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  1. I was trying to edit and add this quote to my previous post, but am tech illiterate. I thought this storyline was laughable. Nikki is going on about how she doesn’t trust anyone to watch Matteo. To the point that it’s huge for her to accept Bryan’s help even if she does trust him. Within the same scene Brie already stated that she left Buddy with someone. So Brie has help and/or a trusted babysitter. Then later in the episode Nikki tells Brie that she left Matteo with someone so she can get out of the house. So after all that and you quickly found someone you can trust? We have seen their assistants and other personnel before, especially interacting with Birdie. So they definitely rely on people to help them conduct business, maintain their homes, etc. No shame in that. You can still admit to having help and struggle with child care.
  2. One thing that I hated in this past episode is Brie making the comments “Artem and his partner have so much chemistry... his partner is so pretty” while they were watching DWTS. I initially cringed at the photo shoot scene where Brie first mentioned their chemistry. But the DWTS viewing scene was sad to watch. How horrible of a person do you have to be to either (a) do that for real if it’s not a setup or (b) agree to have that as your storyline? Brie, after already having two children and having some knowledge that post partum can be difficult, makes comments that Artem looks happy, his partner is beautiful, etc. Then in her talking head Brie says “I joke around with her, that’s our thing” as if that’s an excuse. Regardless if Nikki later admitted that she was struggling or not, what type of person makes comments like Brie did to a post partum woman and really digs in with them? If they wanted this as a storyline there were other ways to do it without someone looking like a jerk. For example show Instagram comments that cite the same observations. But Brie’s later comments to Nikki to remind Nikki of all the times she called Brie lame and boring makes me think Brie’s comments were intentionally malicious.
  3. I agree and yet disagree. It’s definitely boring in terms of what they used to air for Total Divas/Bellas. But if I re-adjust my expectations to take into the consideration that they filmed during quarantine and while pregnant, then I’m ok with the storylines. Definitely not the most exciting storylines. But the episodes go fast for me. I am grateful for minimal Father and Brother Bella. And thankfully (?) the biggest will they/won’t they storyline is if Nikki will have the baby in Arizona or not. One of the things I found most endearing this season is Nikki and Artem’s connection to her family, especially Birdie. And I agree with all those above that state that Kathy is the worst.
  4. I watched episode 4 this weekend. I appreciate the different vibe the show has this season. Not sure if that is due to the new production team (I think the team started last season), the pregnancy during COVID storylines or what. But, I find the discussions about changing bodies, not feeling beautiful to your partner, etc more engaging. And to no ones surprise Nikki is always horny. The episodes seem to go fast. I laughed when Bryan went to Artem and said “this is uncomfortable. Nikki asked Brie to ask me to talk to you.” How many times will Tracy McMillans name be said on this show? Does she get paid per mention? The baby shower looked nice. I’m not surprised Kathy was pushy to want faaaaaamily there and initially didn’t seem to care about the attendance rules. One scene threw me off- when Brie was FaceTiming Bryan about Nikki and Artem’s lack of sex situation. She, Bryan and Birdie were wearing the same clothes as a Facetime scene in Episode 1. Birdie playing in the fountain while they were on an outside patio seemed familiar. And yup, Episode 1 had the same setup. Maybe a post production “sit here and film multiple scenes to push different storylines through.”
  5. I don’t know why but this made my laugh out loud. It conjures up all the times when Nikki said “let’s try to start this business,” only for Brie to say “you wont succeed.” Then cut to Brie proclaiming that she’s a business woman and takes an active part in the companies/industries that Nikki originally mentioned. I believe in the first episode of the new season they said they had a ghostwriter. I got wine drunk a couple of weeks ago and requested the digital copy from my library. There’s a wait but between your review and the one I saw on Reddit I think I’ll remove my hold. I don’t like when timelines jump around. Also, I don’t know if I can sit through a book “in their voice.”
  6. This storyline was not needed. It didn’t do anything to advance Mel’s character or her storyline. I’d understand if Mel did give the ring back and that pushed her into grieving. Or if we got more flashback. But, nope. The only good thing it did was prevent more Lizzy scenes and prevent more Jack and/or Charmaine scenes.
  7. Jack told Mike that Charmaine is pregnant. So Mike had an odd reaction. It’s in episode 5. The scene starts around 20:55 with the guys playing football. 21:47 is when Jack tells Mike about Charmaine and the whole scene is over by 23:00. So, if Netflix does have Mike as a possible baby daddy then there goes his book storyline with Jack’s sister.
  8. It’s sad that he’s likely going to get dragged away from his San Francisco job now that Christopher has been re-introduced. Preacher’s SF storyline pushed me over into the “I hate Jack” territory. Preacher tries to talk with Jack about his future with the bar. But, Jack has his head so far up his selfish ass with his personal vendetta with Brady and Calvin, ignoring any conversation with Charmaine, trying to get Mel, and rushing off to make rash decisions that he gives Preacher barely any time. And how hasn’t Jack considered giving Preacher some type of stock, ownership etc into the bar? Jack knows that Preacher’s food is a big draw so Jack never considered a long term plan?
