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  1. Ok I knew they were going to make Rachel W. point back when they aired the show group auditions last year. Do y'all remember how they showed a bunch of still shots of Rachel and Kelli was like wow every single picture is amazing, she's so photogenic. They didn't do that for anybody else and it was kind of randomly put in there. At that point I was like ohhh ok they are grooming their audience to get used to seeing Rachel up close and personal as POINT!
  2. Wow, looking at this I noticed there aren't as many blondes this year! Good for TPTB for trying to switch it up a little more 😂
  3. I 100% agree with you and am happy about the more diverse rookie class. I'm disappointed TPTB are using it as a marketing ploy 🙄 It's what many people on this forum predicted.
  4. She's going to have a rude awakening when it finally is time to step away from DCC (whenever that may be...probably in 20 years lol).
  5. Really well written article! As a former NBA dancer myself, I can absolutely relate to the body image issues you have once you retire from your team. It's so hard to replicate the amount of physical exercise you get while being on a team and your body is inevitably going to change. I would love to see the professional dance world shift to a more body positive and inclusive field. Unfortunately, most beauty standards are set by rich white men and until that changes, this likely won't change. 🙁
  6. Obviously there was more at play with Brennan's cut, but I would just like to remind everyone that her boot buddy was VK. Just saying... Seabiscuit taints everything she touches! 👹
  7. Right, but it almost sounds like they weren't able to finish filming the show the way they planned. Hence the virtual announcement.
  8. What does Hannah mean when she said the safety of the group was compromised and production was halted?! Insiders...anyone?!
  9. Ok, absolutely love this because that quote is at the top of the DCC framed thing from Daphne's vet video. The DCC Credence or whatever the hell it is. Kelli & Co. put one in every girl's hotel room for training camp. So Hannah is giving the most subtle FU 😄
  10. I just have to say that I MISSED the forum moving this fast like in past years!!! The tea has been so slow up until now. It's giving me life! 😂
  11. I've been thinking about the Hannah cut. It sounds like the vets participated in media day this year, which is normally just a TCC thing. Since Hannah has been a little more outspoken on her social media about everything that's going on in the world, I wonder if they hit her with some hard questions and they didn't like her answers. Not that her answers were bad, but that TPTB didn't agree. Like others have mentioned, they like their cheerleaders to give pageant-like (boring ass) responses.
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