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  1. It's easy to pile on Peter, but what the hell is he supposed to do with this group of girls? Women are lying to his face, tattling on each other, returning to the show after he sent them home, and pulling him during the middle of the rose ceremony. This is frankly the worst set of contestants I have seen in recent memory. They're so mean to each other, and as much as they get mad at Peter for "getting caught up in the drama" they are the ones putting him in the middle of it. I mean, yes I would love for Peter to simply smarten up and send Tammy, Kelsey, Sydney, and Victoria P home the sec
  2. I should clarify, this is purely speculation on my part. I used the term 'mid-key' because although it has not been said anywhere (so not 'high-key'), I think it is pretty apparent he is a bit of a hound dog (so not 'low-key'). I would say I am on the lower end of partners for guys my age, but I am still shocked that some of my friends are around 80-100. It is a much more attainable number than I thought. Totally agree with your analysis re: why he let the cheating slide. Mrs. Diego and I were both up in arms about it and I said to her, "Well you know why he didn't say anything --
  3. 1. It took me so long to figure out who Madison reminded me of, then I finally realized it was Rose Leslie. Someone else in this thread agreed, so thank you for confirming for me I am not crazy! I know lots of people here didn't like, like her, but like I did like how she said that she wants him to find love and hopes it is with her but she gets it. Maybe she's not crazy? Still, this show has a reverse onus on proving crazy -- all contestants are presumed crazy until proven sane. 2. Agree with everyone saying Peter was Hannah's fourth choice (after Luke, Jed, and Tyler) and that this whol
  4. Every time I hear, or even think of, Connor saying "What is he dooOiiInggG heeEEeerrRe? Go baaAacK to your vaaAAaannN" I cannot help but cackle. Hell, I'm cackling now just typing it
  5. These people are acting like high schoolers and it is super cringey to watch adults say some of the things they say. I read the texts right after the episode. Before reading the text messages, the one thing I thought that Blake did that was wrong was hide the fact that he slept with Caelynn. However, even during the episode I was questioning Caelynn's version of the events. She always struck me as a manipulating mean girl. In hindsight, Blake's reaction to her on the beach makes sense. In fact, I think he was being too nice! When she told him she felt disrespected by him and that he treat
  6. I find these theological debates between individuals hilarious because it is clear that each person has their own view of what is right i.e. what they want, and they just use scripture to confirm their own beliefs. Luke is controlling and wants a faithful woman, so he says that's what Christianity is about. Hannah is narcissistic and horny, so she interprets the Bible to say that's ok. Luke's interpretation is worse because the result is worse, but they both have the same process.
  7. I don't like Luke P but this is really all Horny Hannah's fault. You've instructed him, time and time again, how to act and you still aren't getting what you want. Also, instructing someone to NOT say what you want to hear is putting them in a no-win situation. I understand the gripe the men have with Luke. They don't want him talking about them and submarining their chances with Hannah. That being said, I think the most effective strategy is just to avoid him. I struggle to find anything appealing about Hannah. She seems like she'd be such a chore to hang out with. Thank you to whoe
  8. I'm not exactly sure what was going on inside Cam's head for revealing that story, but I agree that Mike was sneaky. If we only go by what we saw, Cam thought he might be going home because of the contents of the story, NOT that he would be going home and therefore he needed to tell her the story. I think Hannah had her mind made up about Cam because she didn't like his past interruption, and when this came up she chose to believe Mike's version, even though Cam never even used the words pity rose on air (and as others have pointed out, Mike is the one who got a pity rose this week).
  9. God, Joe was great. Kendall is nowhere near his level of intelligence (or, at least, self-awareness). I think Joe laying it our for Kendall was the most true, real, aware thing I've ever heard on this show. Just truth after truth after truth. I kept nodding along with everything he was saying. Kendall was so lucky that Joe gave her the time of day. I bet in her head she is out of his league, but in the real world there is zero reason Joe should be interested in her. But Joe's line in the car was really sad: "I guess I'll just miss her now." Jeepers. That trumpeter with Diggy after Jo
  10. I've actually seen quite a few of this tweets from him commenting on ongoing seasons. While his humour style (why did I choose such an awkward term?) is not my cup of team, I understand how it would be popular. I didn't know about his previous marriage and kids. Yeah it's getting ridiculous. It's been so long (and I was actually quite young) since the franchise started but correct me if I'm wrong, the original premise was all these accomplished women were going after this prince type bachelor and it was supposed to be an elegant fantasy. Maybe I'm taking a page out of Shushanna's playb
  11. How did Evan get cast for The Bachelorette in the first place? He seems so unappealing. Not saying he isn't necessarily a decent guy (I haven't seen any of his seasons), but what about him made him castable for this show?
  12. When the Colton and Tia stuff was happening I pulled out my phone and began watching the US Open. Mrs. Diego did not begrudge me. I am really not looking forward to a Colton season, even though I like him a little more after this show. But I think that's only because I was comparing him to Tia. Kevin and Astrid are the best couple because they are so normal. I recently watched the Canadian season of The Bachelor with Chris Leroux. Gosh, it is really jarring to see people on this show be sorta normal. So now John invented Venmo!? I know he's not going around spreading that lie (he tol
  13. This episode was much more enjoyable than last week. Colton/Tia not being featured is not a coincidence, hopefully the producers take note. The editing of the days to make it seem like stuff was happening in a certain order was especially jarring in this episode since Jenna and Krystal wore such unique looking outfits. It really woozled me. We got some great visual gags this week. First, with Leo thrashing about the pool and Jordan (of all people) incredulously asking what the hell was going on. Then, Benoit chucking the football into the ocean not once, but twice, in frustration (no
  14. This a good argument. However, I can also reasonably see Jordan taking that long to truly realize that he needed to apologize. He did want to talk to Jenna before her date but never got a chance. Very much agree with you re: Benoit. He frames it as being passionate, but it's just desperation. I think his "European" sensibilities (if that's the word?) make that more believable, but as Jordan and Joe were discussing he's French-Canadian, so does it really count? ;)
  15. Jubilee pulled him aside when she first came on and Kevin told her up front that he's exploring things with Astrid so he wouldn't think it right to accept the date of Jubilee did pick him. So technically he didn't refuse an offered date, but he basically did/would have.
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