  9. I think being mean runs in the family. Brie previously mentioned that she cut off contact with her father because he pissed her off. JJ had his pranks which escalated issues and the pranks were mean. Also, Brie laughing and telling Bryan that she couldn’t want to see what “slutty” outfits Nikki would wear after Nikki signed with Dancing with the Stars. I believe they have said that their family is competitive. But they also seem judgmental and stubborn. It was only a matter of time for a rift.
  10. I’m glad it’s not just me! I don’t know what is different this season but the ‘magic/charm’ from the first season isn’t there this season. Maybe there were too many storylines? Were some of the storylines too heavy? I might do a rewatch but I don’t have the yearning to do for this season. I rewatched the first season so many times. But this season doesn’t have it for me. I’m to the point that I don’t care what happens with Jack going into season 3. I’m also not figuratively dying for season 3 as I was for season 2 after watching the first season. I’m glad that they returned Mel to Virgin River within the first 5 minutes. But Paige’s storyline explanation for her empty house was lame. And then an episode later she’s battered? They couldn’t consolidate Preacher finding her empty house at the end of season 1 and Paige’s returning husband, Wes? Connie still could have pointed Wes towards Paige’s house. Also, wasn’t there a different man (both actor and name) last season asking Preacher about Paige? He even made a comment to Preacher that the pie reminded him of her recipe. I fear that most of the cute Jack and Mel moments were shown in the trailer. So when those moments did appear in the episodes the rest of the storylines brought the scenes down. The only character that seemed to learn a little was Hope (at least not to get involved in Jack’s life). But she still had her incredibly stubborn moments that were grating. I don’t know how Doc puts up with her. I was really looking forward to the guys ‘reunion’ and that was boring. The book made it seem much more exciting. And the way everyone told Jack to “go, have fun” in the episode I thought it would be more interesting. I can see why their last reunion was 3 years prior. Way too much time spent on Lizzie. I really hope they introduce Mike’s book storyline next season. Maybe I’m dense but what message did Wes’ twin send Paige?
  11. Oh wow. Thank you for the clarification. I’m going to edit my previous post where I labeled Nikki as dumb. I feel like after she left John she has matured more and has left behind some of her cutesy infantile tendencies. JJ has always seems like he rides coattails. I’m not surprised he is hocking products so he can follow the influencer life his wife has setup.
  12. The second episode was okay. I appreciate the the talk about pregnancy prep and delivery realities. But, we are still following previous seasons where Brian is the voice of reason for Brie: “Hey, it’s ok to have either a VBAC or a c-section because the baby will be healthy. Let me show you the end of Birdie’s births video.” Cue Brie to say that she understands now and everything is ok. That was one thing that I hated about Total Bellas/Divas - the women were always ‘confused’ or set in their ways until their male partner showed them the error of their ways. I agree with the previous posters that Father Bella is a jerk. I didn’t like him last season and hope we saw the last of him this season. Maybe having him in the season is the way to help him profit long term (assuming he gets paid for the episodes)? And I want details about the politics discussion that drove a wedge between Nikki and Brother Bella/JJ. I don’t need to see JJ on my screen but I am curious about details. I always like vacation episodes so I am excited to see next week’s Flagstaff episode. Edit to add: I noticed that the family kept saying “Nikki’s first child” rather than her “only child.” So seems that she and Artem may plan for kids in the future!
  13. I watched the first episode and not a bad foundational start. Not too much to snark about. I did like that discussion of all the changes that the body goes through during pregnancy. Nikki is taking one for the team so far about talking about her puffy vaginal area and her hemorrhoids lol. And also I liked the talk about the about the health insurance complications. I liked the orange sherbet-color dress on Nikki. But her closet/ room with the busts for the fascinators/hats scares me. I think I’d lock that room at night. I really hope that the “hi, I’m your ultrasound tech and I know shouldn’t be saying thing but there might be something wrong with your baby” storyline was setup for the show. If not, that is so unprofessional and messed up. Finally, the car wash scene with Birdie was everything! I re-watched that a couple of times and Birdie’s reactions were cracking me up.
  14. I don’t recall that incident, but definitely very scary. Especially after what happened with Sonya and Paige recently. Regarding how often the middle name comes into play (since I’m editing the port and the quoting feature isn’t working right): I’ve had instances of filling our forms and having the person read/clarify. Also, I have the experience after introductions when people go “ what’s your first name again? Really? Oh wow, what’s the rest of your name?” That might be more for Birdie but, if a guy told me his real first name was Buddy then I’d need more info. But, I do admit that I’m more sensitive about names.
  15. It seems that the show is going the book route where Jack considers himself “honorable” (the book’s description). Therefore, he broke up with Charmaine before going any further with Mel because he is ‘honorable.’ I believe in Season 1 he told Charmaine that he would support the baby (because he is honorable). And told Mel that the baby wouldn’t change anything between Mel and him (so no Charmaine attention). So, with Mel leaving and obviously coming back in Season 2, I don’t know if he is necessarily choosing Charmaine. I think he is ‘being honorable’ to his baby and attending appointments, etc. But, he still is into Mel. Though I do need to see what comes after the “I need something more than just ‘hi, Jack’ “ in the trailer.
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