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  1. I am wondering if Emma's upcoming involvement is going to be the way to drag Bill into the mix via Uncle Justin. The rumor mill is now switched emphasis to Emma being the one to die over Xander (but Bell has hinted about more than one death, so who knows?) If Thomas/Reese causes any harm to Emma, you can bet $Bill is going to go all scorched earth, but he'll actually get the job done.
  2. I don't care for him because I don't think the guy's a very good actor. I gave him a pass the first month or so because he came in the middle of a difficult story with Caroline passing away suddenly. Beyond that, his villain acting is borderline cartoonish. Where has $Bill been lately? Could we at least see some scenes of him to break up the monotony of Phobeth day in and day out? I'd love some scenes of Bill and Will or Bill and Justin (preferably not Batie). Anything. Please.
  3. Ha! Ha! Ha! That was the lamest thing I've ever seen or heard. First of all, it makes no sense whatsoever. Charlie's, erm, I mean ANDY's Angels, Lu is in a fashion show, then she's lip-synching and running her hands up and down her body for 3 minutes, whilst wearing a fugly wig? And Countess Queen can't dance to save her life. That was half a step above turtle time. It would have been funnier if Lisa Rinna was heckling, "JOVANI!" during her and Cynthia's scenes. What the ever-loving fuck??? THIS warrants a $3.5 million/year salary?
  4. Wow! It took Liam no time at all to settling in at Steffy's and daddy-ing. And Hope ... she is making promises to Thomas that they might actually have a future together? I don't get why Brooke is still trying and trying to get Hope to reconsider the annulment. It's a done deal. Looks like a case of Hope who? and Liam who? SMH. I would appreciate a change of clothes. I hate Steffy's still-hideous outfit from last week, Hope's Bea Arthur-duster and Flo's horrendous jumpsuit. Speaking of Flo, how long is it going to take her to tell Wyatt the truth, now that he overheard part of the broken record convo about Beth?
  5. Well, it's definitely in Phobeth's future. In case anybody missed it or ff'ed through it, Steffy told Liam yesterday that Phoebeth's first words were gonna be, "Cha, cha, cha." I'm serious, folks!
  6. To add insult to injury today, several minutes (seemed like hours) were wasted with flashback scenes from Monday of the convo with Flo and Thomas. Like we'd have forgotten already?
  7. CharlizeCat

    30 Minute Meals

    Ugh. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!
  8. Well, I will say one good thing about Thomas. At least he called Flo out loud and hard for her role in the baby swap. He didn't fall for her teary, "I didn't know what I was getting myself into," "I was in too deep" ... " blah blah blah line of crap she's been spinning to everybody who finds out. I believe is up to six now. If Thomas "loves" Hope the way he claims, then he'll march Flo right over to Brooke's house ASAP and make Flo tell Hope the truth. But he won't. Geez ... Flo's jumpsuit is even fuglier full length. I didn't know that the legs had huge slits up the side.
  9. CharlizeCat

    Barbara Kavovit: The Pink Hammer

    I think Barbara's only on the show as some type of appeasement for being "unwittingly mic'ed" when she was talking to Carole a few seasons ago at that party. The other women know this, so they are icing Barbara out because why should they make nice with her or get too invested if she's currently in their social circle and is on a limited run. I've noticed that Barbara's camera time went from being pretty prevalent to zilch as the season has progressed. I call her a one-and-done. (I hope.)
  10. CharlizeCat

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    After witnessing that convo between Denise and Brandi, I needed a massive dose of brain bleach and ... a shower. Between the cursing, sex talk and watching their Botoxed faces trying to move ... ugh. Agreed. Brandi looks awful. A combination of bad cosmetic surgery plus the ravages of alcohol and whatever else she consumes on a regular basis. That's hell on your skin. I am sorry to hear about your struggles, TurtlePower.
  11. CharlizeCat

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    I honestly don't care who stays and who goes. I guess if I had to nominate somebody for the ax, my first candidate would be Teddi. Agree that she's both annoying and boring. I don't know if Bravo was counting on appearances from JCM and Meg Ryan or what, but casting Teddi hasn't worked. She's too young for starters. Of them all, I see Erica as leaving voluntarily. Since she doesn't let the grass grow under her feet, if a better opportunity comes along ... she's GONE! Or ... Daddy Bucks dumps her for good and she no longer has quite the opulent lifestyle and has to give up her vanity project ... no more story lines. Bravo will have to pry the diamond out of Kyle's cold dead hand before she goes anywhere. If Denise isn't going to have anything more interesting to contribute than her potty mouth, then no need to renew her for another season. I dislike Dorit, but she and Pee-KAY make for good comedy/hate watching. I just laugh at Lisa Rinna. Poor thing tries SO HARD. After seeing that slice of her home life, I'd act out too, by stirring shit and trying to stay "relevant." A tiny part of me questions how "authentic" that family dinner really was. As others have pointed out, LR and HH are actors. While I don't doubt that those daughters have serious problems and are petulant and spoiled, I can also see it as LR encouraging it as an "opportunity" to either hone their "acting" skills or convey a poorly-executed awareness of ED. I like LVP, but in small doses. I am able to tolerate her best in situations when she's away from none (or most) of the other women and is focused on charitable causes. I can't stand Ken and it annoys me no end how they drag those dogs everywhere like accessories. (I know they love their animals something fierce, but still ... ) I also think that moat in front of their house looks disgusting half the time and the entrance to their house reminds me of a hotel or fancy department store. It's sure nice inside, though! What I have noticed the past few weeks, is that I feel more relaxed watching the show without LVP. I don't know how to explain it. I don't know if I was picking up on how tense the other cast members felt around her or what. Whether Lisa stays or leaves doesn't matter to me. Regardless, I wish her the best.
  12. Because all children MUST be raised under the same roof with two parents. /eyeroll
  13. Maybe I'm imagining this, but I thought shortly after Hope lost Beth, she went back to her OB/GYN (not Robin Givens). The doctor told Hope that Hope's healthy and can have children in the future. Anybody? Am I nuts?
  14. That what happens when Dorit from RHoBH is your role model for dialect! 😂
  15. IKR? What I don't get is why the shitty actors get the prime time and big screen offers. The soap pages and spoilers have all but guaranteed that Xander is going to be killed off and mainly because the actor has received juicier offers outside of soapland. Same for that guy who played Zende. Then, a decent actress like Kim Matula, has worked hard and landed a role on a good comedy with veteran actors. She really proved herself to have comedic skills on L.A. to Vegas. That gets cancelled. WTF? However, I'd be all for the actress who plays Zoe to get an outside offer (please, not to play a UK citizen!) and leave -- pronto!