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  1. Big Ed may be a save-a-ho type. He asks her multiple times, i.e. "Do you like the hotel? Do you like the breakfast? Do you like the t-shirt?" Every little thing has a price tag in his mind, and she better be grateful, damnit. In her TH, a cold, calculating smile is added to the end of each statement. The picture of Soldja Boy & BGL in bed, he's thinking "What have I done? This is the biggest mistake of my life." Previously I recommended a YT movie called Paradise Love. There's a scene of the mature English woman who brings the Kenyan hotel bartender to her room. As she lies on the bed, she tells him to kiss her toes, kiss her legs; kiss, kiss upwards until he's getting close to her nether regions. He's afraid and repulsed, "no, no I can't..." Now she's embarrassed and very angry. Was that Usman's predicament?
  2. This disaster looks like something a 7th grader made in Home Ec. Not only do I agree with above posts about the tacky fringe, the polyester satin looks so cheap, and is that avant gard (sp?) seaming on the front or wrinkles? Lol, ikr? My thoughts of geography went to Texas on Sergio's collection. Idk what he thinks rich older women want to look like, but surely this ain't it. This dress in particular I could see on 70's Dolly Parton.
  3. Darcey admits to 45, she looks a hard 50 imo. She was the same drunk crybaby with Jesse. And she bombarded him with engagement & marriage "hints" the whole visit. They went for a bike ride and she was a disaster spectacle. They went to his parents hippie artist home for lunch, and his beaded, raibow-hair stepfather said to Jesse in front of Darcey, "you're gorgeous, you could do better." Her look that season was chubby goth girl with pitch black, long straight hair. Extra tight clothes and spiky heels. Definitely worth the 1.99 for each episode.
  4. The more "awkward" Geoffrey became, the more of a creep he became. He literally turned into an ugly troll in the car. Lipstick on your teeth? Wow, he's a real smooth ladies man. During Rose's TH, did anyone else notice the weird fake smile she made after each statement? I don't care if she's looking for a way out, just treat the guy with respect and kindness.
  5. I'm convinced FAS is Danielle's armchair diagnosis. Her philtrum is smooth. Lisa is the most interesting ?patient of the season. She's a lot like Danielle, slow and stubborn. And I thought her Solgboy looked kinda old, definitely not a Mohammad. @magemaud, can you tell me why you think Lisa would become a victim? Because she's a pushy loud white granny? How is she different from Angela? Both are loud, pushy white grandmas. Just interested in more gossip, lol. and she's programmed to speak only a few phrases on a date. Hello ______, wow, you look amazing. Your EYES!, they're amazing! I love this space, you have acquessit taste. Yes, let's have a glass of bubbly. Do you like my outfit? Thank you for the greatest night of my life. Closes eyes, lowers head, pucker lips, tears commence. Messy Darcey. I'm worried about thise Silva twins. I feel like we're witnessing history. Fascinating and tragic.
  6. I was looking for your post today, and by God you made it at page 4. Thank you, @SuprSuprElevated aka David Niven. @Lemons, your post jogged my memory from a very early season of PR when I ran into a contestant at Kinky's (Kinko's) in Norman OK, where he lived. I cannot remember his name, so it might be moot, but hopefully someone here will remember him. He was a tall, slim young white guy whose design specialty IRL was pagent gowns. He held the door for me, and we passed like ships in the night. About Nancy: we're in the same age group; I marvel at her beautiful smooth skin. Sure, a lot of her face is covered by big glasses and bangs, but maybe if she wore her hair differently she could pass for 40, imo. After reading the comments here, I do see that her PR edit makes her look kinda self-centered & unaware of other people's body language. I had a friend like this who babbled on and on about whatever was going on in her life. Boring and exhausting. Re Victoria: A couple of weeks ago someone posted here that maybe Victoria is being pushed through because she (or her husband?) has experienced some type of Harvey Weinstein incident. Idk what's happening, she's a one-trick pony, lol.
  7. Also, I think nowadays "I'm talking to xyz" means they're hooking up. I haven't watched the episode yet, so I'll probably be back tomorrow. In the meantime, if allowed here, I rented an interesting movie from YouTube called Paradise Love. It tells the story of a 50-year old, single British woman who goes to Kenya for holiday, and her experiences with a few of the native men. Highly recommended.
  8. @SuprSuprElevated, thank you. I'll check out pictures of Pickford and Bara; I'm not sure either, 🤔
  9. Yes, I mostly agree with your overall assessment. I'll add the obligatory side slit; every woman wants her panties revealed when sitting. The first few pieces were kinda crotchcentric, imo, and one looked like there was a triangle of a fur in that region. The rear-end of one dress had an oddly placed pooch. The bird cages were symbolic, and these outfits were flighty. But to me the collection was Mae West growling, "why doncha come up sometime and see me. Come on up, I'll tell your fortune." Many thanks again @SuprSuprElevated for sharing this video. Who is the man in your avatar? Who am I?
  10. This was the clip that me feel stabby about Rob, thank you for posting it. Rob was way out of line considering his own outfit, AND I know Ethan is a charitable person; he probably bought the sport coat in a thrift store. He's not all about wearing the latest style or spending the most money on a one-night affair. GTFOH Rob, I just don't love you like before, and I still think you're insecure. Sincerely.
  11. Your post is my favorite, perhaps you also posted the roundup last week too, many thanks. Agree with your order 1-7. In the early days of PR, after someone was auf'd, they'd show all of their outfits on the screen. And who remembers when the winning look was displayed on a mannequin in the workroom, one more added each week? I'm so thankful for no asymmetry this week. Y'all are right about Geoffrey's dress needing undergarments & the high split on the side was a no for most women. Brittney's pink poofy sleeves very 70s, very babyish. Sergio's dress was my favorite.
  12. Yesterday I was Boston Rob's biggest fan. Later in the day I watched Rob Cesterino interview him & Amber on the red carpet. It was a YouTube E clip. So a few minutes in, Ethan comes up to Rob C, who's a great fan of the show, and Boston R starts making fun of Ethan's tweed jacket, saying [paraphrased], "Oh, look at him in his vintage jacket, straight from the 90s American Eagle..." Ethan turned around to talk to someone else. Now, there's Boston Rob in a pink untucked 2XL shirt hanging down over his pants zipper, so let's say size 2XL Tall. Come on Rob, you're better than that, I had no idea you were so insecure.
  13. Ah, yes, old age. Become friends with your closed captioning button. It's available on DVD movies too! Wonderful invention. And yes, damnit, background music is too loud everywhere. In real life, if people speak to me directly and not mumble, I can pretty much get the gist of the conversation. Lol Back to Survivor, is there a Boston Rob fan club I can join? I love everything about him. I also like Tyson; his quiet invitation to the group to eat the rice he apparently bought with his coin was nice. I'm not that invested in the Ben hate, but yeah, he's a dork in a cowboy hat, and not in a good way like Colby or Yul.
  14. This made me think Marcellino might be a good car salesman. He also might consider an upstairs job in a casino, counting money, or being a loss prevention spy manning some cameras. I hope TPTB cancel this boring couple, and drop this outlandish find your adopted kids fiasco. It doesn't look like their lawyers will give them more (free) help (due to the lien posted above.
  15. The first person I thought of was clint's mom, Alice. He put out something similar last season. Also, three months ago Sharp was filming! So we're right, he's messing around with dangerous substances. He looks older than his dad. I'm too afraid to watch the goddess, lol.
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