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  1. My thoughts when I saw this were 1) what was that girl doing to herself to stay in uniform — it had to be extreme and 2) I bet TPTB start limiting her visibility as an instructor soon. 100% agree she likely looks fine — but TPTB created the monster of the standard of the brand.
  2. Or when Rachel W very clearly did blackface for her Bruno Mars costume, and it got brushed off as “tanning”
  3. Who said she was ashamed or embarrassed? That is the DCC hang up — you don’t know that it is hers. The end result is yes, Kelli victim shamed but Holly and Heather when a crime was committed against them. You can try and spin it in whatever puritanical way you want given whatever someone’s hang ups are about nudity or sexuality, but Kelli and the DCC are the co-villains with the hacker here. Not the women in the pictures.
  4. None of those girls dress for job interviews though. Body con dresses riding up their ass are not interview outfits.
  5. The truth of the matter is, in a normal place of employment if you were penalized in your job for being the victim of a crime, you would sue your employer.
  6. TPTB had to be REAL careful with how they reacted with the Holly situation — if anyone remembers, her leak was part of a much larger, much more widespread hack which included tons of actual celebrities. It was all over the news — it would have looked horrible on DCC and the Cowboys if Holly would have been pulled from point/cut/whatever in the midst of what was a huge news story. So instead the “punishment” was she was never allowed to be an All-Star, which she very much wanted. Hannah looks ridiculous here. That is not a normal human waist. Please please please teach these girls how to properly photoshop.
  7. Victim blaming is punishing someone for being the victims of a crime — exactly what happened to Heather. And Holly. They have a history of this.
  8. Well part of the issue is that you don’t exactly ha e to be a rocket scientist or dance waster to look at DCC and be entertained. despite what Kelli says, these girls aren’t that great and it does not really matter I am laughing that people are Surprised Bridget is leaving. There is a very long history of non-Dallas based girls leaving this team early. They were not raised in the beat down way the VK’s of the world were — they were raised to know they have options.
  9. Not really at all. Some of the most spoiled people are those with striver parents who think things=love or success. You can very easily be a spoiled brat with your parents spending every last dime on you, no matter how much money they actually had.
  10. Right. It’s not like the guy managed a Pizza Hut. He has a higher level management position for a high end restaurant group, that yes is involved with The Star. Greg Kalina also has his own food service consulting business. https://www.star-telegram.com/homes/article192145239.html
  11. I agree she stayed in great shape. But I will never get the glamour appeal she supposedly has — it’s kind of a big tacky mess. Blonder bigger hair and larger whiter teeth does not equal prettier. She’s made up in the DCC, but I don’t think she is particularly pretty.
  12. TBH I would not be shocked if TPTB had her do the cause — a nice dog and pony show about how seriously they take these issues🙄
  13. I am sorry but this is hysterical. Not the cause. But 1) that it would be hers and 2) that an organization with impossible weight standards would even want to touch it with a ten foot pole. They are regularly tell skinny women they are overweight — on national television.
  14. I think the Pats have done this before, and the Eagles have, along with a few other teams. TBH, it is usually when a team is feeling confident they will be making a long playoff run and possibly a SB appearance. The send a rookie to PB if they have a real stand-out, and then use seniority for the SB because they can’t send everyone. PBC is kind of a joke when compared to getting to do the SB, and this gives the squad going to SB time to prep and travel — the truth just is Dallas is usually not in a position to have to make that consideration.
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