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  1. I wanted to drop in to say that I made Molly's "granola" bars from a few weeks ago. I put "granola" in quotes because I really didn't consider it to be granola. I had some mixed nut butter and mixed roasted salted nuts, but otherwise, followed the recipe exactly. They are very very good. A small square has been very satisfying and mine were pretty thick, about 3 1/2". I think the the ones Molly made on TV were in a larger, shallower pan, but nonetheless, thumbs up!
  2. So many thoughts, so little time. First, I am very curious as to what Katie's big meeting is all about. Maybe she has decided to move away and start some type of foundation for organ donation. As a side note, I keep reading more and more how HT is doing more directing and seems to really enjoy it and has a talent for it, so maybe it's time to segue to full-time? Katie really has digressed into a supporting character, so I wouldn't miss her and it would free Bill up for Brooke. And on Brooke ... woman is becoming unhinged! I co-sign 100% that those Las Vegas grifters need to be far far away from the Far-resters, but dragging Quinn through the mud is a bit much. Right now. Quinn is another character that I wouldn't miss -- fab wardrobe and jewelry aside. If she sticks around, I'd much rather see her and Shauna fight over Ridge than her going to blows with Brooke. I realize that the point is to stick Eric squarely in the middle. Whatever happened to the plan to reunite Donna and Eric? Brooke, Sally and Hope really need to dump that trio of losers and go their own way. For starters, a kick-ass fashion house would be awesome and give FC some real competition besides trying to retrofit Spectra ideas into "FC-approved" designs. Just. Isn't. Working. What I fear is that Sally is going to get killed off. I predict it's either a brain tumor or some rare autoimmune disease. Not one to defend Steffy, but I recall one episode at least where she met with Sally about designs and Steffy told Sally that she'd "given Sally notes" on how to fix her designs and during that same scene, they discussed some specific details. So, to me, that signals that Sally either didn't comprehend or was physically unable to fulfill the brief. Also, there were a couple of brief shots of Sally at her drawing board and her hands were shaking. All I can say it was a glorious day without Hope!
  3. Some of the gossip rags say that Sally makes it "hard" for Wyatt to break up with her because she is wearing sexy lingerie. /yawn Another one stated that DR was tapped to be in some movie with Jane Seymour and it was going to be filmed during six months overseas, thus removing Shauna from the canvas (and RHoBH) for an extended time. I don't know if either is true. If so. #1) is completely lame and #2) good riddance. Shauna can take Flo with her. The only reason I would entertain having Shauna around is to have her and QUINN mix it up over Ridge. Otherwise, no need for her. Use the $$$ to bring on some new me for Brooke and Steffy.
  4. Bob Hope much be spinning in his grave to be used as prop for this lame pairing.
  5. Her hair has now officially ventured into "Carrot Top" territory. Also, her makeup is absolutely the WORST. Totally wrong colors and would somebody please introduce this woman to some products called bronzer and blusher! My first guess is that "Russ" is her hair stylist.
  6. I have stuck with this show through thick and thin and awful SLs, but for this first time ever, I am tempted to check out. I can't stand Hope any more. There. I said it. Her blind-eyed stupidly and wide-eyed naivety, coupled with her bullheadedness, has turned what promised to be a character with a lot of potential into a sniffling, spineless, entitled brat. Liam doesn't rate much higher with me either. He sure didn't push Steffy away or break that liplock. Steffy ... don't even get me started. So, she is now complicit with Thomas. The whole teaser about her finding a new man was just that. Some guy who sounded like Mushmouth's cousin, showed up and asked her out for a drink, which Steffy promptly shut down. Big. Whoop. I just ignore scenes with Sludge. He sickens me with his saccharine doting, and bordering on incestuous leering at his own daughter. Squick! Brooke sounds like a broken record and I see KKL is letting her hair grow long again. As long as it stays at the length it is now, it looks good, but please don't go yellow scraggly again!
  7. Well, the "death of a major character" spumor is rearing its ugly head again for 2020 and this time, the prospects are Eric, Sally and Pam. Many responses/comments I've read say they've "read that it's Sally as CH is leaving the show." I don't really put much stock in some of those soap gossip sites, but that one has me bumming out. Since AM is now off contract, it would make the most sense for Pam to go, but maybe JMc is going to retire. I would hate to see Sally killed off just to pave the way for Flyatt. What a waste of a character, but OTOH, CH is really too good for the clinging, insecure, self-doubting woman the writers have downgraded the "Sally" into.
  8. Nigella Lawson has the best tip for poaching eggs that I have tried. Drain the egg in a tea strainer first, then submerge it into the pot of hot water and let it simmer. It's a messy extra step, yes, but I hate having to try to "round up" (nod to Ree!) the stringy egg white -- yuck. Turns out perfectly every time and no whirlwinds. Ree actually presents her method as a "cooking class" on the new FN cooking app. Yes. Really.
  9. True. But I didn't realize that Maneet is also a pastry chef. Had no idea until she was introduced as one of this year's gingerbread challenge judges. On the first episode, I thought she and this year's host, Paige Davis (really?) were going to butt heads, but nothing more since then. Oddly, the next day, I happened on an episode of "Chopped" where some of the judges were partnered with their spouses and were competing. Maneet's husband (also a chef) mentioned she was a trained pastry chef and sure enough, they won with their dessert. I had no idea. I will add she's not my favorite anything, but at least she brings some cred to the judging table, unlike the recent crop of lame millennial Instagrammers and food bloggers.
  10. Well, Gesine Prado used to! Maneet is on Chopped, but not full-time. Sigh ...
  11. I am so annoyed about how the contestants on the cookie baking challenge show fawn over Ree. Last night, one guy got cut and he said that all he cared about was that "Ree Drummond got to taste one of my cookies." Really? Also, there is always one contestant who has to mention that they are under-baking their cookies because "that's the way Ree likes them." I am suspecting some PR shenanigans here. This doesn't happen on ANY other baking show and IMO, the other judges are much more qualified (and esteemed) than Ree. If I were on one of those shows, the opinions of Gesine Prado or Maneet or Adam Young (hell, even Jason Smith) would mean so much more to me.
  12. Ah, I don't mind Molly that much. I'd rather see that than bitchy, or crazy/unkempt or condescending/smug. I am sure she was told to ramp up the smiles/enthusiasm to 11+. We have a new weatherman on one of our local stations and he is the matter-of-fact type. Lately, I've noticed that he's been smiling a lot more and it looks fake, so I am sure he's been spoken to by production. There are a few combination post offices/UPS stores here where if you take in your present or merchandise with the address, the employees will box it up properly and ship it for you. I imagine that is preferred to some of the horrible-looking packages I've seen people dropping off. Maybe that is the type of place where Molly took her cookies to ship?
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