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  1. Rachel W would be a huge hit with the Joneses and Cowboys fans. That is not a compliment to the Joneses nor Cowboys fans.
  2. You can hang a lot of shit on Cassie — god knows she has faults. But I always thought bringing her back for year five was the right thing to do. She held up the standards of a DCC for four years — even if we think rattling and being bossy aren’t great traits, TPTB do. She got hurt on the job after four years of getting the job done — bringing her back was legit. They knew where she was in recovery at that point, and she had proven to be a team player.
  3. And she was not permitted to leave training camp for the funerals. Julia works for a network in direct competition with the NBC affiliate the Cowboys have a deal with. They were never putting her on the team. we will however be stuck with Meredith Lind appearances until that deal changes.
  4. If they are actually making someone show up and not get paid on game day just because they aren’t performing, they are going to eventually find themselves back in an Erica-type PR nightmare. It is way different than the Mavs situation — they still got paid, and we’re still working doing suite visits and whatnot.
  5. Another idea — someone is being paid via another budget line. Like Cowboys Fit, for example. But we have seen all of the senior vets do the jump split. Listen, it can take forever to “pop”. You can be active, you can run. Exercise. No one is responsibly jump splitting pregnant.
  6. There is no way in hell they can possibly make someone show up, sit out, and not get paid. They HAVE to be covering their asses more than that these days. They have countless eyes on them and more than enough people ready to whistle blow that if true.
  7. Seriously, her cameo is amazing. But it also is definitely retouched face and hair.
  8. And it is know like Rachel A is a glamour girl in the first place — or always looks uniform ready. Just try and blend, girl.
  9. Neil McCoy is a lawsuit risk with those women. Seriously — the layers of why they don’t do USO tours they way they supposed to are deep. He’s an old dirty man. No doubt he has fans, but there are lots of questionable people with questionable taste.
  10. I assure you not one person involved with that squad knows enough about current events to pick this up — which is the entire point and problem.
  11. I have no doubt many Cowboys fans believe this lol Exactly. The jones family has kind of a more understated racism — no one thinks they are purposefully flashing the white power symbol. they do think they are idiots for not being more aware of perceptions.
  12. Prestigious in an ever shrinking circle. also, we all have to stop believing that Melissa R got DWTS because of DCC. She got it because she got dumped on live TV after being engaged on The Bachelor. DCC isn’t why she is famous.
  13. I think that yes, generationally you get women today with that higher level talent are looking for other more fulfilling, better compensated, and more professional opportunities.
  14. Because Charlotte isn’t going to give publicity to a personality from another network when she is in a deal with the NBC affiliate.
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