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  1. Wow! Sorry about the computer hiccups above. Have no idea what happened. Speaking of ... so Liam was actually working today. So, does he do IT for FC? I am really confused I think it's just a wee bit early for Hope to be suggesting that she and Liam take in Douglas. Wouldn't a court give a child to grandparents before a second cousin? But I agree with Hope that Brooke and Ridge are probably through with raising kids. Best lines: Thomas: "Douglas would you rather stay here and spend time with me or go to the zoo?" Douglas (without a beat): "Zoo." Vinnie: "I don't have a maid to clean up around here." Thomas: "Don't you have a girlfriend?" (Then he tried to walk that shit back.) Thomas definitely has the crazy going for him, but he probably learned manipulation and bullying at the hands of his old man. I HATE the way Sludge gets up in Brooke's face and shouts at her or grabs her by the arm. Good for Brooke for standing up to that brute today when he was defending his psychotic POS son ... again.
  2. Is it just me or is the guy who plays Vinnie a horrible actor? Can Justin now become the show's default attorney? He seems much more competent and efficient than Carter. Just don't have Justin perform weddings. Remember the scenes from back in the day when Thomas and Oliver were hanging out together clad in nothing but surf gear? They also looked like a gay couple. I think what all indicators are pointing to is that the plan to have made Thomas gay years ago, should have been followed-through on. Screw that uptight actor who refused to play a gay character.
  3. CharlizeCat

    The Spoiler Collection

    I have read two conflicting spoilers. The one mentioned above, that Brooke injures Thomas and is accused of attempted murder. The second one has Brooke getting injured or accidentally shot by Thomas and hovers near death. In either scenario, that's when this new doctor arrives on the scene. These spoilers also cited an SOD article where MA mentioned Thomas being back in October, so it sounds like he's not dying. I say bring it. It's been a LONG time since Brooke has had a good front burner SL, that doesn't support Hope or marry/divorce Sludge.
  4. CharlizeCat

    Small Talk: The Watering Hole

    Well, not to change the subject, but I've decided to change my Halloween costume (again). Now, I am going as the "Princess of Darkness," Kellyanne Conway! A lot of the people who attend the party I go to dress as political satires, so why not? I picked out a fugly dress via upthred.com and found a blonde wig at Amazon. I will take it to my next hair appointment and let my stylist go crazy in hacking it up and making it look dried out and fried. This costume is mostly makeup, so should be easy and fun!
  5. Just wow and ... WOW! AN was phenomenal today. I had to rewind and replay her scenes multiple times. She is truly very talented and deserves an Emmy next year. I also thought KB was fine. I really didn't expect her to do much more than to offer fake contrition and act "meek." Everybody brought their "A" game, which just emphasized how terrible DR is. I laughed at her trying to out-squint Brooke with her Botoxed forehead. So now ... it looks like round up and deal with Thomas ... then maybe we can move on to a different story. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE??? Applause all around and a standing ovation for AN. Moving on to Hunter Tylo. I also don't understand why Bell puts up with her antics, especially with her track record on the show. I consider Ridge is a much more core character than Taylor, and there was no problem replacing RM with TK. So, why not? Yeah. I know there are a lot of good actresses from other soaps who could easily step into the role and most likely, improve it.
  6. CharlizeCat

    B&B : In the Media!

    I hate to say this, but Zoe would absolutely slay that dress as I think the fabric needs a darker skin tone to pull it off. It just makes anybody with fair/light skin look washed out. Plus, Zoe has the figure (no knocks to AN or DB) and the dramatic facial features. I guess of the two above. Drew looks better. But then, she's been professionally styled to look good under bright lights on the red carpet. I get that the designer was trying to go for an ethereal look, but it's an epic fail all around. A sad, sad frock. ☹️
  7. CharlizeCat

