end made me smile from ear to ear...as corny as it might have been. It wasn't my favorite season and certainly not as addictive as the first, but I am certainly going to be back for S4. Please don't wear out my love for Black Cindy by overexposing her greatness. :) She is perfect just as she is.
  6. Since Piper and Alex were so neatly wrapped up by E4, I figured they would be unwrapped by the end of the season. Valid reason for kissing another girl, Piper. (eye roll). I'm sure she will lie to Alex about it next episode. That was a great Amish twist for Leanne. Some of these backstories are really sad. In fact, most of them are. Were there any unsympathetic backstories besides Black Cindy's? Which brings me to this...Black Cindy is my favorite character..just as is...hysterical backgound comments. She does not need her own story.
  7. You would have to get in line behind me. I find flippantness so unappealing. I kept waiting for her to apologize and get serious about it. Maybe Piper can come to the rescue later in the season, if it is not too inconvenient for her.
  8. I find it hysterical that the writers or someone made sure we got a scene of Kalinda in the frozen food section. (after reading the VF article) That is telling enough for me. Someone is TeamArchie. I think JM and The Kings are just waiting for this story to go away. Any comments from their camps now is just going to get the story more attention.
  9. In hindsight, I bet the Kings wish they would have just let AP out of her contract. Bring in a new investigator with superpowers of his/her own and continue on with the cases of the week with bits and pieces of the characters' personal lives. Maybe even have Kalinda make an appearance every now and then.They went from fighting for Alicia/Kalinda scenes to not wanting to have a public fight with JM to being surprised that someone noticed they were not in scenes together for thirty episodes to saying it was intentional and story driven to cutting and pasting two ridiculous scenes of JM and AP "together" and going as far as publicizing the final scene as a great payoff for the fans of the relationship. We might hear from them sooner or later. :) They look as silly as anyone in this whole thing. At least JM was very clear in her public opinion of Alicia and Kalinda. It seems to me like they thought things might change behind the scenes.
  10. I swear she was saying it through clenched teeth. :)
  11. http://www.eonline.com/news/653058/julianna-margulies-the-good-wife-fans-won-t-be-disappointed-with-kalinda-and-alicia-resolution You won't be disappointed. :)
  12. I work with people I don't like all the time. And I don't get paid millions of dollars either. All of the people involved in allowing the personal relationship between two women to dictate the scenes of a TV show should be ashamed of themselves. That fake bar scene last night was laughable. They really would have been better off giving the viewers another phone call. Now I am intrigued about next week's scene. As far as the note Kalinda left for Alicia, I read something (unfortunately, I can't take credit for it) along the lines of the note saying: "Peter said I was the best he ever had" :)
  13. I agree. It seems like TPTB knew they needed to do something to separate their work lives to somewhat explain the lack of scenes together. The first step was working at different firms and now the SA's office. I imagine they thought this would set up a S7 where the separation made some sense. Jeez, I always thought they were going down the road of Kalinda being in love with Alicia. The scenes on Alicia's bed, the drinks and I think I vaguely remember Kalinda's ex, Donna, being jealous of Alicia. I would have rather had Kalinda confess, Alicia explain why it's not possible and have Kalinda have to keep her distance for her own sake. At least I could understand that reason for the distance.
  14. I always thought Lana was pretty genuine in her feelings for Kalinda...taking what Kalinda was capable of offering. Now I assume being played by and lied to by Kalinda more than once might change that, but I'd be really disappointed if Lana ends up double crossing Kalinda in the end. I'm even hanging onto some hope that Kalinda might actually have feelings for Lana too, so let me live under my rock until Sunday. :) ETA: Yes, I know there is a very good chance of one of them not making it through the season alive.
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