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  1. Rt66vintage

    Small Talk: 90 Days Probation

    I have a personal prison relationship story that happened when I was about 23 and single. It's embarrassing and no one in my family knows. I causally knew the man in question, that's to say we may have spent a weekend or more together. We drifted apart, as these things often do, and life went on for another 18 months or so. I had my own apartment, a decent car and a full time job. One day at work a letter arrived personally addressed to me. I remembered the man and was kind of excited to read it. The letter was postmarked from a prison called Tehachapi. It was short and sweet, and I wrote him back. I was still single. This is getting long and kinda hard. Need more mm. Should I continue?
  2. Rt66vintage

    Megan & Michael & Sarah: Three's Company

    Watching in real time, Megan should be cringing about her messy wig. That rag is done & done. Her family, especially her dad, must be so embarrassed & ashamed of her antics with this dirtbag loser. Well, I don't see Michael as any kind of attractive, sexy bad boy. Small, mean & dangerous as a punk carjacker, yes. Scum of the earth with no future except as a permanent guest of the state. @Mrs. Hanson, congrats on being smart at a young age. I was 28 when I met and married my faithful, hardworking biker nerd. He was a good bad boy who came home sober every night and loved our little family, going on 37 years now. Michael will never be anything but a punk, and I mean that literally due to his prison background. I sincerely hope the two women will open their eyes to this total loser. Their tears are wasted & time is short.
  3. Rt66vintage

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    @Azanscrazyhair, yep, mine too. I wonder if she's watching herself on television? Is she cringing or absolutely carrying on like she's a movie star? ?This cast has been pretty quiet on SM, though I'm not on IG, Twitter, etc. Am I wrong?
  4. Rt66vintage

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    I think Mother Clint wrote this. He would never know how to spell so many big words. He's definitely not very bright, for whatever reason, and mom probably feels guilty and protective. I can totally see Mom & Clint down the road in a Colt/Debbie arrangement. And the women Clint's going to move in & out on a rotating tour. LOL, that'd be a good reality show! I wanted to add that that's a very nice picture of Clint.
  5. Rt66vintage

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Yes, that episode was so interesting & fun. Lauren was the least Touretted person at the very well-attended Tourette's Convention. She looked pretty weirded-out, but handled herself well. I have a general idea of this disorder, but a large gathering dedicated to Tourette's was an "oh, look at that face!" moment in television. Sharp Entertainment gets a good grade for that scene, imo. Thanks for reminding me @Hannah94.
  6. Rt66vintage

    Angela & Tony: Photoshop Of Horrors

    Oh thank you @Reality police! I so hope we get more of their story in the next 10 episodes I've heard have been ordered. I kinda like Angela, at least her kids are grown and she has a job.
  7. Rt66vintage

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    @Hannah94, thank you for Fat Lizard! Lol! She believes that she's smarter than us normies & straights out here in the free world. In her TH she explained how she learned the ways of extortion from the lifers, and how she starts asking for small amounts like $50, then works up to $500. And all she has to do is send cute pictures of her desirable self. I wonder if any man who sent her money is watching her on TV? LOL. Lizard would be smart to lock onto Scott because she's an embarrassment to any normal guy. Imagine bringing her home to meet the friends and family! Oh Lizard gurl, get a grip on your sexy self, it's 2019 and you're over the hill, and btw we don't say "psychedelic!" any more.
  8. Rt66vintage

    Angela & Tony: Photoshop Of Horrors

    Since the title of this thread is photoshop of horrors, could someone post a picture of these darlings? Thank you!
  9. Wow, this Matt creep is a freakin' menace on the road. Knowingly driving a vehicle with disabled steering, crashing head-on into an oncoming vehicle, breaking the arm of an innocent person, just wow. Sarcasm doesn't think 2 accidents & one stolen vehicle are enough to put his parole in jeopardy?! I guess we'll find out after his court date in the Spring. Lock him up! I too am curious who the woman was in the stolen car. They weren't in Matt's mom's driveway. I'm going to agree with @PityFree it was a random barfly skank. Shades of last season Johnna and her thug, whose name I've thankfully forgotten. Oh these people are giving me grief for our society.
  10. Rt66vintage

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    Because she has to be the "tight leash" around Meth Matt. I noticed on the last episode that she's so devoid of personality that she skulked out to the yard to whine at Matt "what are we going to do today?" Any "stress" is probably on Matt to entertain this empty vessel. I loath Matt. Where is his father? As always, I still hate Lizard, and now Jasmyn is getting on my nerves. As someone said upthread, how does she expect her mom to be independent? Lizzie told her, "I don't have $1 to my name." And then she lied saying "Scott's going to get me a car and an apartment." Oh, really? That's a stretch. I think if Lizzie's has any post prison stress, it's from placating the daughter and being Scott's born again virgin girlfriend, oops I mean fiance, because after all she did say, "ok, I guess" to her 15th proposal. Fake crying & whining Clint, gawd he's so worthless & disgusting. This man in his 30s looks 70. And his dad is comforting him like a child. Yes, hopefully with 10 more episodes maybe we'll see Angela and Tony, although I really think I'm losing brain cells. What is wrong with these people?
  11. Rt66vintage

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Yep, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Leida! She may not be with Eric when she implodes, but she seems like the type who will go out with a big bang.
  12. Rt66vintage

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Totally predicted. Leida's insatiable need for attention on call! She had to wait until Larissa's and Ashley's drama subsided a little. And I know she was mortified watching herself on the Tell All, beyond embarrassed. Since the cameras stopped rolling, her bad behavior is escalating. It must be a nightmare living with her. Up-poster right - sister needs to come get Alles out, pronto. Then Eric and his "mail order bride" will carry out their final act in this Play of Fools. Next stop Dateline or 48 Hours, something with Candace de Long.
  13. Rt66vintage

    Project Blue Book

    Some new eye candy! I love the MCM look, the cars are big & beautiful, and the people are fashionably & authentically dressed. The science stories aren't too confusing, and I like the noir vibe. I hope this show does well.
  14. .@CoachWristletJen, thankfully D's kids were older, and hopefully Nicole's mom & sister help out with May, and that she's in school now. In a way Mo was decent, leaving etc. Their story started the whole "green card" conversation, and really piqued my interest in the subject. Watched a lot of stories on YouTube about romance scams. And that's what 90day fiance seems to be about, scamming. Yep, Jay just loves Ashley's house. That's why he punched a hole in the wall. Was he subconsciously laying claim to said domicile? Remember, he proclaimed she would have to call the cops if she wanted him to leave. He's a POS. Weak and stupid Ashley, I'm so sorry that she has such low self-esteem and expectations for herself. She needs to be single at this stage of her life.
  15. Her story starts on 90day fiance, and she's on HEA 2 seasons, I think 2 & 3. That's when she's desperately trying to hold onto Mo. One scene is her talking to Walmart Tom about "...well, where's he gettin his sex from!? 'cuz it sure ain't from me!" Lol!