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  1. TBH I would not be shocked if TPTB had her do the cause — a nice dog and pony show about how seriously they take these issues🙄
  2. I am sorry but this is hysterical. Not the cause. But 1) that it would be hers and 2) that an organization with impossible weight standards would even want to touch it with a ten foot pole. They are regularly tell skinny women they are overweight — on national television.
  3. I think the Pats have done this before, and the Eagles have, along with a few other teams. TBH, it is usually when a team is feeling confident they will be making a long playoff run and possibly a SB appearance. The send a rookie to PB if they have a real stand-out, and then use seniority for the SB because they can’t send everyone. PBC is kind of a joke when compared to getting to do the SB, and this gives the squad going to SB time to prep and travel — the truth just is Dallas is usually not in a position to have to make that consideration.
  4. Who would steal a phone case? Um, stealing petty shit is like the national spoiled rich girl past time. Having the ability to pay for a not that expensive case is not not the point. It’s the thrill, it’s the entitlement. I actually believe the story because if you were making crap up, it would never be a $70 phone case you had to pop off a phone. You would say someone stole cash or someone’s wallet or something. Something believable. i would also never discount the amount rookies are hazed in DCC. A senior vet telling a rookie they “had” to do something like that — totally within the realm of possibility.
  5. Sure it did. I wouldn’t go by when someone appears on Instagram — If Dan Bailey’s divorce is even finalized yet. They knew each other, sure. But for lots of reasons the timeline of when they got together is purposefully vague.
  6. Just saw that Ellie Goulding is now going to pull out of the Cowboys Thanksgiving half time unless the Salvation Army becomes more inclusive to support the LBGTQ community. This has been stirring for years, and the Cowboys have always sort of ignored it and went about kicking off the Red Kettle Campaign at Thanksgiving Half Time — the only real opportunity the DCC have you really showcase dancing to a national audience. It will be interesting to see where all parties involved go from here.
  7. The fact Julia’s outfit — an outfit a grown woman is wearing that covers everything one would reasonably say should be covered — is being dissected and used against her is the best reason out there for her “Fuck this”. I think some women like Julia sign up to try out for the team, get in the deep of it, and realize it is this weird Texas shit show some girls are trained up to from birth. They either adjust and stick around (Danielle), decide to cash out (Alexandria) or just say the “Fuck this” out loud what everyone who is not a Texas or Texas adjacent (OK or Louisiana) dancer is already thinking. Julia said what lots of those girls think. Some of them are just way too desperate and without options to verbalize it.
  8. Exactly. With the amount of nonsense and fuckery that has gone on, I give her credit for just saying it out in the open instead of behind closed doors like other people. Thank you! We all see how hypocritical and ridiculous the DCC is, how awful they are treated by TPTB, and how they are basically demoralized into submission. I give the woman that finally says “Fuck this” way more credit than someone who sticks around and takes the mind games and abuse for five years.
  9. Back in the day, Jordan was quite open (on the show and off) about parlaying DCC into a sports journalism career. Kelly specifically mentioned during media training she wasn’t that great at it. of course, Jordan just used that career as a stepping stone to being a WAG, so...
  10. I truly do not understand the walking HR violation that is this organization.
  11. I would be shocked if it is mandated prayer. Sure, plenty of teams may have little huddles if guys that say a prayer together. You often see it on the field during warm ups at actual games. but employer mandated prayer participation can’t be a thing.
  12. And you just don’t need technique classes to have a good NFL cheer squad. You don’t. They need to blend and look good on a screen and be fun and personable. The DCC don’t need to be Juilliard quality dancers.
  13. VK is not a head turner. At least not in a positive way. A head turner is someone like Brianna, who of course plenty of people said did not have the DCC “look”. She didn’t — she was model pretty, not mall glamour shots pretty. VK’s mouth — if it’s not your look, it is truly impossible to get past.
  14. Texas or not, it is a really inappropriate thing in a professional business setting.
  15. They can’t rip the girls for not knowing about current events, and they themselves be oblivious to something like this.
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