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  1. Stephanie23

    S01.E07: Falling

    The way Camille still looks at her mother is so sad becuase she still expects just one kind word from her :( But her boss is a <3 to her.
  2. Stephanie23

    Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    Yes, I agree so much on this. I really liked their chemistry. But I'm confused with show Alan because I don't remember him knowing what Adora does with her daughters in the book. And from the book I always saw him as being out of it all, but not like this as a personal slave to his wife with a few signs of rebel and even possibly violence in episode 4. And I have to praise again Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson for being so perfect in their roles. Believe it or not but before the show was even in plans and I was reading the book I imagined Patricia Clarkson as Adora because she looked perfect to me for that part and when I saw thet she was cast I was really happy haha On the other I don't know why but show Amma isn't working for me.
  3. Stephanie23

    S01.E04: Ripe

    What's up with the last scene in this episode with Alan entering the room and it looked like he was about to rape Adora and then nothing mentioned in the next episode? I was so confused by it. And omg I heart Jackie so much hahaha
  4. Stephanie23

    Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

    Do you think that maybe they'll change the killer in the show? I don't know why but it looks to me that something definitely will be different from the book.
  5. Stephanie23

    S01.E06: Cherry

    The last scene with Camille in bed and Amma touching her naked back, and Adora looking from the door and Marion saying "it's not safe here for you" was extra creepy to me. Camille literally need's to go back to St.Louis to her boss who is the only parent and a loving person to her.
  6. Stephanie23

    S01.E05: Closer

    They way Adora said to Camille that she never loved her even hurted me to hear it :( God she is cold and evil to her. But I don't think she loves Amma either. And what up with Alan and him being a slave to Adora? WTF? I'm so annoyed with that.
  7. Stephanie23

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    http://ew.com/tv/2018/07/25/joseph-fiennes-handmaids-tale-refused-scene/ So there was supposed to be a scene in the Canada episode right before the Waterdords went back to Gilead where Fred raped Serena but they cut it and didn't film it. IMO why didn't this also/instead happen to the rape scene in episode 10? That sh*t was worse then GOT.
  8. Stephanie23

    S02.E13: The Word

    There were few extra LOL lines this episode like: "Forget your lunch today Waterford..."-Random Gilead Commander and "It was nice knowing you" by Commander Lawrence Wife hahaha I hate so much Eden’s dad and June because she stayed (again) for a millionth time. Rita and Nick and Emily this episode <3 And I liked how Janine said Eden died for love :( EDIT- What was in the bag that Fred was holding when Serena came back to the house? Is it her finger? :O
  9. Stephanie23

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Yes, I would love Gilead story. To see all the politics and government, what's happening in Hawaii and Alaska, what kind of relations does Europe have towards Gilead? Is it different in Eastern and West Europe...?
  10. Stephanie23

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Maybe it's Serena's ring and he has it while they cut off her finger. I don't get from the spoilers on reddit, who on the end escapes? Emily, the baby and/or the new Commander? And why is Nick pointing a gun on Waterford and why doesn't Serena after they cut of her finger escape also if she was given an opportunity because of the fire? And how come does she gives up her child so easily ?
  11. Stephanie23

    S02.E12: Postpartum

    Don't know why but I cried like a baby for the very first time watching this show in Eden's scenes with Nick when she said that at least in Heaven she'll be with her love and when she started to recite the Bible :( Again June's storyline for me was the weakest part of the episode, but I loved everything in the storyline with Emily, the new Commander, his Wife, Aunt Lydia..... And when Fred said that Eden was a slut, that made me hate him more then anyone in this show, they way he talked about a child like Eden was disgusting. Feel's like that with Serena they are going into victim territory in the next episode and the next season which is not something I like because of the reasons why and who will punish her. And also is there an end to Fred, he's got some strong plot-armor for sure.
  12. Stephanie23

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I am so not happy with what they'll do to Eden, no point in just showing again and again how Gilead is evil. And I am starting to think that Serena will escape (or maybe get pregnant in the beginning of the next season) so that's not good. The new Commander looks like he'll bring a refreshment in the story.
  13. Stephanie23

    S02.E11: Holly

    Yes, I agree so much. IMO Ann Dowd outshined Moss in the first season and now Yvonne Strahovski stole the spotlight with her performance. This episode was the weakest in the season, no progress whatsoever besides the birth of Holly and the promo and the spoilers for the two final episodes doesn't give me hope.
  14. Stephanie23

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I feel like in this season they were closer to the race situation in the book with showing predominantly white Wives and Commanders.
  15. Stephanie23

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    To quote Ramsay Bolton - "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention." I am not a fan of the spoilers that came out because it looks like the story is just making circles with no progress at all. If June doesn’t get out of Gilead or dies or something major doesn’t happen I’m out next season. This season feels almost like nothing happened, we only saw a little progress in Serena and that has been shut down in the last rape scene. Something literally has to happen to the story because this is getting boring. Because of that I loved the Canada episode because it was so different and something was actually going on. IMO second season has been much weaker in the writing department (probably because of the lack of the original material).