    The Spoiler Collection

    Maybe the tragedy is that Beth becomes ill then that sets the wheels in motion for the big reveal that $Bill is really Kelly's father. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! We need a good new story to head into fall.
  8. Hopefully, Brooke or one of her sisters will call the police before they head down to the cabin to confront Flo. I also kind of questioned the insta-bonding with Flo. My take was that Hope was feeling so lost and empty and desperate during that horrible time, that maybe finding a new cousin added a bright spot to her dreary existence? Otherwise, no clue ... Of course, if Hope had kept Flo at arm's length, then the betrayal wouldn't have had the impact it did. My thoughts are that making Flo a Logan was unnecessary. Having Thomas (as a family member) in on the plot was enough and even that was a stretch. At least given his history, it made a bit more sense that he would get involved -- family ties be damned. Again, as others have pointed out, Brad Bell must have been pretty desperate to string the story along while JMW was on maternity leave -- thus all of the idiotic "plot twists." Thus further justification of the argument for running multiple storylines simultaneously.
  9. Awww ... c'mon. Doesn't anybody besides me like Will? I was happy to see him today. I actually prefer slightly older kids to babies, so he was a sight for sore eyes for me. I also like Douglas a lot. I just think Will is funny and plays 9-10 going on 40 pretty good for just a kid actor. I hope that off-camera Will actually plays with kids his own age doing fun kid-stuff and he truly doesn't sit around all day in front of Excel spreadsheets! Now ... So Zoe and Xander got off with really nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Color me majorly disappointed. Sludge was surprisingly restrained. I was looking forward to a lot of shouting, veiled threats, hissing/squinting Brooke and plenty of sobbing from Zoe. It goes without saying that they should have been terminated and I strongly disagree about not calling the authorities. Maybe that is coming later ... I hope. OTOH, if this means that X and Z are gone for good, all the better. I'm getting very bored with Beth* and want to see some fireworks. I truly wish that "Bill's people" had gotten a hold of Reese before the British authorities did. It sounds like Shauna and Flo will show up tomorrow. I'd also love to see a convo between those two and Quinn. We can also have the Bill is Kelly's dad SL take action any time now. Just keep things moving -- PLEASE!! *Little Beth's outfits are now being featured on "Worn on TV." They are surprisingly affordable, if anybody has a baby girl in their life and is interested.
  10. Uh, oh ... "someone's" having 'roid rage. I, for one, am going to be really, really pissed if Thomas' behavior gets blown off for that flimsy excuse. OK, enough billing and cooing ... let's get down to business. Haul in Flo, Shauna, Zoe and Xander. I want to see them all dragged for the filth that they are. And yes, where has Bill been all these weeks? I'd also love a good showdown between Quinn/Flo/Shauna. I can't believe Quinn was defending Flo. I'm glad she excused herself. That's probably the ONE time since she first appeared on screen that I haven't seen RS look smashing. I didn't like her outfit (looked more like Shauna's taste) and she looked really washed out. Speaking of billing and cooing, how more about brain bleach and barfing? What the hell with Brooke groping on Sludge's beefy thigh while they were all sitting around waiting for Lope and Beth? Please. It looked so awkward and forced. Those two have about as much chemistry as oil and water. Blecch. At Sludge isn't trying to hide his disdain about how things didn't work out for his precious Hauxdi. Was it on here or soap gossip ... ? But I read that Brad Bell and HTy are in a stalemate over her contract. It might be a L-O-N-G time before Taylor appears. That really isn't good, as she's essential to the SL now. Not only should she be around to comfort Steffy, but I'm sure everybody, especially the authorities, have a lot of questions for her. How can HTy NOT come back? I say let Bell give her whatever she wants ... midget bodyguards ... the works!
  11. I came here to make the same comment about Liam's reaction to thinking that Hope slept with Thomas. I fully understand Liam's circumstances, but c'mon. I honestly believe that if nothing had changed and things had continued along with Liam living with Hauxdi, that they would have eventually done the deed -- consensually. You know? Who can resist "cha-cha-cha?" /eyeroll.
  12. CharlizeCat

    Selling Sunset

    Tarek has a definite "type," doesn't he?