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  1. While Zoey's dad's decline is very painful and unpleasant to watch as a viewer, I wasn't really a fan of devoting an episode to her screaming and crying at characters who didn't deserve it (her poor mom, the dude who just ended his relationship for her, the caregiver maintaining her dad's quality of life). Yeah yeah, grief makes you lash out, blah blah but this episode did nothing to improve my overall impression of Zoey as kind of a shitty, self-absorbed person. I'm no love expert, but I'm pretty sure that going from manic foreplay to a screaming match so loud your neighbors have to come break it up is a sign that this supposed relationship wouldn't be healthy, context aside. The post-fight aggression dance party was beyond ridiculous and I can't believe Mo, Zoey, and Simon all took it so seriously. It felt like Mo was a preschool teacher trying to smooth over things between two belligerent 4-year-olds. But I do love I Don't Care. Felt bad for Leif, but I liked the slight twist of him actually having feelings for Joan instead of the tired "younger man manipulates lonely older woman for power" plot, even if that's how he himself planned it to go! Although it's a little sloppy that we haven't seen their relationship at all. Leif's actor did a great job of portraying that subtle devastation when Joan non-nonchalantly broke it off. Max is a whiny, smarmy, manipulative asshole. Water is wet.
  2. I doubt it's incest because that would be too obvious and even clunkier than the Gabe/Sam reveal. But if it is and I were Hannah's actress, I'd be less than thrilled that I show I hadn't been on in years (?) invited me back solely to do a plot about my character fucking her brother, lol. Also, this show isn't a source of healthy relationship boundaries, but why does every character want to have sex with everyone they care about? I normally eye roll that "platonic love is important too!" but for once, a cast could benefit from being less horny. Conrad Ricamora is delightful, but man, he can't act his way out of a paper bag. This final stretch is really proof that Oliver should've stayed a side character. His characterization has also just sucked lately. He's self-absorbed, whiny, needy, and just plain distracting. I guess the writers felt the need to drag him down morally to join the K5, but instead of making him brooding or complicated they just made him insufferable. Stop trying to make Nate happen!!!! Seems like a double standard re: Robert and Teagan both wanting to fuck Annaliese, but I'm fine with it if we avoid a triangle. So is he just...gone now? They're running out of eps to do a triangle if that's what's happening. I think Teagan is going to get her heart broken either way, sadly. You just know a Coliver/Michaela threesome is coming.
  3. I cannot believe how many people here are still blaming Mindy looking sloppy for Zach's lack of boner or implying that she walks around in a cloud of visceral body odor like Pigsty because we saw her skip ONE shower (and like you said, maybe she just doesn't shower at night). Remember when Mindy was a nice, normal person? Remember how she just lost a sister to drugs? Remember her recent miscarriage? Remember her family abandonment? Isn't it funny how none of that mattered because some douche didn't want to fuck her and then everyone spent the whole season speculating about her stench and throwing out wildly unfounded theories that she had an eating disorder (and worse, that she's bulimic and Zach must "be turned off by barf breath" which...yeesh)? We never really got to know Mindy as a person because she spent all her time decoding Zach's word salad and trying to respond to his endless vacuum of narcissism. And then to add insult to injury, people love shitting on Zach but still subtly imply it's Mindy's fault for not dressing sexily or wearing makeup 24/7 or having smaller teeth. I don't know what people want from her.
  4. Same. What a sweet moment for Angie, although it was hard to believe she was a grunge/rocker chick in her early 20s and became an average suburban mom within 9 years, lol. I'm with Angie - I think I'm into Miggy. What a delightful character. The actor has a joie de vivre in his performance that somehow makes his slacker tendencies (like forcing your ex to give birth in a gas station bathroom) endearing when they should be infuriating. Welp, they're ramping up Will/Angie, so it guess it's time for Poppy/Douglas to go on a break because according to sitcoms, the alpha and beta couple can't be happy at the same time? We called this baby fight months ago. I've seen the teasers for the literal Will They/Won't they and I'm......not exciting for the cringefest of TK and LM forcing romance between Will and Angie. They just don't have that kind of chemistry and that's not a bad thing. Women don't always have to fuck their best friend because he's a dude. I wish the show would leave them alone.
  5. Unfortunately, Derek's upbringing and youth lead him to continue to believe constant struggling and tension and fighting is love. Plus I think he was embarrassed by the prospect of divorce and is so eager to please Katie that he'll continue to degrade himself into whatever warped Fifty Shades dysfunction Katie masturbates to because she's pathetic and vanilla and damaged as hell. I hope Derek saying "she had an affair" was current and not more magic editing because he needs a swift kick in the ass to get away from her before she breaks him. He's probably referencing one of his past relationships, sadly. I vote Taylor/Zach for secret couple. Fame whores love each other. But my heart wants Taylor/Derek to royally piss off Katie for eternity.
