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  1. Lol, your Angela is my Danielle. Nervous laughing after everything she says, inappropriate laughing after anything anyone says. In the talking heads on Single Life she's almost normal, "I think I found a love connection..." now think about Mohammed for a moment then scrunch her face up and squeeze a few tears out. Oh dear...
  2. That was my thought when I first saw Hazel, she literally screwed her nose up when she was close to Tarik. Remember it took about 3 days running through airports and changing planes for him to finally get to her. I think I could've smelled him through my television. I hope he dumps Ms. Sourpuss.
  3. Well, I'm just now watching Natalie getting dressed before her sad, desperate wedding to Mike on day 90. She's in her white dress she brought from Ukraine. Natalie, you're fat. Your ass and boobs are twice the size they were when you arrived, you're not beautiful, your clothes look painted on, and your hair is a frizzy mess. I'm laughing to myself thinking about your riding on Mike's luggage cart today and his inability to drag you through the airport. You're a helpless crybaby spinster who doesn't open your mouth to speak; you ain't the coquettish young chick you think you ar
  4. Anyone remember Mohammed? He was oh so careful with immigration - visited (two) lawyers, schullpped Dinyell (once), returned to Ohio (twice) to talk Dani out of da-nullement, and learned a trade so he's employable. And did not engage with her tantrum in Miami. He kept his eye on the prize, as Darcey would say. Not me! Poor ol' Dinyell. I found a YouTube guy who lives in Morocco, and he specializes in reviewing the episodes with men who come from his neck of the woods: Mohammed, Azan and Zied. His channel is Zain Daily. He's very fun, and is quite interested in Danielle, Nicole & R
  5. And why is she so shocked that Zied is going to wear his red jacket ("it's not bright red is it?") and blue shoes. You go, Zee!
  6. Danielle was gonna show 'em what he's missin'.
  7. D Stephanie is falling apart! Compare her to the hula hooping MILF when we first met her. Now she can't keep both eyes open at the same time, she can't hold her neck up, and she has long pauses between her words. Did she not pack her daily injectable youth serum, was she counting on four times a night sexy workouts to keep her well oiled and fresh? Yep, she insinuated Mike was fat, ugly and stupid, and let's not forget low class. She said his closet stinks, his house is cold and dirty, he eats butter and meat, which is bad, and root beer is actually beer and that's bad, and who
  8. Yes, thank you. I'm sure Mr. Vintage would not measure up to Natalie's highbrow requirements; he's a lot like Mike, come to think of it. I'll see your financially support himself and raise you the ability to entertain himself. Lol
  9. @Persnickety1, I found a way to discuss Danielle on the Single (something) under "other spinoffs. Thank you for caring, lol.
  10. And remember how back in Ukraine this totally fit and perfect specimen of a nature woman was instructing Mike how to run? Have we even seen her take a walk in Mike's woods? Mr. Vintage is always so sickeningly kind and understanding towards Natalie, she's in a new country, yadda yadda, and oh and how pretty she is. Why must I remind him that she's a crazy person and that's worse than being pretty?
  11. Was Father Jovi revealed to be a step in this episode? That would more explain his behavior I describe below. I watched Yara at the party in the episode before this one. She's a tall voluptuous foreign woman, and the men were too overwhelmed to talk to her, including Father Jovi, who literally looked like a hungry wolf. His eyes were narrowed, and I could almost see saliva dripping from his panting tongue. The other men grouped together and made furtive glances at Yara. No wonder she wanted to leave. She knew what was happening.
  12. I just watched a review of the Single Life by a guy named Zain on YouTube. He was showing and reviewing Danielle and Mohammed meeting up at the local diner. Can I say AWKWARD? Totally scripted to the point Danielle can be seen to literally dig deep into her brain and tick off why she doesn't need Mohammed, she can't trust any man bc of him, he owes her an apology, she's not the same person now, etc. In her talking head she's wearing a nice criss-cross bright blue shirt with 3/4 sleeves, and her hair is blown out nicely. When she meets Mo, her hair is beyond greasy, the front pulled up in
  13. Do we have a Discovery Plus site? I saw Danielle and Mohammed meet up for a stop and chat at the ol' diner. Is there anyone else who would like to talk about this oddball couple?
  14. I showed Mr. Vintage Stephanie's pictures. He said in the car show world she's a "10 foot car, looks good from a distance, rust damaged up close." She does look corpse-like, and at first I thought she was wearing my dishwashing gloves. Pitiful for a post menopausal woman.
  15. I have to agree with @Mrs. Hanson. A smart woman knows that an accidental child will ultimately be her responsibility. Yes, I've heard the "it takes two" but that's just not how life works out, sorry. Best to protect ourselves, no one else will.
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