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  1. Thoughts on cameos: Tess...yikes! For being world class, how did they think that was a good cameo? I wish they had left Armani’s hair alone. I was surprised Kelli personally wished Armani a happy birthday on IG. Has she ever done that before? Speaking of IG, the amount of Maddie love is kind of shocking. You’d think she’s the only one who can dance/deserves to be point based on the comments.
  2. I agree! I’m just confused as to why Kelli said Brennan has never been a wow dancer this year but kept bringing her back to training camp. Was Lily ever called into the office this training camp before she was cut? I was also really hoping for Gina to be point. Maddie just doesn’t look mature enough to be up there especially when she’s got Lexie and Gina on either side. Also, Rachel W. is beautiful but I don’t find her dancing to be that exciting.
  3. Agreed! Jessica was bland and Alora-Rose had lots of mistakes the first few days. I would have loved to have seen more deliberations about the vet cuts and why those two were kept.
  4. Wow... Brennan is my hero. I was not expecting her say she’s disappointed in the direction the team was going. Seeing Judy’s eyes bug out was worth it. Judy made a comment she thought the next zoom would be worse than Brennan’s and then it was Hannah. I would have loved to have seen their entire conversation. still salty that they cut these girls and kept Alora Rose and Jessica.
  5. Absolutely agree with all of this! They’ve known Hannah for two seasons now and know what she’s capable of. I think some leniency could be given when they know she’s a talented vet, has struggled with mental health issues but still showed up to training camp. IMO, most of the girls seem pick to causes that don’t carry a stigma. Kelli saying she liked her answer during media day seemed disingenuous. If Hannah ever writes a tell-all, I’d be happy to buy it.
  6. Agreed! I think this is the best Brennan has looked. Personally, I thought all of the vets looked good in the dance off. I wish we saw more of Brennan and Hannah during it. I thought it was interesting they used Caroline for comparison and not their beloved Maddie. Kelli and Judy have girls not social distancing and not wearing masks and they’re surprised someone tested positive? 🤔
  7. Does anyone know why Armani wasn’t chosen for show group? Kind of surprised Lexie made show group with only two stickers (according to the board).
  8. So glad she’s speaking out but I hope TPTB don’t punish her for it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a current cheerleader stand up for herself like that. I think it was a huge error on their part to make her solo that is about systemic racism and injustice look bad. also, can the show please stop pretending they were adhering to guidelines? In one scene, you have an assistant telling them only 5 on a stage at a time and then you see the girls talking with each other without masks on🙄
  9. Love Armani! IMO, she’s the best rookie. Jessica is another blonde blender to me. I’m glad she turned it up a little bit. When Kat joked that they should make her point in 3 years, I cringed. She still has to look at others to know what to do😬 Kelcey’s reaction made me laugh. I would love to see more of the veterans dancing and more critiques of the veterans.
  10. I don’t blame Hannah for being concerned or conflicted. I thought it was interesting that TBTP told the girls dancing to take their masks off and told the girls watching to leave them on and acted like they’re taking wearing masks seriously when there were vet vlogs of girls clearly not wearing them and interacting with each other. Also, did the vets quarantine prior to entering the bubble?
  11. Kat reminds me of Chelsea a little bit. Just over the top and doesn’t seem genuine. Based on her solo last year, I’m still shocked she made it to TC. It was Tinman Vivian level bad. based on last night’s episode I can see why Meredith got cut. I thought it was interesting Kelli made a remark that Kat and Meredith were the last two to make it last year when it was Meredith and Lily who were called in. Kat was horrible last night but they kept her over Hannah and Brennan who are both solid dancers? Someone make it make sense. Also, it bugged me that Kelli said Hannah looked pale and unhappy. Hannah’s skin tone hasn’t changed since her rookie year so that should be a surprise and also I don’t think you need a big cheesy grin when you’re just standing around. I thought Lily and Sheridan actually looked good last night. I wish TBTP would address the board and rankings coming into camp.
  12. Ooh everyone is entitled to their opinion but as a WOC, this comes off as that the WOC on the team stole a white woman’s spot. From what I’ve seen of the WOC TCCs this year, they are extremely talented and worthy of wearing the boots. I’ve seen comments before that someone like Yuko shouldn’t have made the team but Let’s not forget that the TBTP have taken tons of mediocre white girls (Breelan, Ashley P, Jordan C, Morgan, Kaitlyn, etc...)
  13. My thoughts: I probably would have cut Alora-Rose but I’m sure Kelli wants to be able to brag that DCC is such a dream that even a Rockette wants to join. Claire W looked heavy last night. I’m kind of surprised no one has had a weight talk yet. Armani is a standout to me. She just always looks like she’s having fun when she dances. I laughed when Shannon told Kelli and Judy that DCC wasn’t her initial plan. If she auditions again, Kelli will probably hold it against her. What was going on with the veteran’s outfits? Rachel W had a cute, matching outfit but Brennan and Lisa?!?! You know you’re being filmed and I thought TPTB said you have to be camera ready. Lisa’s jeans were hideous. I wish we had gotten to see more of the vets this episode. The show seems to always ask the girls on the bubble (Lily, Meredith) about what it’s like coming back as a vet.
  14. I agree with you! It doesn’t matter if you have a “big” wedding or not because COVID doesn’t care. It only takes one person to spread it. Personally, I would have tried to postpone my big day because I wouldn’t want to risk being the host of a super spreader event. She had people from all over the country and no masks interacting🤦🏻‍♀️
  15. I get that this is a tough year for brides but it’s been a tough year for everyone. I don’t think this will be gone by then either. I also hope that she’s at least smart about having a wedding and people wear masks and try to social distance unlike what I saw in pictures from Veronica’s wedding. Personally, I wouldn’t be holding a large event right now. I wouldn’t want to carry the burden of my wedding being a potential super spreader event.
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