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  1. A channel that a lot of people don't have or even know they have or will have to find to watch this show. I fear they are underestimating the loyalty of the audience.
  2. I just watched the 92Y interview with Peter, Sutton , Nico and Darren. Darren admitted they had no idea what they were doing from one season to the next. It shows. At the end of the last season they filmed Liza's cell phone ringing with a call from Charles. He went out of his way to say it was a BIG deal and we would find out what it was all about in the next season. But, the truth is, he only filmed that scene because Sutton Foster was uncomfortable with no hint of Charles and Liza in the final episode after a season of build up. And as we saw, they did not address it at all. I think if he had his druthers, he would have dragged Charles and Liza out another season or two. He didn't realize how upset fans (and critics) were about dropping the story until after the finale aired. I am sure the 30% demo loss in this season's opener helped too. This writing willy nilly crap hurts the quality of the show. They should at least have an outline. Or something. Or be deported. They could bring back the story of Liza needing to help confirm they are a real couple. But, she can't. Because of her guilt she spends time with Josh and the baby. Hence, more triangle.
  3. But wasn't actually an executive at the imprint? The assistant job is supposed to be more of a side gig. Charles even told LL Moore that she'd had a big promotion since he'd last scene her. One of the things I am looking forward to the most is that Liza is done doing any sort of assistant job. No way the story will support it. I am here for Diana having to traverse Liza as more of an equal.
  4. I think that is where they are going with all of this. They did sent some crew over there to shoot exteriors.
  5. I feel certain they did multiple takes of this kiss. I find it hard to believe that the director would not say to Peter "Hey, could you kiss her actual lips please?". That being said, there was something about this take that the director liked. I don't think it has anything to do with Peter.
  6. She might ask for joint custody. If the film version of her book happens, she might live in CA for a while and take them with her She is not going to want to be anywhere near Charles in all of his euphoric glory as a result of dating Liza. David, the ex, is useless. I can't imagine he is helping much with college tuition or rent or food. She went back to her career because she had to. Liza probably always thought she would just jump back in but was shocked to learn that was not going to happen. She had her eggs in that one basket. So, to make it work, she did what she did.
  7. The kiss in the Hamptons was very sexy (in the bar and outside the door) as was Pound Ridge. I've always seen their first kiss in the mall as Charles testing the waters with a smaller smooch. I never thought that one was meant to be anything more than the kiss it turned out to be.
  8. You are far from the last. There are not a lot of us here but tons on Reddit and ONTD. I want Diana to marry Enzo. There, I said it. They are delightful together. Oh, and I loved the episode.
  9. I don't think the writers are surprised one bit that people are annoyed with Charles. I like him as a character and I am annoyed with him. I suspect the writers had this in mind when they wrote him being bitchy and pissy. She could still be happy and choose to focus on her career but also with a loving relationship. For Liza fans, her happy ever after would have to include being a success at her job.
  10. I don't think she will pick anyone but herself in the end. She may have a relationship with one of them but she won't be settling down to be anyone's wife. That's not why she is working so hard.
  11. The writers are opening up Charles's personality this year. I'm a big fan of them taking him out of the perfect personality corner they'd written him into. This site has a lot of negative comments but I have peeked at other sites and that is not the case. I looked at Reddit and ONTD for comments and didn't find nearly as many negative comments about Charles as on this board. People tend to post where they think at least others will understand and agree with their position.
  12. She did. Last season when she and Liza were having lunch discussing the book, she said she loved Charles. That she was mad about him. Then asked if Liza could understand that. Cue awkward moment, Liza gulping and saying "Yes, I can"
  13. The kiss outside the hotel room door in the Hamptons was hot. So was the one at the Berlin concert before that. Come to think of it, the dream sex scene was pretty steamy.
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