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  1. I've always liked Brennan, so I'll join you on that team!
  2. She was a good spokeswoman and interviewer and was very well liked in the locker room. I think she had her best season on the field this year and is older than most gals, so a good time to hang up the boots. She was my favorite, so I guess now I have to find a new underdog to cheer for.
  3. I'm in Maryland, so Ravens practices might be different, but most practices have a morning and afternoon session. Since the gals arrive after 5pm I believe, it shouldn't interfere too much.
  4. Brennan has excellent leadership skills and I would love to see her get a 2GL spot. It has been wonderful to see her confidence in herself grow once they finally put her on the team. She is one that I would want to be friends with.
  5. I hope that perhaps DCC will release it after the deadline passes. It would be nice to see (I missed it as well) what they were asked to do.
  6. I really enjoyed listening to Kelcey on the podcast. I was cheering for her during Training Camp and I knew she was studying to become a nurse, but I was very impressed with her ability to balance study/job/DCC. Her responses to the Covid-19 related questions were well thought out and articulated. I will miss Bridget and hope she has a lifetime of happiness.
  7. I was hoping Shaina would come back, but I don't blame her one bit if she doesn't. As for Christina, I have not seen her in any photos (involving anything DCC) lately. While she was one of my favorites, in a way I would be glad if she is indeed retired. I always feel like I want to defend her on here. I'm glad that Brennan will be back (she will be back, right???) As for the photos of the new candidates, I can hear my late mother saying, "What was she thinking?" It does weed out those who haven't a clue what the DCC image and look is. Thank you so much to those who posted them for us. That was a LOT of work. Hope all of you are staying safe and feeling well!
  8. I follow Bret on IG . She often likes posts by the individual DCC. I hope she tries out again and they give her a bit more time than last year. She seems like a sweet gal and has NFL experience (the Colts I think?). Of this past year's rookies, which gals do y'all think are the most in danger of not making this year's squad if a number of really talented ladies try out? Throughout the season, I really didn't see much of the DCC except when something was posted in the forum. From the little I've seen, I think that Meredith would be lowest on the totem poll. Opinions?
  9. From photos of DCC taken at social events, I haven't seen that many with Victoria. I would guess that she may be viewed as someone who might talk to TK or Kelli about them and that when with her socially they have to be guarded in what they say and do. Much easier not to invite her, it doesn't mean they hate her, but they can relax more when not in her company. Until exposed to diverse groups of people and gaining more experience in "the real world", Victoria will react and behave as she has been allowed to in her life up to this point. If you are allowed to get away with things and there are few to no admonishments, chances are your behaviors will continue until finally corrected (usually by a new peer group). Kelli giving her perks before she had earned them was a huge disservice to Victoria and IMO has made it harder for VK to grow up, face consequences, and make genuine friends. On another note, I liked Maddie's dress, maybe simply because it was so colorful. Everything here in winter is so dull and drab. It gave me hope for warmer weather in a few months!
  10. What I want to know is how in photo #1, Bridget appears flat chested, lol! Separate note, the gal marking it in the Pro Bowl practice is not a Raven's cheerleader. The Ravens gal is in one of the middle rows. (My home team is the Ravens, which is why I noticed.) Hope Amy has a great time there. I have never seen anything that makes me get "mean girl" vibes about her. While I think she doesn't make a great point of triangle, she can handle the Pro Bowl easily and it makes a nice memory to end her cheering career on.
  11. https://mymodernmet.com/omar-robles-ozrdance/?fbclid=IwAR3cTuJSyxQXVAUATUD4Fn3icBubS2JG6F744VusLRfwysmk1ypTglUyUb4 Breathtaking Portraits Capture Ballet’s Finest Dancing on the Streets of New York I came across this link and thought the photographs were amazing.
  12. As she is my favorite, I will miss her next season. I think she had her best year this year, she looked great in the dances I saw her perform, so happy she will leave on a good note.
  13. Officially he was fired today (Sunday) instead of letting his contract expire on Jan. 14th as had been the case earlier. Perhaps they have someone they want to hire before his contract would expire? Ravens fan here, so no inside info. except the news. Could someone remind me when the DCC banquet is and in what month the calendar shoot takes place?
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