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  1. I noticed that LSV's performance is heavily influenced by his screen partner. (He also reacted well with Karla Mosley, although Martyr sucked.) I thought Carter was so much interesting with Quinn and really elevated LSV's acting. Now that he's been downgraded back to KB, he is really stinking up the joint almost as badly as she does. He needs to get busy penning more episodes and schooling the existing writing crew. I thought his episodes were really good. Someone must have handed Paris some shapewear between takes. She didn't look so bad today, when she was standing up and moving around
  2. I didn't mind the clothes so much today, but geez, Louise, that dress Paris had on looked terrible on her. Nothing like having a huge bust and wearing a ruched bodice in a bright busy print with the "girls" hanging down to her navel. It was so distracting. I don't even know if the right bra would have saved that look. Flo's outfit had a pre-Raphaelite vibe to it. It would have been great to wear to a club, but not necessarily to work. I liked Shauna's and Zoe's dresses. Quinn's was kind of blah. It needed a *jacket* to add some interest! I find it odd that Paris works for FC'
  3. Yikes! Those Fendi shirtdresses Brooke has been wearing lately are just awful. They made her look so dowdy especially with the weird serape thing around the waist. The dress actually had some gorgeous detail that didn't translate well on camera. I also agree that she needs to do something with her hair. It's back to the unflattering yellow shape and that shapeless style. One of those long shag styles that are so popular right now would work well for her type of hair. Lots of light layers to add body and she could still keep most of the length and FIX THE COLOR!
  4. Is it wrong that I don't feel any joy in seeing things going well for Steffy right now? Also, did anybody notice after "the kid's" gender reveal, that Ridge looked squarely at Finn and said, "Good job!" I am so hoping that the doctor was 100% WRONG. Proximity aside, I still sense ZERO chemistry with Sinn.
  5. Haven't any of these people heard of (or experienced) a ONS? This continual quizzing of Carter about Shauna. Affair? Romance? C'mon. It's especially head-scratching conversations coming from men. To me, an affair is something that is ongoing. At this point, Quarter is a ONS even though they were going for a second time. And Paris? Really? I thought Shauna was struggling to keep a straight face. After the way Zoe has treated Paris, I would have been, "Girl, you are on your own." Zoe is reeking with insincerity. She is only so desperate to get Carter back because she has no other
  6. I wish Shauna has told Zoe that her ONS with Carter was none of Zoe's f***ing business. As Zoe pointed out, she and Carter were broken up at the time. Where does she get off on interrogating Shauna like that anyway? Also, wouldn't Zoe find it odd that Quinn insisted on being present? If I had been Shauna, I think I would have gone into a very steamy blow-by-blow (hee!) account of Sharter's imaginary night together. That would have knocked that self-centered clothes hanger down a few pegs. What made the scene even more painful was all of the terrible acting. Zoe babbling on in her mon
  7. W-WH-A ... ??? I don't get those nominations at all. The best guess is that TK and JMW submitted the Steffy/Ridge addiction meltdown. Otherwise, you got me? And WHAT was Darrin Brooks nominated for? Other than being an annoying twat and asshole for the way he dumped Sally, Wyatt really wasn't much of a presence this past year. Why wasn't the little boy who plays Douglas in the category for child actor? I thought he was better than most (if not all) of the adult cast this past year. I know he wasn't on that much due to covid, but that category still had nominees. Also Hopequinn shoul
  8. I also don't understand Bill's rationale that Thomas needs to be in jail. For what he did to Emma? Absolutely. But, Bill doesn't know about that. If he did, that's it for Thomas for killing Justin's niece. But ... if it's about Phoebeth, then first take a long look at Bill's soon-to-be grifter-in-law, Flo. Let me guess where this is heading. Bill vs. Hope is going to cause conflict (again) with Bridge somehow. Bill is now the one who's sounding unhinged.
  9. I agree with this completely, except with one minor change. Erika should work at some place where she would have zero to no chance of snagging another older rich man! I am thinking of something like at the front desk of an OB/GYN office with all-female practitioners! Maybe Kathy had a hand in installing Kyle's new veneers last season? Was the the most interesting tidbit production could come up with about Kathy? I thought Rinna's outfit was cool. On a more likeable person, it would have been just a fun pantsuit. BTW, what I want to know is what is going on that look in Rinna's conf
  10. Wow! Zoe doesn't have an ounce of pride or self-respect does she? After all of that, she still thinks she and Carter have a chance! And Carter just stood there like a mute fool.
  11. It's not only Carter and Quinn. Now, Zoe has Ridge, Brooke and Eric involved. Shauna by association. Who GAF? That thirsty bitch brought this on herself clear and simple. If I have to listen to her monotone "breaking tears" voice another day, I'm going to throw something at the TV. She has to be one of the worst actors to appear on that show in a long time. I am really disappointed in Carter. Why does he care about hurting Zoe? She hurt him and didn't give it a second thought until she realized that Zende was no longer an option. You can tell which episodes VSL has written and to
  12. I don't understand Eric not being able to "fulfill" Quinn because he doesn't trust her. It's just sex, right? That's usually the last thing to peter out in a marriage. No pun intended. Given Eric's past behavior, his current stance doesn't make any sense. I thought it has been alluded to for many years that he needs some "help" in pill form, so inability to perform shouldn't be an issue either. Something isn't adding up and either it's piss-poor writing or Eric isn't being straightforward. I mean he's told all of his intimate tales to anybody who will listen, so don't withhold details now.
  13. I was surprised that way Quarter unfolded. I thought it was going to be a hot tawdry ONS that of course, would evolve. I had pictured Quinn aggressively tearing Carter's clothes off, none of the "feelings" stuff. That threw me, but I can't say that I disliked it. I also thought that initially, Quinn was just laying on the "poor lonely me" lines a little thick just to get some, but I guess she was being sincere. While Quinn was waxing all guilty over Eric, Carter was like, "Zoe, who?" Speaking of, doesn't Zoe have anything better to do during her work day than harass Quinn or obs
  14. I just don't mind the new wardrobe (well, most of it). The clothes look like what I would expect employees of a top fashion house to wear. The attire by the younger actors reflects what's trending right now, which unfortunately, includes that "romantic" flowy, short, prairie/baby doll look Hope's been sporting. Complete with the combat boots. Thankfully, the stylists aren't taking Hope's look to another level by layering a short cropped tank top with spaghetti straps over the billowy dress. I have seen that look, and I'm telling ya ... it ain't pretty! But, I did not like Zoe's yell
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