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  1. I just don't understand why Kim. I had to transform herself into a deformed Madame Tussand's wax figure. She was a very pretty girl (pic on left) before she filled her face with fillers, botox, plastic surgery, Brazilian butt lifts, nose job, puffer lips and the list goes on and on. I know that pimp mommy Kris had to figure into it. I have no doubt that the Kar/Jen's keep Beverly Hills plastic surgeons in business. I bet a month (at the very least) doesn't go by, without them having something done. Looking at the two pics, what stands out to be is her nose job, lips of course, and looks like she has had chin sculpting or something like that . In fact, even the shape of her face looks different. No way makeup can make all those changes, like they claim.
  2. BeeBop88

    In The Media: DWTS

    I respect Charlie a heck more than Meryl, for not playing on that BS. The poor guy was the sacrificial lamb so that Maks could finally win a meaningless MBT. No way was CANTdance Cameron Bure a better dancer than Charlie White. If Charlie was in the finals, I think the votes would split between Meryl and Charlie, and there would be no MBT for Maks. It would have been a hoot if CANTdance and Mark would have won, because they came in 3rd. Charlie is a better person than me. I would be a bit pissed at Meryl for faking that showmance for a win. But I guess he figured he's gotta work with her and didn't want to rock the boat.
  3. BeeBop88

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I read a while back, that Eastern Europeans tend to be more racist than Western Europeans. That is why a lot of Eastern European nations are not for mass immigration. They value their country's cultures. Since Mom and Pop Chmerkovskiy are from Eastern Europe, I bet they have the same mindset. I wonder if Val says what he says is because he is racist, or says it for attention. And we all know that Maks and Val live and breath for that attention. They would both wilt away without it.
  4. BeeBop88


    There is no such thing as morality and ethics in Hollywood. It is just one big bowl of sleaze. It is very rare for a famous person who is in sports or entertainment to be squeaky clean as far as relationships go, whether they are dating, married or whatever else. Cheating is the norm. It doesn't help that there are a lot of slores (gals and guys) out there in the world selfishly looking for their 15 minutes of fame, regardless what kind of damage is done. I think that practically the entire world (that has ever heard of them) agree that the Kardashians belong in that bowl of sleaze. They know nothing else. Mom has taught them nothing else. In fact, I think that the sweet looking grandma MJ, even pimped out her daughter Kris. So the sleaze goes way back to granny. And who knows, maybe before that. What bothers me is when the Kardashians bring out the victim card. They know the game. No sympathy from me.
  5. BeeBop88


    No way do I believe her. It is in her DNA to cheat. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Khloe always plays the victim.
  6. I feel bad too, but it is not gonna stop me from saying that to me, Mason just seems to have an old man's face. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but every time I see him, I think that. He doesn't look like Scott at all. I do think Reign is a cutie pie, the cutest of the 3 kids. Of course that can change as he gets older. I do wish one of the kid's had inherited Scott's pretty blue eyes.
  7. Oh, that is so funny about the video. I will have to search that out on YouTube. I am not a fan of any of that family (as people can tell by my posts), but there is the train wreck factor that I am into. And the Kardashians don't disappoint, it's just one train wreck after another.
  8. I must have missed it, but when did Kim and Paris Hilton become friends again? I saw her at the Xmas party on the show and was rather surprised. Just who is sucking up to who?
  9. BeeBop88

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I am beginning to think that maybe Gleb is getting it on with one of the DWTS producers. To me, that is the only reason why they keep hiring him season after season. I don't think that Gleb takes being a partner with a celeb seriously. He is a one trick pony...most of his choreo has got a sleaze factor to it. It is like he can do nothing else. Saying all that, I did meet him in person in one of the early DWTS tour shows, and he could not have been nicer to me and my friend. The sleaze was kept in check that night. And looking past the sleaze, he is even more handsome in person. A very good looking guy. But I have to say I have never voted for Gleb and his partners because there never has been a wow factor in his choreo and chemistry with his partners for me.
  10. BeeBop88

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I had to LOL when Alan couldn't hide his pleasure when Mark got hurt, and he had to replace him for a week. I was like, try to curb your enthusiasm, bud! Alan was so desperate to be a pro, plus he had the C Brothers as his cheerleaders.
  11. BeeBop88

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I didn't like Alan and Alexis's fake showmance, but I liked Alan's choreo last season. But I do think there does need to be a change in the pros. And most definitely the judges. I am hoping that Carrie Anne doesn't come back since she is on The Talk now. She is the one I most want to be gone.
  12. These names for these clothes companies are ridiculous and awful. First there is Scott's Talentless and now we have Rob's Half Way Dead. SMH. I do think it is kind of funny that Kanye, Scott and Rob are all competing against each other. Because of Kanye's fanbase, he will survive. Scott and Rob, not so much. Although I am surprised that it seems Rob's sock business is still alive.
  13. BeeBop88


    Stormi is so cute. Kylie seems to be an attentive and loving mom. There are lots of things that irritate me about the Kar/Jar fam, but I have to say they do seem to have a strong family unit. And I think it is hilarious that Kylie has a billionaire biz that usurps her older sisters financial ventures. I think Kylie got the short end of the stick for a very long time. It seemed more attention was put on her older sisters than her. Now Kylie is pimp momager Kris's favorite daughter. Wonder why....LOL!!!! It's any daughter that makes her the most money, of course.
  14. BeeBop88

    S16.E08: Unhappy Camper

    Thank you! I knew she was on something. I must have seen snippets here and there, as I really never watched any housewives show. Larsa sounds like a real joy to work for. NOT!!! Why doesn't she just take care of the kids herself. She should take a look in the mirror, if she really wants to know what stupid looks like. Ha! I need to stop being such a mean girl.
  15. Yeah, no way that Robert K Sr. is Khloe's bio dad. RK was short and in some pics with him, Khloe looks like she is at least 6 inches taller. Both Kim and Kourtney inherited their Dad's shortness, not to mention both had an olive skin coloring and an Armenian look about them before they went bonkers with spray tans and plastic surgery and botox and fillers and who knows what else. Khloe has got none of that Armenian look. But saying all that, I think it was very sweet and kind of RK to treat Khloe like one of his own. He didn't have to do that. I guess he realized it wasn't the child's fault that she wasn't his own flesh and blood. Blame his whore wife Kris for that. And I don't have a problem with Khloe calling RK her dad. I am adopted myself, and know that parents don't have to be biologically tied to you to be a great Mom and Dad.