  6. Sheridan definitely has extreme bisexual energy with the way he was describing how hot Mr. Clean was. He's my favorite right now. Totally agree with this. Ryan (? Melted Sean Mendez) seems like a nice guy and decent boyfriend material. Trevor is an aging fuckboy, but has better game as a result, so Jaime is hornier for him. The triangle reminds me of Dylan/Hannah/Blake where Dylan just had to let Hannah drool over Blake for a while before she was turned off by his relationship drama (which, if messy blonde ex is an indication, will happen with Trevor next week). Jaime will probably pick him eventually, but she seems to have Shiny Object Syndrome and is historically only into emotionally unavailable men, so we'll see. She was picked to be an absolute disaster on this show because of the constant influx of new temptation. It's like Corinne and Ashley I. had a musically inept baby.
  7. I'm shocked that Stephanie and Ericka are supposedly still together according to Instagram. They've been miserable, fighting, and crying in every single scene.
  8. I see the writers are scrambling to make Gabe and Nate seem relevant in the 11th hour. This show loves to explore bizarre sexual pairings, so I'm half-anticipating a Connor/Michaela/Oliver threesome. An acquaintance recently told me she had a fling with Matt McGorry a few years ago (but post-HTGAWM) and now that's all I can think about when Asher has a scene. So...Annaliese and Teagan are gonna bang, right?
  9. All I care about in this middling back six is Teagan getting a love interest. Everyone else needs to sit down. Gabriel and Nate need to have a fight to the death that kills them both as payback for wasting so much screen time. I get that they're respective eye candy for all age brackets of their demographic, and I'm sure Billy is lovely, but Nate in particular doing jack shit and coasting for six seasons is (no pun intended) criminal. Bonnie and Frank's continued "romance" is so painful - I cringe whenever they touch. Did the actors break up? I wish they hadn't even bothered if they were going to half ass it this much - they were one of my favorite couples. Speaking of which, Connor/Michaela is everything and the core relationship of the show now. They've kind of overmilked Coliver and sadly apparently Conrad Ricamora doesn't have the acting chops to carry high-stakes drama (although at least he emotes, unlike Rome and Billy). The total evaporation of Analiese's new identity plot after so much buildup was a huge letdown. I hope they explain her reaction to the driver, which made no sense, beyond some hackneyed "she had to go back to save the kids" plot device.
  10. Tobin said that he originally learned ASL in high school to try and sleep with a deaf girl, but wound up loving the language instead. Much like the character himself, sleazy origins but hidden depths! When most shows do a triangle, they allow the lead to gravitate towards one or the other for a few episodes or even a season at a time. This whole ping-ponging back-and-forth between Max and Simon from episode to episode is getting exhausting. In one scene she’s mad at Simon, the next scene Max is mad at her...enough! Unpopular opinion, but Zoey really lost me in her self righteous speech about not wanting to be the other woman. Uh, honey, are you forgetting when you didn’t try to avoid or break the kiss at any point in time when Simon literally had to turn your head 90° to even initiate it? Seems like you were happy to let the opportunity to do the right thing fly by when you were getting what you wanted. Now you’re just pissed he didn’t run home and break off his engagement so all the sudden you’re trying to do damage control and claim the moral high ground. Hard pass. I can’t remember a love triangle where I individually disliked both options so much. Max is also an entitled, adolescent douchebag. He’s using their friendship as leverage to bully Zoey into fucking him. He and Simon can both go kick rocks, they both suck so hard and frankly Zoey isn’t that great either in all of this. At this point, Tobin deserves a relationship more than any of them, which is saying something.
  11. Customer Safari was a nice return to classic Superstore. The Amy/Jonah plot was bittersweet. We're finally reminded Amy likes Jonah and sees a future with him, just in time for her to leave? I guess they're staying together, but man, they really botched their entire relationship arc. Nothing has been enjoyable or heartfelt with them since the pregnancy sex (a sentence I'd never thought I'd type). Talk about wasted potential. Sooo after tonight's adorable vet subplot we're still supposed to root for Dina to dump him in the next few episodes for mopey Garrett because...they fucked first? I hate when TV shows do this. Characters can move on! Remember when Dina spent the whole first season horny for Jonah? Garrett and Dina have nothing in common. Their chemistry isn't even that good, although Amy and Jonah are proof that the writers have never considered that a factor. Hope for their relationship died with Dina's birds.
