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  1. What I want to know is how in photo #1, Bridget appears flat chested, lol! Separate note, the gal marking it in the Pro Bowl practice is not a Raven's cheerleader. The Ravens gal is in one of the middle rows. (My home team is the Ravens, which is why I noticed.) Hope Amy has a great time there. I have never seen anything that makes me get "mean girl" vibes about her. While I think she doesn't make a great point of triangle, she can handle the Pro Bowl easily and it makes a nice memory to end her cheering career on.
  2. https://mymodernmet.com/omar-robles-ozrdance/?fbclid=IwAR3cTuJSyxQXVAUATUD4Fn3icBubS2JG6F744VusLRfwysmk1ypTglUyUb4 Breathtaking Portraits Capture Ballet’s Finest Dancing on the Streets of New York I came across this link and thought the photographs were amazing.
  3. As she is my favorite, I will miss her next season. I think she had her best year this year, she looked great in the dances I saw her perform, so happy she will leave on a good note.
  4. Officially he was fired today (Sunday) instead of letting his contract expire on Jan. 14th as had been the case earlier. Perhaps they have someone they want to hire before his contract would expire? Ravens fan here, so no inside info. except the news. Could someone remind me when the DCC banquet is and in what month the calendar shoot takes place?
  5. I love Brennan and Christina for pursuing their goal to make this team. I cannot imagine all the hard work that it took to go through the process year after year. The majority of gals who have made the DCC over the decades were never superstar dancers nor made the triangle. However, they were just as much an important part of the squad as those "stars", and will always be able to say they were a DCC... For me, I enjoy watching the gals who bring other needed aspects to the team. Leadership, maturity, a shoulder to cry on, humor, etc., all are necessary for a successful enjoyable experience on any team in any occupation.
  6. If Christina retires, I would like to see her host a similar podcast. She acted as co-host a couple of times and did a good job. Brennan would also do a great job of it, but I hope she stays on at least another year.
  7. Ride horses! Best exercise in the world for losing weight in and gaining great strength in the thighs. Tones all the muscles, plus it's fun!
  8. I politely disagree, they are all talented dancers and I think Christina is very pretty as are all the gals!
  9. My guess is that Kelli has probably warned the gals year after year not to have anything on your private phone, etc. that isn't "G" rated, hence the past punishment from TPTB. If Heather is still being punished for this, that is completely hideous. Of course, a person has the expectation of privacy on their personal phone, etc. In real life, the one in the wrong is the person who hacked her phone, period. I am just saying that Kelli and company have their own rules that don't always include individual freedoms and rights. We've seen that many times over the years.
  10. I don't have an issue with Amy going to the Pro Bowl. Personally, I like to see the wealth distributed among as many as possible. In other words, a different person for each of the following: ROTY, VOTY, Pro Bowl, point, etc. But Amy is by no means a bad choice.
  11. I'm trying to think who we haven't seen much of this year...Savannah, Chandi,, and Brennan (who I wish would be shown much more) are the ones to come to mind.
  12. Not awful, but I kept thinking, "ouch, concrete" and I do wish she would stop tugging at her clothes all the time.
  13. Have to politely disagree. I think that Meredith would hold that title, although I think she will improve with time.. Christina IMO is certainly not doing anything to hurt the brand, the only thing that may hurt the brand would be decisions that are solely based on nepotism.
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