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  1. I'm late to the party as usual. Horses and winter make for long days! I know how heartbreaking this is. It is bad enough on its own, I cannot imagine how much more horrific it is when you are a public figure. You are correct, there absolutely are deal breakers in relationships and it takes a strong person to remove themselves from that relationship when so much love and time has been invested in it. You have my support and I am sure that of many others here. Best wishes!
  2. Agent Gully

    S14.E13: Game Day

    A few random thoughts... I didn't care much for the reveal video this year. I don't like the music, but I am 56 so I blame it on my age. Why on earth was sweet Bridget so far back and barely in focus? I like both Amy and Maddie, but thought it a bit cruel to Amy to put Maddie as the point. As to the "roster" on the Cowboys website, they are in dire need of a decent editor. The cameo photos this year are better than last year, but IMO not as good as they could be. I, like others here, would love to know the real reason Meredith is on the squad. If it is true that the gals (minus a few who I am sure will never miss being active each game, cough cough) will basically be auditioning each week to perform, that can't be at all good for stress levels and morale. Finally, what a horrible thing to do to Lily to pull her (and Kat) into the office on the last night, reminiscent of last year. I hate seeing peoples' emotions toyed with. The office scene plus allowing the squad to think Lily and Kat were cut, was pointless, cruel, drama.
  3. I have seen several other photos of her in the background while on the field and she still seems to be carrying some extra weight (for DCC) in her stomach. That was a couple of weeks ago, so not sure what she looks like currently.
  4. I haven't watched yet, will get around to it later. Just felt the need to comment. (I have words.) At my age (56), anyone young looks beautiful to me. That "glow of youth" that fades oh so quickly is appealing. And, at my age, physical beauty means a lot less than it used to! Some men prefer the cute or attractive gals over the untouchable beauties. Thus Maddie, Amy, Christina, etc. are popular with them. Others love the stunningly beautiful ladies such as Rachel W. Some prefer the more exotic look such as Hannah. As a once "cute" gal myself ages ago, I tend to relate to those who fit that category hence my favorites on the current team.... Brennan, Christina, Bridget, etc. (For any of the DCC who visit these forums, please know that every one of you is beautiful in my eyes and in many others!)
  5. Was watching part of Season 5 and noticed how much better the various shades of blonde looked on the gals. This season, the blondes are almost all daffodil yellow or brassy. So little (that we were shown) in the way of makeover coverage now, compared to earlier seasons.
  6. Or aimed her cowboy boot in a well timed kick.
  7. Been there, done that with car accidents (and of course where my horses try to off me) and they are very traumatic. I agree with you completely! Anyone want to bet they will cut her due to her "hysterics" in the office and say she is a risk due to that? I wouldn't put it past Kelli.
  8. After thinking about it (I have no life), I think that Amy is indeed the actual point of the triangle, even though Maddie is in that position for more time during the dance. It was Amy that Judy called up first, not both Amy and Maddie. Time was given for her to be acknowledged by the others as point. The same was not done for Maddie. There was no real pause or big deal made when Judy had Maddie move up front for the second part of the dance. Sooooo, officially it seems, Amy is the sole official point of the team, with Maddie also at times (even if it is the majority) in front of the group. I can see therefore, why Amy was calling herself the point. And, it was definitely Kashara who replied, "cute", not Amy on the phone call.
  9. Random thoughts after watching this week... posting here because spoilers! In the previews for next week, whoever passed out was a veteran as she was in blue. Meredith has beautiful eyes, but honestly for me that is about it. She can't remember choreography, blew the interview, does not have the best figure on the team, and has the fewest stickers (including Melissa's pink sticker, ugh.) Of course she makes the team, how silly to think otherwise....(pries eyeballs back from where they have spun to top of head). I think Amy was just surprised and excited to be named point. I thought it was rather cruel to then put Maddie up front leaving Amy a bit shell shocked. I like both girls, but still think there should be only one point. Bridget, Caroline,...? I hope it was explained to the gals what was going on with two points. Kat just seems to be a no filter gal who is very (too very) talkative and open. The other gals seem to like her. It can be good to have someone happy and funny in a locker room, lightens the mood. Happy to see my favorite, Christina, getting some love from Kelli and Judi. She stepped it up and it shows. I didn't care for Kelli's comment about Jalyn being so disappointed after not being named to SG but now she is FINALLY back on track. Aside from her moment in the locker/bath room, she was back on track that same night. I think Shaina is lovely with her beautiful eyes and red hair. She seems sweet and I hope she tries again next season.
  10. Look what hubby brought me tonight! Said he had heard the commercial so many times that when he saw them he bought them. So, the ad worked for someone, lol!
  11. Oh Julia, it would have been better to have had "no words".
  12. I agree, I thought that was so insensitive.
  13. Random thoughts after watching: posting here due to spoilers... I really can't blame Lily for being so tense in that she was cut at the end of TC last season with no notice that we saw. I think that she was guarded this season in case it would have happened again. Much like Brennan, I was thinking that she would relax a bit once she actually made the team. The more you tell someone to relax, the more tense they become! I just loved (insert sarcasm here) that in the little quartet on field with VK and others, every other girl was critiqued, but not a word about VK. She also made a few mistakes that deserved a mention, but of course that could never happen. Ugh! Madeline S. seems to be such a sweet and polite gal. I could see why she was cut, but I truly hope she is able to come back strong next year and make the team. Was glad to see my favorite, Christina, called out tonight for her strong dancing. Judy actual spoke a few sentences in the office tonight. A miracle. Kelli - those tight jeans aren't doing you any favors. A more relaxed fit would suit you better. Finally, I wish they had spent more time on hearing the opinions of the team leaders. Of course, Kelli is determined to have Meredith (who did look a bit better tonight) on the team no matter what the team leaders, choreographers, or others have to say.
  14. I realize that actually getting to dance in the boots on the field for the first time is exciting, but some of the rookies act as if they have never had them on before, EVER. I mean, they did wear boots for their cameo portraits....
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