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  1. I really liked this episode. There was just the right amount of story (mom has cancer) but not too much Dr. Phil going on. This was mostly about business, and that's why I watch the show.
  2. I definitely heard "CaeTlynn" instead of Caelynn a couple times. Caelynn's sister looked stoned. On next week's preview it sounds like Hannah says, "There are farts flying between us" rather than "sparks"
  3. I think it's because they've been together for a few years (it was said before in one episode. They were really young), and Lexi clearly has her self confidence issues and some attachment trauma. She is comfortable with him and probably afraid to move on.
  4. Yes!! I think this often, especially in poses like this (this humping move is one of my least favorite of theirs). When their legs are out at all, these don't look like shorts but more like grannie panties. Honestly, if they were a tad longer they'd clearly be "short shorts" rather than oversized underwear.
  5. Here's a list of who I considered to be the prettiest DCC: -Current Savannah -Jordan Baum -Olivia Stevanovski -Emma Mary -Katy (don't know last name) -Abigail Klein -Samantha and Kinzie in good pictures -Kaitlin LeGrande without the shag/mullet
  6. abracadabra

    S13 E13: Game Day

    I don't agree with Lily's sudden cut, but one thing I will say is that I never cared for how she held her mouth, kind of in an open underbite all the time. She gave off a manly expression. Caroline also looks manly, but I think it's fixable.
  7. Why is it that people don't like Savannah? I have really liked her since she was a rookie.
  8. Alanna looked like she was wearing a hair salon smock at the dinner
  9. Savannah looked amazing on the calendar! I'm getting tired of each season they say a number they supposedly need to get down to, but we all know they really won't cut down to that number. Even knowing of the Me Too movement, I would not have known how to answer the question. This is where I feel they are unfair. If I made the team and they trained me on how they wanted us to respond, I'd responde as they said. It seems like a trick. Would they want you to say DCC should be involved in that or to not take a stance? Who knows?
  10. Thoughts on Dayton: Think of it this way ... if she weren't cut when she was, she might not have had a chance to try out for RC! That seems to have been perfect timing. On this note, I think it's more of a disservice to hang onto a girl who is almost inevitably going to be cut later on or is at least going to struggle if she makes the team. Dayton really just wasn't ready. As a TCC you might think you want to stay in training camp as long as possible, but in a case like Dayton's I just don't think she was going to improve those memory issues in time, and hanging onto her would have only wasted more of her time. We can say other girls should be cut "before" her (ie Malena or Kristen) but I'd personally prefer to be cut earlier on if it seemed inevitable. Team bonding exercises: I hate them. I definitely understand wanting the girls to get along with each other, and I think there's too much competition between females in today's world. However, we're still in training camp. Isn't there SUPPOSED to be some element of competition and wanting to be "the best of the best"? I don't think you need to be forced to get along with people you just met and might just not click with, while being under a spotlight and having to focus on being "the best" and making the team. I also always feel for the Megan Flaherty's (RIP : ( and the Kristens. I understand that being bubbly is part of being a performer and that if you don't have that personality maybe you're trying out for the wrong thing, but I'm someone who typically overanalyzes and just ... isn't shallow, I guess? Maybe more like a Brennan. So if I were to be placed in a situation like a rodeo or something, I'd be the one sitting back observing first. Not that outgoing and shallow are the same thing by any means, but I just don't like that they judge girls based on these things. Also, when it comes to friendships, I'm curious to see if girls who try out together typically stay friends or make friend groups of their own. Danielle and Jasmine came in together, and Jasmine got cut, but that was a few years in. Must have been tough. Tara and Savannah (also from the Jets, right?) were a "package deal", and I'm just curious whether or not they're still close. Also, I think another issue with Tara is that her eyebrows are too dark for her dyed hair! Brennan: Speaking of her, she looked GREAT. I enjoy watching her dancing when she's smiling, and I think the light lip color was flattering on her during the tour of Dallas. Honestly, I have not been the biggest Brennan fan in the past, but I'm really rooting for her now and will be upset if she doesn't make it. That office visit was very odd. I had made a comment on Amber's appearance in an earlier post, and I now take it back. I hadn't seen much of her, but I do like her now.
  11. Quick thoughts: Never thought I'd say someone's forehead is too SMALL, but Lindsey barely has one! Still pretty. Love Hannah, but something about how high up her curls start makes me think of a mullet.
  12. Can the producers never pan out and just show us all the dancers of a given group together for more than two seconds so we can compare them?
  13. Correct. I feel bad saying this as I'm not one to usually criticize someone's appearance. I don't think she's necessarily unattractive, but I'm not seeing DCC
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