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  1. Groucho pants…….and she’s in TV
  2. I don’t think I have ever seen anything more cheaply made than today's special value; it’s awful
  3. I feel badly for these people who spend tons of money on David’s wine, ITKWD mugs and all of his bad cookbooks
  4. It’s essentially the same premise of his “Supermarket Shortcut” book. These people must have no issues w throwing their money away
  5. Given her job, wouldn’t you use those whitening pens? Since I spotted this, I stare at her teeth and scratch my head
  6. Jane’s teeth are grey, looks like she drank a few glasses of wine prior to doing her shift
  7. You said it perfectly, they really are hucksters, very similar to carnival barkers. I have been watching the Q for decades and never recall their hosts being so ill prepared and sloppy
  8. To no one other than the Q
  9. I didn’t know this but knew something was up when Isaac and Logo Rags are always on
  10. I’d rather take fashion advice from Lori than from George, he bothers me that much lol
  11. David anywhere would be creepy lol
  12. Does anyone know what happened to “Little David”? That Cabbage Patch doll which resembled David V. Haven’t seen him in years, must not have been a favorite to the foodies
  13. I cant take her. While she seems sweet, she stumbles around when presenting and is too blah for me
  14. Ohhhhh, got it, thanks
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