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  1. Why doesn't she look pregnant at all in the moving scenes?
  2. It sometimes takes me a while haha, but I just realized Evelyn and David weren't filmed for Happily Ever After, because Evelyn assumed she'd be busy launching her multi-platinum singing artist career on American Idol. So, we can thank AI for sparing us a season of Evelyn on HEA. I need a flow chart for this. Too much reality show hopping, people!
  3. She needs to move to LA or NYC for a reality check.
  4. So Evelyn has failed to get on any season of Happily Ever After (thank you, TLC!), ****AND**** she got voted off American Idol? My lawdy, what will she do with her life now? Hopefully this has taken her smugness down a notch or ten.
  5. I'd like to say I'm over this show, and maybe at some point I will be, but not yet. There are some couples I wish I never had to see again, but others are hilarious to snark at. I think we get addicted over the excitement we feel initially with certain shows and it takes times to get to the point where we are done. It's gotten to that point for me with The Bachelor, because the seasons are so repetitive. I do watch Bachelor in Paradise because there are constant surprises and new kinds of drama. Which is why I think 90DF has more longevity, because they mix it up with new couples.
  6. My message to Nicole (and TLC): Stop trying to make "fetch" happen! (Fetch=marriage to Azan)
  7. Well, I think Happily Ever After and this spin off are down to the few famewhores who are willing to grift from TLC. I actually wish they'd given the spinoff to Pao and Russ so I could completely avoid them. And yes, poster above me, I definitely would not watch them. But I will watch The Family Chantel.
  8. I keep seeing headlines that Evelyn blew Katie Perry away with her performance. Clearly there must be another singer named Evelyn. Right??? I haven't watched this season of AI and won't if Evelyn is on. It's bad enough we will be subjected to Pao again on HEA. One massively annoying person per quarter is my limit.
  9. So she got convicted? Well good! I, too, wonder what happened to her kids. Maybe they went to their fathers. Angela will milk this 90 day thing as long as she can,
  10. Can I just say how much I've missed you ladies??? When does this crapfest begin? Hopefully we don't have to wait til May. Maybe they were all holding out for more $$$ than TLC was willing to pay.
  11. PUKE!!!! No thank you! Does anyone know why Annie and David weren't included? They are semi-famewhorish but tolerable to watch. I mean at this point, there are a lot of options that do not involve Russ and POW.
  12. @funky-rat I feel the same way, but, (I know this is pathetic!) I've been missing the show so much. I can't deal with Sister Wives so haven't watched it. Sundays just aren't the same without 90DF and the snark in this forum. So I will watch it, but it really pisses me off that they included Russ and Pao since most people can't stand them. Maybe they can't get other couples interested in HEA. Where are Annie and David? There are other couples I would have much preferred to see. I swear Pao probably got pregnant for a story line.
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