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  1. Well, given that this is B&B after all, it isn't too far-fetched! 😆 I have no idea where Sheila is going with this insta-Sheacon "love match," but count me in. And why? I think those two are comedy gold together and it's so refreshing to see two actors who can actually ACT! The expressions of sheer disgust and dismay by AN were worth the price of admission alone.
  2. I was wondering the opposite. I was curious why Paris showed up in a different set of clothes. She had on the cleavage-baring animal print jacket and long black skirt when she went home with Zenda. When she showed up at work the next day, she had on a black top with sparkly silver lapels. I think she had black pants on, too, but I didn't get a good look. But good question as to why she was needed at a design meeting. Hmmm ... that was some smile exchange with Katter. Yes. I wish Sheila had been their server.
  3. Want to put money on that Paris is a virgin? I can just imagine today's bedroom convo. 🤮 I can't picture Katie with Carter. Talk about the polar opposite of Quinn. So, they will exchange weepy stories about being the dumper and dumpee and magically connect, just like Quarter did. I predict they will be in bed by Friday if not sooner. Bonus: HT and LSV are good spontaneous criers.
  4. A few episodes back, Ridge made some kind of statement about "of all the women (or men) in L.A., you had to choose ... " (I think he was lecturing Carter.) I had to laugh because we ask that all the time on here when these is another tired quasi-incestuous or retread relationship. I don't like Tharis. I wish the writers would stop trying to make her "happen." She's not leading lady material and I don't like her goody-goody pious behavior when I think she as much of a snake in the grass as her older sister.
  5. Thanks! Fingers crossed that this one doesn't also get yanked by CBS for "copyright infringement."
  6. Did Zende invite Paris to live with him at Eric's mansion? I remember it being an odd swerve after the whole "let's slow this down" speech. How awkward is this going to be? So now, is it Paris' apartment and Thomas is rooming with her? This is so stupid. It makes Thomas look like an obsessive wacko again and erases all of the alleged "growth" he experience after his brain surgery. The thought of a Paris/Zende/Thomas ToD sounds awful. MA is too good of an actor to be saddled with those two duds. Bringing Shelia and Deacon in to just break up Lope and Sinn is pretty drastic and expensive i
  7. I found Sheila and Deacon to be a breath of fresh air compared to what's been shoved down our throats lately. (Scenes of Quarter aside). They had the good chemistry of seasoned actors (but NOT romantic, please!) compared to the JV squad. I found it enjoyable but I have to admit that I've always liked both characters, despite their too many to count, flaws.
  8. I always thought that Steffy and Deacon would work well together before Steffy was "redeemed." He would have brought another layer to the addiction story and would have been a great organic way for those two to meet, much better than Dr. Ambien. I think that SK could continually push JMW to perform at the level where she's actually been good (can count on one hand), the addiction SL being one of them. I think it would be insanely fun to have Steffy as Hope's MIL and how Bridge would react. But, I'd be OK with Deacon and Shauna. I think they'd make a cute, fun couple and Quinn's head
  9. Steffy looked like she was doing cosplay of Barbarella and a carhop. Seriously, that outfit was ridiculous, even for a fashion house. Let me guess ... Paris is gong to emerge as FC's newest designer. Now, that ought to add some fire to a ToD with Zende and Thomas. That possibility (ToD) disappoints me because I think MA is a good actor and those two really dumb him down in their scenes together.
  10. I have to wonder if Ridge's OVERreaction to Queric's situation isn't some lingering deep-seated jealousy? I mean, he almost ... Here are two easy solutions to Eric's loneliness. 1) downsize; 2) invite Lope, Douglas and Beth to move in with him. I would go crazy living with that many people in a tiny cabin. Well, why doesn't Eric invite Wyatt, Flo and Shauna over? They are the only people who don't actively hate Quinn. I am starting to smell another Sheila-Mike Guthrie situation brewing here with Assistant Manager Keith. BTW, did you know that Carter is COO of Forrester Creat
  11. I see a potential new *product line* for Brooke's Bedroom or Sexy CEO or whatever the lingerie line is now called.
  12. Anne Reid is even older -- 86. I just finished Season 4 and was underwhelmed. I don't have an opinion either way if the show comes back because I follow my favs -- Nicola and Sarah -- on other shows. I also see Tony Gardner and Dean Andrews pop up in other shows. I don't mind that British shows seems to use the same small pool of talent for its shows. They are all good and I somehow feel comfort seeing a familiar face, such as on "The Split." Here's a fun fact. Anne Reid and Sarah Lancashire played a mother and daughter in "Rose and Maloney" which is on Acorn. It's another crime sol
  13. I just watched. I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it as well as the old series. There were parts of it I liked but missed the pumpkin carvers as well as having Jonathan as the host. I do wonder if COVID was indeed, a major reason why there were no pumpkins this year. They are starting to be harvested now in my area and for the most part, look pretty bad. Very small and not much of a supply as compared to previous years. For starters, I did not miss the ongoing drama, meltdowns and bickering. It seemed like all of the teams got along well and played nicely together. I guess not hav
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