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  1. Thanks sleepyjean ! Makes sense, and I had forgotten the BCA boots as well.
  2. "New Guy" is Marshall. I guess it is better to at least get some form of practice feedback, but I agree with you on the more immediate feedback. (I did high school dance and cheerleading, but was never as trained/talented as these gals.) I was (and still am) a competitive equestrian and immediate feedback in my lessons allows me to fix the issue then and there so the correct form is retained in my muscle memory.
  3. Not an unpopular opinion with me! (OK, stop groaning everyone, lol). Everyone who has been here for two minutes knows she is my favorite. If TPTB saw no strengths in her, she wouldn't be starting her third year on the team. On another note, with so many people now watching the prior seasons on Pluto TV, sleepyjean should be able to fill that cut/quit list fairly quickly! Finally, I should know this but have forgotten....I know that the DCC are required to keep the same uniform throughout their time on the squad, but I assume they get a new pair of boots each season? Is it just the one pair (aside from their special cause colored star boots) or do they get more?
  4. Agent Gully

    Past Seasons

    A big thank you for the recommendation of Pluto TV. The first episode I watched tonight was the audition for Cassie's rookie season, lol! In particular, I paid attention to Kitty Carter. Lots of discussion about her in the forums pro and con to her not appearing in the show this season. In recent years I have found her to be downright cruel at times, using a great deal of sarcasm, mockery, and pettiness. In the season (2008) I was rewatching, while she was very direct, she was not cruel and truly seemed to be on the side of the girls. As someone said earlier, she is now just a (mean) caricature of herself and I don't miss her one bit.
  5. After watching the "performances", lots of random thoughts again... If I were Jalyn, I would be thanking my lucky stars I wasn't part of this SG mess. I know it is a new routine, but just yuck in general. Nothing against Queen and nothing against what the DCC calls hip-hop, but the two do NOT go together. I needed Tylenol after hearing that. Way too many bleach and brassy blondes. There are a gazillion shades of blonde, why not try some of them? The gals are lovely, the hair is not. I don't dislike Maddie or Amy, but all along, I've wanted Bridget to have point with Hannah and Gina/Amber/pick your favorite completing the triangle. Gals with some fire to them who can connect with their audience and draw your eye for a positive reason. Like everyone else, I am quite curious as to why Gina is so far back in the formation. Hopefully, someone will let us know or we will see it when it airs. It will be very interesting to see what the formation ends up being for TS.
  6. It is a dance style though - Acro dance. I enjoyed what I saw of it, I like seeing different styles. JMO
  7. The only possible thing I can think of (beside nefarious situations aka making room for a favorite or something, cough) would be that (I think) Gabby was on WW last season and then got into good shape for the calendar shoot. Likely they told her to stay at that weight and then she comes into auditions looking much softer than her calendar weight. As for why some have their weight either overlooked or tolerated better, I guess it is just favoritism. Or, more properly worded, unjust favoritism. JMO
  8. Agent Gully

    The world of DCC

    As a "horse person", it is also a requirement for the Derby! Kentucky is a wonderful state.
  9. She had a hamstring injury and from what I understand, it would not be healed in time for auditions. She chose to retire close to the date auditions started. I'm sure someone here can give you a much more detailed explanation.
  10. Agent Gully

    The world of DCC

    Definitely South. Just look up the lyrics to "My Old Kentucky Home"! As a Marylander, technically I am Mid-Atlantic, but as we are south of the Mason Dixon line, we are often considered South as well.
  11. Random thoughts....make that really random thoughts..... * Interview this year aside, I think they value Christina as a good spokesperson. She spoke and co-hosted well on "These Boots are Made For Talking" episodes. I was glad Kristy spoke up for her. (Stiff as she may have been in her solo, she was better than "Kat with a Cane" was.) *Perhaps they have two points due to Amy's shoulder injury? As in, Amy was to be the point, but may at times not be able to? Reading that now, it doesn't make sense, but neither does having two points for any reason, lol! * I do hope that Bret, Shaina, Julia, and Madeline S. either try out again next year or find some wonderful success in another endeavor. I really like what I have seen of them personality wise. * I would have been chucked out of the interview room after giving the entire history of the Star, Stars, and the Lone Star. That's the former history teacher in me.
  12. So we have a couple of mysteries to figure out. Earlier this year we were told that Kashara was not on the All - Stars for a reason, but it was hinted she would somehow be involved with the DCC in some way, shape, or form. Any ideas of how she will be involved? 37 DCC this season. There is a particular reason why according to sources. We've had some guesses - pregnancy, injury, surgery, etc. Any other guesses or inside information? Is the 37th gal an alternate? I wouldn't think so, but who knows?
  13. My pick is Bridget. My eyes are drawn to her as she always seems to be having a great time, is cute, and certainly can dance.
  14. I agree with you completely. Personally, I dislike a tattletale unless someone's health and well being is at stake. I just think (IMO) that K & J want to know all "the dirt" that is going on behind the scenes and so directly or indirectly give off that vibe to the gals.
  15. They want the girls to tattle. They encourage the girls to do so. (remembering the Jenna/Holly fiasco)