  12. This episode was basically Jessica chaperoning a drunken senior week. What a mess. FUCK KATIE and the condescending horse she rode in on. I requested to follow Derek on social media so I can swoop in if they separate (although his handle is drockingsherm and his bio says something like "welcome to the life of Derek Sherman" like a 15-year-old boy's MySpace page in 2008, so.....there's that). Meka/Taylor and Brandon/Michael would've been better pairings at this point. I'm pissed that Mindy wasn't invited but Taylor and Meka got to dick around by themselves the whole weekend. Taylor is a dead-eyed, attention-obsessed Instagram queen who only cares about image, but Brandon is genuinely going to hurt someone and is one drunken outburst away from domestic violence. What a dickwad he was physically threatening that producer. As a therapist, Katie should recognize that she's likely drawn to and turned on by violence and verbal abuse because that's what she saw with her parents and now conflates that with "passion" and intensity.
  13. Fair enough, thanks for telling me! As a disabled woman, it still makes me cringe to see able actors cast in disabled roles, especially for musical numbers (thin excuse) or as tragedy porn.
  14. I missed a few episodes, but have been forcibly sucked in because my dad obsessively replays the musical numbers. From the songs, it seems like she has feelings for Max but won't act on them because she's consumed by lust for Simon in a forbidden fruit kind of way. I don't blame her for waffling on Max with his whiny, gaslighting Jekyll/Hyde Nice Guy outbursts. Is he a charming romantic lead (Skyler Astin certainly has all the soft moments that make me said the writers gave him a petulant streak), or a bitter douche? It's weird that the writers think that kind of entitlement is still endearing in 2020. From Max's perspective, though, it should be way more of a turn off that Zoey, while stringing him along, is actively trying to undermine a coworker's engagement. He only called her out about that to whine how he should be the obvious first choice, when in reality, it makes her kind of a shitty person. I HATE the dying parent trope. It just feels like such a cheap way to score audience pathos. I'm weirdly warming to Tobin, but I could not care less about Joan/Leif or their fling, which they themselves seem bored to tears by.
  15. BOO to implied continued Hoffman pining. I had hoped having him fuck his partner would clear the way for inevitable Grey boning but they dove back into that love square instantaneously, ugh. And now he has feeeeelings. Lee deserves better. Disappointed in the lack of Tookie/Cosgrove interaction. Also, while the scene of everyone helping Dex escape was cute, I find it hard to believe she'd recruit her closest friends (including Ansel) to risk going down for accessory to murder.
  16. Especially given that they aren't even giving Dina/Vet a chance to be an established couple (literally 2 weeks off-screen) before diving into the triangle/Garrett pining. If they wanted to give Dina a placeholder boyfriend to make Garrett rediscover feelings for her and put them on the road to getting back together permanently, fine, but they shouldn't have made her alternative love interest basically her perfect match and given them such an adorable meet cute if they have instantaneously have an expiration date in the near future. For example, Jonah/Kelly had an obvious eventual expiration date, but we at least saw them develop. And while they had good chemistry, there was nothing specific about Kelly that made her seem perfect for Jonah. She was just a nice woman who was emotionally available to Jonah before Amy was (and not an anal, dour rain cloud like Amy but I digress). In contrast, the vet shares Dina's main passion in life, birds, which Garrett is not only indifferent about, but actively ruined by letting her birds out on a whim. To top it off, he was more concerned about covering his own ass than the impact losing her birds would have on her. He only cared that she'd be mad at him. So it's been hard to root for them since then, especially when the writers plopped Dina's ideal mate in front of her. If they were going to do this, they should've just had her hooking up with the con from a few weeks ago.
  17. Especially for CHILDREN when she flat out admitted this episode she herself hasn't dealt with her emotions from her own repressed childhood trauma of having to de-escalate domestic violence between her parents. There's also some weird arrested development shit happening there...I don't know if it's that millennial women thing where everyone under 30 acts 16 but I can't believe she was taking actual offense to a poem he wrote as a sophomore in high school and was trying to extrapolate it out as a sign of him being flawed and emotionally unavailable in their month long relationship...talk about tween bullshit. She's a joyless gaslighter who finds fault in everything Derek says, does, or is.
  18. I started the season horny for Zach and I'm ending it with a huge crush on Mindy which I think is pretty sexy and mature of me
  19. This show is like dollar store Glee had a baby with bootleg Pitch Perfect (between Skylar Astin and the lead actress looking like Brittany Snow). I'm very skeptical that Joan would gamble her entire career to bang a dweebish, sniveling 23-year-old because he was the first person to offer her sex. Although according to this show, your office is Tinder and you can only be attracted to your coworkers. The Max/Zoey/Simon triangle is a mess because all three work together and they've already telegraphed Max as the "winner" because of their History and the Friends to Lovers trope (also he's white and writers tend to have a fixation with the white love interest winning). At least Moe got laid.
