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  1. Anne’s babies names are going to be just fine in their little corner of the world — it’s not like any of these women have been naming their kids Jennifer or Michael🙄
  2. I just looked at Jinelle’s Instagram again and saw a comment from Cassie about “finally being able to wear” the ring. That to me points even more to them not being allowed to be out as Cowboys employees.
  3. I am really surprised people look at this as some new, open inclusive DCC and Cowboys. What I saw was two people who could not publicly be out until they no longer worked for the organization. i am sure TPTB think they are open and accepting, but I am also sure the message was “We are happy for you but obviously you can’t be open about this while you work for us. I am sure you understand!” Maybe that is what passes for being accepting in The organization — these girls have already been brow beaten into accepting so many other ridiculous things as normal. A different topic — Jenn M’s latest insta story. She is the worst ever. No one is offended, jenn, they just think you are a pompous asshole.
  4. Well, FWIW that is Jenn K’s MO too so none of that is surprising.
  5. I just have a hard time buying a vet gets $500 to stand at Dunkin’ Donuts for two hours. I also don’t buy there is anyway, legally, they can get away with those pay discrepancies.
  6. This Angela story is typical DCC powers that be bullshit. “All of our girls are accomplished women with real careers and studying for advanced degrees” but also “Angela can’t be on show group now that she has to time because for three years she thought her career or schooling was more important than make $50 for standing in what is basically underwear at the Frisco Jiffy Lube”
  7. Exactly — her character is what is out there on the internet living forever for anyone to see.
  8. My point is, they worry about nonsense. It’s not important, no one cares, and it’s about their egos and thinking what they do is so important. We get it Kelli, what you do is sooooo critical. It’s not. Let’s be real — Shelly’s reporting back to Kelli was all about ass kissing for Dayton the next year. She has already been cut once, and it was Shelly’s best interest to be out there doing kelli’s dirty work. Which is why I thought is was so gross when Kelli cut dayton. You have Shelli out there operating as your snitch, and then can’t throw her a bone and put Dayton on the squad? Trust me, no one besides VK would have noticed or cared.
  9. I have seen them perform multiple times I person. The thing is, as part of the game day experience, they just aren’t that big a deal. They really truly aren’t. People like the cheerleaders, and would notice them missing, 100%. But the nit picky nonsense that the show or this board frets about — truly no one cares. No one gives a crap about an inch or two off on kick height. No one at the game cares if someone is a beat off dancing. No one cares that someone if “fluffy”. Which I why I do lol at the Dayton and VK drama this year — trust be you could have slid them right in there, and the product would have been fine. You can just just keep saying they are the best of the best, and people would buy it, and move on.
  10. Sure. But a military wife supposed being “so mad” at the DCC or whatever the hell is stupid. She should worry about her own rule breakers.
  11. But none of that means Cassie was the problem or person to get mad at.
  12. But again that is sexist bullshit. Be upset with the solider who can’t keep it in his pants. Listen, if we are going to respect the military in this country, we should assume they are strong enough not to be seduced by cheerleaders.
  13. I mean I guess it depends on if you consider “having consensual sex” “misbehaving”. I assume no one is at all concerned about the soldier misbehaving or embarrassing an institution he should be holding near and dear to his heart🙄
  14. I have no idea, nor do a care. But it was specifically stated an officer’s wife was SO MAD about Cassie. And my point is, that is displaced anger and slut shaming. If a military wife is so upset, blame the soldier banging the 18 year old visitor. honestly, if our military can not resist the temptation of Cassie on a USO tour, we have bigger problems.
  15. No. The grown ass adult man soldier who slept with a young girl in a tour tarnished their relationship with the USO. my heart does go out to any wife, military or otherwise, married to a man that can’t keep his dick in his pants. They should direct their rage at the guy who made the vow of marriage though.