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  1. For the most part, the back row consists of all rookies. The "knockouts" regardless of year tend to move up to the front quickly. I think with the cutting and pasting done this year, a few of the gals (from among the ones in a standing position) ended up in different places from where they might have stood had it been done live.
  2. In looking at the headshots, my favorite photos were of (in no particular order): Kelsey, Amber, and Ashlee. My least favorite photos involve the eyes... Amanda appears to be looking in two different directions; Claire looks like she is squinting; Kristin has sleepy eyes; and McKenzie has one eye squinting. It can be difficult to get a good photo when you are facing head on into the lens.
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/12/sport/nfl-cheerleader-equal-pay-raiders-bills-lawsuit-spt-intl/index.html More about pay issues for cheerleaders... ******************************************************************************************** I didn't watch any of this current season except the first episode. Thank you to everyone for keeping me up to date here. Greatly appreciated!
  4. Agreed! As someone who suffers from anxiety disorder and has had diagnosed severe depression, the best healer is doing something that I enjoy (for me, riding horses and gardening), for Hannah, it is dance. The chance to "get out of your own head" is what many doctors and psychologists recommend, along with exercise. She turned up for practices and was performing better than several gals who made it onto the team. My guess is that one or more of TPTB know next to nothing about depression and the term "mental illness" frightens them. Perhaps they falsely believe she will suddenly go berserk on the deck and will have to be tranquilized and straight-jacketed out of the stadium. There is nothing that indicates that she would be ANY kind of liability at a game. If you say you are supportive of those with depression, then show it. Talk the talk, walk the walk! You have experts on everything in the Cowboys organization. Meet with an expert to educate yourself about depression or whatever mental illness you may run across with the gals who audition. If you care about these ladies, be part of the solution, not part of the problem. JMO
  5. Kristin definitely could have done more in her solo that might have spotlighted her talent better. I don't think she created that routine as a "stunt she pulled". TPTB constantly tell the gals that they need to be up to date on current events and able to speak intelligently about them. In a sense, her solo did just that. Now we know that the Cowboys organization (the Jones family) are very conservative, but I don't think Kristin saw her theme as being offensive. She doesn't seem the type to pull a stunt, nor do I think she thought her solo would be poorly received.
  6. "In television, an executive producer may often be the writer, creator or lead in the series. An executive producer will be on the project of a television series or film from start to finish. They are in charge of multiple aspects of the projects including casting and hiring, writing, editing, financial decisions and scheduling." (Source: https://careertrend.com/what-does-an-executive-producer-do-13709780.html )EP's have a great deal of power. Full disclosure: I refuse to purchase this season of DCC: MTT. I get my information from this board, and clips from here, IG, etc. Having seen Kristen's performance to her original music and the clip of her audition (with ill fitting music), I personally would have like to have seen her do more. However, she was given more than a bad edit, it was a very deceptive edit. In using their choice of music (which was the equivalent of using jive music to a waltz), of course she wasn't hitting poses or moves on specific beats. When seeing it with the original music, she did put emphasis type moves where they belonged. The words of Kanye West made the theme of her dance obvious. We were not allowed to see/hear it as it was intended to be seen/heard in any way shape or form. The fact that several CURRENT DCC commented on or liked Kristen's practice video when they normally are too afraid to say anything but "Yes Ma'am" to TPTB, speaks volumes. I'm sure this season hasn't been a lot of fun for the rookies not being allowed to announce they made the team til after the season has ended and the veterans for not having many opportunities to perform. Add in losing 4 of their team mates through cuts, perhaps many of them have decided to hang it up after this season and are upset enough to speak out regardless of the consequences. Everyone has a breaking point, and some of these gals seem to have reached it.
  7. What looks like a large tear is the color of her hose. If you look above and below the knee cap, you will see it wrapped with tape. The tape is darker than the hose so it looks like it is torn. On a separate note, I want to wish those who celebrate it, a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone. May 2021 be kinder to all of us.
  8. I had Covid back in June and only got my sense of smell back around September. The worst thing has been the brain fog where I can't remember the simplest things. That is still ongoing. Be safe, folks! As to cutting the intelligent gals, as I said in another post, I think Kelli in particular is intimidated by intelligence. With those who aren't quite as bright, it is easier for her to get the gals to just go along with anything without complaint. I'm sure she knows that the smarter gals see thru her B.S. Therefore, she gets rid of the ones that have figured out her ways. JMO
  9. I call her "Aloha"-Rose. I just can't watch this season. I watched the first episode to match names with faces, but that was it. The Hannah, Brennan, and even Lily cuts still sting. I would like to get to know the new gals more, but will rely on these boards for my info. I don't wish to support Kelli, Charlotte, etc.
  10. I'm not sure Kelli would recognize class if it bit her in the word that rhymes with it, or if class is simply something she is lacking in, thus it intimidates her. Ladies with intelligence, a keen wit, social responsibility, and maturity tend not to last more than a couple of years on this team. I'm thinking of Brennan, Hannah, Bridget, etc.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/former-dallas-cowboys-cheerleaders-judy-trammell-kelli-finglass Topic headline: Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Judy Trammell, Kelli Finglass explain why the squad isn't outdated in 2020
  12. Agree with these (although I do like a GOOD fan kick). I would add "throwing themselves on the ground after a leap". Those who can gracefully descend to the floor are fine, but so so many just hurl themselves on the ground and it looks so ungraceful AND painful as well! This is a great example of someone who can move from a leap onto the ground with grace. Amanda has really grown on me since she first started in the DCC. Hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving!
  13. I've seen the "Worst Colleges in America" ad (click bait) before. They tend to choose the big college in your area as being the "arguably the worst". I live in Maryland and those say that Univ. of Maryland is arguably the worst. Have not seen the photo of Rachel used though before. Think they would choose a photo from UK instead of Clemson.
  14. I think they are just introducing the TCC who are new, and not the veterans at this point.
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