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  1. Yes, I have heard that too. Fox does not like dissent. I think there is no such thing as an unbiased press. And it didn't start with Trump (although it became more obvious), the press has been biased for years. On both sides. I am an independent (don't trust democrats or republicans), so I am more aware what the media says and does not say. The fact where certain politicians won't go on Fox because the politician is liberal/socialist or won't go on CNN/MSNBC because the politician is conservative is proof. But Abby just never clicked with me. Just kind of a seat warmer. At times she wo
  2. IIRC, Abby and MeAgain (the nepotism twins) gave a few interviews not too long ago (I think People mag one of them) where they were discussing plans to do a podcast together. I have a strong feeling that won't be happening now. MeAgain is rude, a selfish b*tch. While Abby does not fit that description, I do think she fits into the rich, elitist, entitled group. Because of her family's grand wealth and her dad being a politician, I feel she got breaks in the media on the national stage, (The View and Fox News) that she would not have gotten if she came from a middle class family. She also stru
  3. I heard that Meghan really got Abby that job on the View. It probably didn't hurt that Abby's family are billionaire wealthy and political too. But, Meghan really pushed for her bestie to be on there. So now there appears to be a falling out between the two, or the very least tension that wasn't there before. So sad that I cannot label Blabby and MeAgain the nepotism twins anymore. Nepotism is definitely their friend.
  4. I am just so happy Abby is leaving. She came across as so fake to me, plus very wishy washy on her views. I firmly believe if her family were not billionaires and her dad not a political figure, there is no way she would ever have had those cushy jobs at Fox and The View. She is also very two faced because she praised the Fox co-hosts very similar to what she said about her View co-hosts when she left. Now if MeAgain announced her departure, that would just be icing on the cake.
  5. I am getting so tired of the nepotism twins, Blabby & MEagain. No way would they have had those cushy media jobs on Fox News and The View if they came from normal families. Abby's grandfather was a billionaire, and her dad is a billionaire. Megan's family is not that mega rich, but I believe they are worth 200 million+. Abby adds nothing to the show. Half the time she has a blank expression on her face and it looks like she struggles to keep up on the conversation with the other ladies. Meghan acts like a spoiled brat. My guess is that she was never told no when she was a child. I am s
  6. I wonder if Caitlyn is wanting to slither her way back on KUWTK. Her own series was cancelled after 2 seasons. And she was seen on her birthday with Kim and Kourtney. I know both of them were not speaking to Caitlyn not too long ago, because of the way Caitlyn treated their mom. And now this birthday post. Things that make you go hmmm.....
  7. Does anyone else get tired of Abby saying and tweeting that she is a Mom of 3 kids under 2 and acts like how tiring and miserable it can be at times. Gimme a break. I have read other comments by people that her grandfather was a billionaire, her dad is a billionaire, and she is a multi-millionaire. You know she has nanny help. And I am betting more than one nanny. So phony!!! My hubby and I had 3 kids, and we divorced when they were 12, 8, and 5 years old. And he was not a hands on dad. My youngest has been a real challenge to raise and I could use his help (or borrow one of Abby's nannies.)
  8. So true. Why does DWTS get these lying political hacks??? Are they that hard up on getting "stars" to go on the show? I would rather watch someone like a social media "influencer" than any politics guy, democrat or republican. My bar is so low on "stars" now, thanks to ppl like Spicer. The boos were great. I am not a fan of Jenna, so not too unhappy to see her go, but feel sorry for Karamo as he danced well tonight. Maybe next week will be double elimination week. I have a feeling that will be the only way to get rid of Spicer.
  9. It still blows my mind that Kanye is a billionaire. I don't like his clothes line, don't like his music. Apparently, I am in the minority.
  10. North started wearing lipstick at age 5, IIRC. To me, that is so wrong. Sexualizing a child at that age??? Only in the Kartrashian world. I guess Kanye does have his sane moments from time to time.
  11. I am with you Fig!!! There are a lot of narcissistic people out in the world, but the Kartrashians have to be #1 on the list. There has been many rumblings about how awful they are to people. So fake. I watch from time to time for the train wreck factor. All of them look older in the face than their actual age. So much for plastic surgery, fillers, etc. making a person look younger. They must keep the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons in business.
  12. It is all about the attention. I find it to be hugely annoying. IMHO Khloe has major self esteem issues. They all do to differing degrees, with Kylie & Khloe being the worst. Many thanks goes to PMKris for that.
  13. I wish I did not know this but I think Kimmy Cakes is 39. One more year to Forty!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
  14. I have not looked at YT in the past few hrs but did not see the elim on there. So maybe TPTB did the right thing this time & did not post it to spare Sailor from embarrasment.
  15. Well, I think it does. There is always talk about it by certain pols whose names I won't mention plus on social media. So to each their own opinion, we both agrée to disagree. Frankly I would rather talk about DWTS than any political stuff.
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