  20. Why are we even supposed to like Barry and Erica? They're self-absorbed assholes who repeatedly belittle and steamroll the JTP and Geoff, who do nothing but (inexplicably) offer them unconditional love and support.
  21. Thought this would have more posts with quarantine! Lainey is an immature jerk, like every "protagonist" from The Goldbergs. She acted 14 the entire episode. I don't know why Wilma would waste her time continuing a friendship with someone who acts like a(n underclassman) student. Mellor/Aunt Julie/Toby is consistently delightful, even if it's the same plot recycled a dozen times.
  22. Well, it's no surprise that Callie sabotaged her WASP relationship with her incessant obsession with wokeness on every issue she's known about for 5 seconds...an odd time to pull the principle card when she knew Jaime was a corporate lawyer (which inevitably leads to morally selling out on some level) and had been happily shacking up rent free in his luxury apartment (yeah yeah, she paid like 2% for the last month). She needs to reconnect with Aaron from The Fosters - I'm sure he got into the social justice side of law and they can jack each other off to their moral superiority. Isabella is obviously referring to a past roommate or lying so the Coterie is very, very gullible. Although the introduction of that whole subplot is weak. She's only there to distract and take heat off of Mariana for literally getting off to the idea of cheating on Raj for months. To her credit though, she was willing to move on from having emotional ties to Evan to make it work with Raj and Raj responds by saying he's debating dumping her? For one sex dream and an implied semi at a party? What? More OOC writing to make Mariana seem more sympathetic. Disappointing after how badass it was having her and Evan and Raj work together to pull off the fake firing. Rather than the Isabella nonsense, I would've rather had Raj struggling with the fact he was secretly attracted to Evan and then when he and Mariana confess to each other they decide to seduce him together after the natural adrenaline high of the firing hoax, lol. Love triangles are boring. Lindsey and Sumi are very annoying and poorly written. They act like popular high school theater geeks who think they're better than everyone else. I almost miss Joey, but Alice needs friends/partners who aren't always putting her down or exploiting her. She's way better off with the talent scout, but I'm sure it will be revealed next block she's actually Lindsey's spy or something because Alice can never enjoy anything. A resounding NO to an implied romantic reunion between Gael and Callie. Why is it that whenever she falls on her ass, her exes pop up to kiss it? Please let him do/be more than Callie's booty call on reserve.
  23. I wish America well. I don't really care about Amy leaving at all (her character added nothing to the show for multiple seasons and has been Flanderized into a bizarre combo of buzzkill and doofus), but what about Jonah? His character is built on being into Amy, as big of a letdown as their relationship payoff turned out to be. He's the Jim of Superstore if Jim and Pam's relationship were dour and joyless. It was implied they were headed towards engagement a few episodes ago, so I don't see the writers pulling a hiatus break up, but it feels like a waste of Jonah's potential to saddle him with an off-screen marriage. Ben Feldman has wonderful chemistry with everyone, but I don't think they'll undo the show's main pairing to let him have a new love interest. So his character is basically yet again thrown under the bus for Amy, which is irritating.
  24. Well, at least Gael wasn't trying to seduce Dennis? Lol. The writers still don't know what to do with him beyond eye candy. It's obviously not a coincidence that Isabella is unraveling while Jaime and Callie are on the rocks. Isabella clearly only has a shelf life of however long Callie is away from the Coterie. Imo, it's boring to make her replacement unhinged. What if she was just a really nice person who happened to be super horny for Raj. Dealing with that betrayal is more true to life than this soapy Single White Female melodrama. Also Mariana fucked Callie's ex-boyfriend for years (?) after they broke up and Callie never cared so....double standard no? Speaking of which, every once and a while I remember that this takes place in the same universe as The Fosters and their whole family is just cool with the fact Callie had sex with her (adopted) brother for years and yet everyone acts like nothing ever happened? When Mariana and Evan finally bang, it better be hot. We've watched dreams and fantasy sequences for months! I appreciate Alice's plots solely for the accuracy of having a queer friend group where everyone has dated or hooked up with everyone else.
  25. It's that tantric yoga (I think) exercise where someone coaches you through a variety of sensual and erotic poses with the idea that you'll 1) get comfortable being physical with each other and/or 2) get horny enough to go home and fuck. Meaning Zach will immediately block it from memory and Mindy will go back to the empty apartment and masturbate to the thought of Zach touching her lower back.
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