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  1. Quinny

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    When Luke left the celebration, I have to ask if he was wondering what had they really accomplished? So, now Fred and SJ can head back to Gilead and take out their anger on June? Yes, Fred got kicked out of Canada, but how does that help the ex-pats family and friends in Gilead? I also have to wonder if he was thinking about his mother-in-law (Holly) at that moment. Since they arrived in Canada, the ex-pats have been sitting around, drinking coffee and posting photos of their loved ones where only they will see the photos. Holly would have been organizing protests, getting the ex-pats who had connections to use those connections to publicize what has and is happening to the rest of the world. I think Holly would have had a large group of protestors at the airport and been rocking that car, breaking the window glass on the car, blocking the steps to the plane . . . finding a way to get Fred and SJ put in a jail in Canada. I think that would have been an interesting story line: to see SJ in jail, telling her that June had the baby and having SJ's face rubbed in the fact she couldn't go through a ritual labor/delivery and that the baby wasn't hers. I think it would have broken SJ. Maybe Luke will start organizing the ex-pats to take action to pressure the rest of the world to bring an end to Gilead so he can reunite with June and Hannah.
  2. Quinny

    S02.E06: First Blood

    There were a few things that did not seem to fit with this episode for me. The opening of the Center was Fred's big moment. I would think he would want his handmaid there as a pregnant trophy to show off. All of the other handmaids were there but his. Just seemed odd. It also seemed strange that Aunt Lydia was not visible at the ceremony. She seems to be everywhere. Whenever there is an event where the collection of handmaids are together (like the dinner for the Mexican ambassador), Aunt Lydia is fluttering around correcting and supervising. She was even at the Center two days prior while it was under construction. So why wasn't she there for the opening ceremony with the handmaids (not to mention I didn't see any Aunts there either). I also scratched my head on why I didn't see any guards, especially at the doors. They know the Resistance is active. You would think there would be guards all over the place. I also didn't understand why, when Ofglen was running up the aisle with her detonator held in the air, the Commanders in the seats were all getting up and running away from her. It all would have happened so fast, how would they be able to register that it was a dangerous situation instead of thinking some handmaid was just running up the aisle? I doubt they would even be able to see the detonator. Why didn't any of them try to tackle her? And why didn't June fake a cramp when Serena dropped the knitting needle? Why wait for Eden? If June's goal was to be Serena's equal, she should have started to bend down and then claim she felt a strong cramp and had to sit down (then she and Serena would both have been seated as equals). Probably just me overthinking it.