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  1. I remember that Armando had a dog grooming business, and that's a needed service in most of the world. Kenny could easily work as his assistant, answering the phone, collecting the fees, and washing the dogs. I guess this is much too practical advice for a TLC storyline. They'd rather have the couple crying and gnashing over every little bump in the road.
  2. Maybe Ari's entitlement has rubbed off on Bini. I mean he's living his best life with Ari's parents supporting his family. He may also look to Ms Piggy as to how to react to the various unfamiliar situations. He basically has no personality of his own. I'm remembering Father Sumit shouting at his son, talking about Jenny, who was sitting right there, "IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO? WHY NOT FIND A HUNDRED-YEAR OLD?"
  3. I don't get it. What is the real word @Back Atcha?
  4. @MRS. HANSON, I don't remember any previous talk about Jenny's IQ, or any other character, but I am interested in what you would estimate Danielle. Jenny and Danielle both do that world-ending sobbing and extreme reaction to plans gone awry. I think you're right about Jenny in teenager mode; I used to think of Danielle operating at a preteen level, what say you?
  5. I love those long haired perms! I haven't had a haircut since December, and that's what I'm going to do. Hello, 1980s. Oh @Xebug67, I remember my obsession with Danielle a few years ago. Missed her original seasons, so I actually bought them all from Discovery, and studied every scene she was in. She's such an interesting character, real yet incredibly unbelievable. I don't think Matt Sharp actually knew the dynamite he was filming with Danielle (and Mohammed). She was just as ditzy on The Single Life. I too couldn't believe how bad she looked for meeting Mohammed! Do you think t
  6. I shuddered when I read that she had a captive audience in an airplane. You know she got wound up, cackling at her own boorish behavior and crude jokes, louder and crazier if she wasn't getting the attention she desperately craves. How thankful were the paying passengers to be freed from this nightmare in the sky. You're right about the hideous jumpsuit. How about a smack down between Angela and Sister Assholo?
  7. Thank you, ladies, for the picture. I'd not seen it until now. Does Angela not have a mirror? This is the most hideous outfit on a fat girl in the history of outfits. Why didn't someone, her daughter, a producer, anyone suggest she wear something different? Is Angela's entire circle of friends and family afraid to be honest with her? Does Angela think she looks good? Will she burn this "dress" after she sees herself on TV? It so happens that I usually retire a shirt or a color after I see a picture of myself. Would Spanx be helpful here? I'm sorry, it's so flabbergasting that she thi
  8. More than likely the Nigerian "talent" is being paid by Sharp. I just don't believe that the "foreigners" aren't allowed to be paid by a US company. Why would they be filmed in their homes and/or speak on camera for free? I don't believe that the American talent is responsible for splitting their salary with the foreigner, i.e. Baby Lisa and Usman. I think it's just another social media fakery.
  9. Yes, Angela is too old to be an adoptive mother. Is Michael aware that she already has a full gaggle (?six) of little kids that she's already raising? Do they really need more? Can she/they support more children? Angela's two daughters are probably still fertile, and it's highly likely they'll be dropping off a few more bundles of joy on Mama/Mee-Maw because, WTH, we know she has no boundaries.
  10. This so much reminds me of my youngest brother. When Mom passed, he wanted to take over her paid-for house located on the Pacific coast in Garabaldi, OR, while he worked in Portland. He swore that the 2+ hour drive each way would be no problem. My other brother and I, both of whom did not live in Oregon, vetoed this arrangement because it absolutely was not doable. I'm not an expert, but it's been my experience that once you're off Interstate 5, every damn road is curvy in Oregon and Washington. We knew he'd renege very soon with a "good" excuse and be forever unemployed, hoping his two siblin
  11. Hello @magemaud, thanks for sharing Natalie's short, "sexy" and overly sweet eating video. Hopefully, a bigwig film producer will discover her somewhere in YouTube land and cast her in his next Monroe-esq RomCom movie. She could even help write the script, do hair and makeup, AND cook for the crew!
  12. @Baltimore Betty, yep, unfortunate people not having their shit together is what's on the menu in this TLC franchise. It's tragic when innocent children are dragged along in the misery. But Danielle's kids are grown so we're free of guilt to enjoy the show! Her scenes are so fantastical, cringy and her grammar makes my brain itch. Did she graduate high school, can she read, what's really going on with her being in nursing school? I definitely believe she's being taken advantage of by production, and being setup by the three so-called friends for shits and giggles. I hope she's bein
  13. But Natalie is much higher class and high IQ! What's your IQ? lol. Interesting comment though. Might agree with you about Asuelo except I've read in these forums that he actually has a dancing performance job for tourists, etc. So idk. But Natalie intellectually disabled? Are you familiar with Danielle (with or without Mohammed)? I've said for years there's something not quite right with her mentality, but I enjoy watching her. It's a sickness.
  14. Fern looks like a female version of Stan Smith from American Dad. I'm going to have to agree with @Mrs. Hanson, @mamadrama and a few others who want to see more of the original Sharp Entertainment train wreck Danielle. She's an interesting simpleton with funny tics, naivete and the worst grammar ever heard on television. I know she's aggravating, too outspoken and a petty criminal, but she's putting herself out there for our enjoyment. About Big Ed, for me it is primarily his physical appearance. I can't get the scene of him waking up next to Rose out of my mind. His greasy,
  15. I'm in the Not Watching Camp this season, but I enjoy the comments here and watch some reviews on YouTube. Why can't Sharp round up some new couples, don't they realize we bore easily and have short attention spans? Perfect, I totally get it - Natalie is probably cast as the scary, bug-eyed perpetrator, the jealous other woman, the mean stepmother or the crazy past-her-prime actress, awaiting her close-up, Mr. de Mille. Does she, can she, actually open her mouth when she's speaking her "acting" lines? IMO Angela does not giggle, she brays loud and deep from a coarse Marlboro th
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