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  1. Not to mention that every single one of those men looked 100 x better then Zeid
  2. It can also be caused because of pregnancy and hormones. Not always that the lack of hygiene is the case. I always got bladder infection, that is usually how I found out I was pregnant that was always the first sign. With number 1 it was horrible I think I got it three or four times. With number 3 I only had it ones. I don’t say she is or looks clean but it is not always because of hygiene. If I am not pregnant I never have it.
  3. So my two cents here on this episode Corey! Evelyn is using you! That is the first thing. But Corey kept complaining about that car, which by the way never costed 6000 dollars. And he then talks about his Mercedes that is an old car as well! It is an e class from around 2002. So it is not a new expensive car he has. Here in my country they are really cheap. She thinks he has enormous money, those pots where old! Nobody can tell me that the see ruined them in a couple of weeks. She will suck him dry and then tell him to move back home. Ronald Ronald Ronald Ronald I actually don’t even k
  4. I think Andy did the right thing. I also think it was because of the way he looked and had nothing to do with him being a cop. You can’t see money on a person at first glans but you can see that they are over weight. It is too bad because I thought he looked great! I know from myself that if a guy said that on our date I would run home crying. And could never be a 100% sure about his feelings towards me ever again. I am a plus-size girl myself and it would literally breaks my heart.
  5. I haven’t read all the three pages but wowowowowoow did nobody see jessi smoking???? Really health trick that thinks a glass of wine will ruin you’re health and he smokes ?????
  6. So did Elvis Presley no body saw him as a creep. I think they are really cute together and 8 years is really not that huge of an age gap.
  7. She actually makes great money on YouTube!she has many followers I think over 300 000. That is great and pays a lot more money then a “real” job. And meanwhile she is studying! I think she is very smart and that is the biggest difference between her and pao! By the way she again filmed a vlog with Jorge and they are still together on a type of holiday I think she was invited to a brand event and took him with. They seem to have it great together and I am even more believing that all that drama and fighting this year was producer driven. Because they actually enjoy each other’s company an
  8. Yea that is what I thought but she did buy the Louboutins when she went to see jessi
  9. I see this episode with my hubby for the second time! Did anybody notice the Birkin bag on the shelf when darcy is getting ready???? Is it real ? Why does she use that horrible ugly “Chanel” bag instead of her Birkin then??
  10. I am sorry but illegal abortions is the first thing that comes to you’re mind? I mean everything from iron problems to just the fact that she is engaged to Paul should be enough
  11. I understud what you meant. But in this case this is Anfisas YouTube channel and has nothing to do with Jorge. She could easily done the add with out him. If they would have had a divorce she would never in a Illinois years asked him back to come and do one video with her !
  12. Yes we all know that. But the point was that they are still together. She really seems to love him.
  13. Can it be that this is an act in front of the cameras and that he behaves totally different when they are not there? I think he possibly can’t be this unmanly in real life
  14. Anfisa is smart! She will be the one laughing at the end. And she won’t stop until she makes Paola pay for what she has done. You will see she will be the one standing on top wile other people laugh about Paola. Like they already do
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