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  1. When we visited Jerusalem years ago, it was called McDavid's!
  2. You cannot be served over the telephone.
  3. It irritates me that Josie's birthday greeting from her parents is so lengthy and specific. I wonder if the other Duggar kids notice the special treatment Josie gets.
  4. If Brenda has quit filming, it's going to be a very different show without her and Dr. Emily.
  5. Every time I see Leo, I'm struck by how much he looks like Stephen Fishbach from Survivor.
  6. My husband is 78 and was diagnosed with early dementia almost 2 years ago. He has progressed fairly rapidly since then. It is so heartbreaking to watch him struggle to find the words he needs and to remember people's names. He usually can't remember our 2 children. One night this week he didn't remember that I was his wife. Taking care of him is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. He's still home with me but I don't know how much longer that will be possible. It's an awful situation.
  7. Mrs. P.

    Tennis Thread

    Probably a friendlier environment.
  8. I actually think Dr. Brenda is the best vet there, including Dr. Pol. I would hate to see her disappear from the show, especially since we've already lost Dr. Emily.
  9. Mrs. P.

    MLB Thread

    I hope that the Astros would take him back. We need something.
  10. Before We Were Yours is a very good book. I also read it for a book club and I'm glad I did.
  11. It's also the Duchess of Sussex's birthday. Maybe she could join your party!
  12. Probably, but I wonder if we'll ever know about it.
  13. The tradition of the father walking the bride down the aisle reflects the Biblical doctrine of the father being the head of the family. As the head, he is giving his daughter to her new headship, her husband. It's perfectly understandable that Jill would walk Nurie down the aisle. We all know that she is the true head of that family, not David.
  14. My daughter, the 8th-grade G&T science teacher, just got word that there will be in-person teaching this fall. Parents can opt for remote learning if they choose. So basically she has to be in the classroom with students every day and keep up with programs for the kids learning at home. We are sick about it.
  15. My daughter is an eighth grade gifted and talented science teacher and has always enriched her classes with hands-on activities. Now she won't be able to do that. Her school district is going to issue the requirements for next semester on Wednesday. Until then, she just waits. She's scared to death to go into a classroom full of kids, not knowing if they're asymptomatic carriers. We're praying that the word comes down that everything will be remote for the first month or so, then a gradual reopening. That would be the best case scenario for students and teachers.
  16. Halo ice cream, a low calorie (but quite expensive) frozen treat.
  17. I am so disappointed in the Vuolos. They were once my favorite couple. Now, I cringe when I see them posing for yet another picture. They have truly lost their identity.
  18. I wonder why we didn't see Dr. Petra tonight. She apparently did the very complicated leg fracture reduction, but she never made an on camera appearance.
  19. I'm so tired of the 'Big Hurt' commercials. They seem to run 3 times an hour all day long.
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