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  1. hokiefan

    S02.E13: The Word

    Surprised I dont see more talk about the map! I believe the train was a hint about how June might be able to go on the run. Not sure how she would be able to find the resistance though. If the show writers are really demented they start S3 with the getaway vehicle getting stopped and blown up by guardians.
  2. hokiefan

    S02.E11: Holly

    The car scenes were very poorly written. It is completely unbelievable that the car wouldn't break through the door. Even if it was made of solid 2x material, the hinges or track would have bent and given way. It would have been easy to show the car starting the first time for the radio scene but not the second, because of a dead battery. A house that far out in the country most likely doesn't have public water service, thus no water at the faucet because the well pump has no power. Glad she found enough dry firewood and a lighter to start the fire, which also would haven given away her location/presence. But then we wouldn't have gotten the dramatic birth scene. The plot this season has kinda sucked. I was hoping for more development about the commander structure, views from the common folk and resistance network. Going back to the guy that got killed for helping her escape, he had a cell phone/pager. I don't see anyone else with telephones or cell phones. Just the guardians with their earpieces. Why hasn't Moira linked up with the CIA guy? I'm sure they would have debriefed her after her escape, and she would be very useful with getting spies back into Gilead. Maybe the last two episodes will be earth shattering but I just don't see it happening.
  3. hokiefan

    S02.E07: After

    The commander in the preview was sitting in the front row during the bombing, and it appears at least his face didn't sustain any injuries. They made it a point to focus on his face right before she starts running down the aisle.