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  1. I am co-signing everything above and I am truly frustrated and pissed that it looks like Finn is going to give Steffy a pass, even if the baby turns out to be Liam's. I do hope that he and Hope get together to compare notes and Hope gives him the complete unabridged rundown on Steffy's past, going back to Gondola-gate and concluding with the previous paternity test. If that doesn't open Finn's eyes, I don't know what will. I was sickened when Finn was going on and on about Steffy and her "beauty, courage, fierceness, blah, blah, blah ... " while she stood before him in that ugly crumpled lavender hoodie with her oversized hair and trout pout. I also get so weary of everybody describing Steffy as "complex." I would say "self-centered, no boundaries, ruthless, scheming ... " and the list goes on and on. I would love nothing more than for Finn or anybody else to find out that Kelly is Bill's kid, mainly to get back at Liam. But, I would hate to see Bill saddled with Steffy for life. He deserves far better, even if that winds up to be Katie. I know the wardrobe has been questionable lately, but I have been looking up the clothes on Worn on TV and holy cow! Those threads are $$$$! Balmain, Gucci, Valentino, Michael Kors ... That polka dot get up Zoey's been sporting the past week(s) cost more than $5K, but I also added in the shoes, which also aren't cheap.
  2. If Finn knew even 1/100th of Steffy's background, he'd change his tune pretty quickly. When he was sitting there extolling Steffy's "virtues," I was ticking off: 1. Trying to steal Oliver from Hope 2. Trying to steal Liam from Hope 3. Having an affair with Bill while he was married to Katie 4. Gondola-gate 5. "Ho" for the future 6. Trying to seduce Owen while he was married to Jackie 7. Stealing Katie's engagement ring to blackmail Bill 8. Killing Aly 9. Nearly electrocuting Ivy 10. Emotional affair with Bill while married to Liam 11. Sleeping with Bill while married to Liam That is just for starters ... I am sure I have left plenty out. Cheating and possible fatherhood or not, Finn needs to walk out the door and just keep running without turning back.
  3. I think a top story for 2021 is Liam gets a snip and clip. Just as long as he doesn't go to Ridge's urologist! I think a great comedic scene would be with Liam and Wyatt, with Liam clutching a bag of frozen peas between his thighs. If spaying and neutering is okay for pets, then who's to talk? Right? I'll show myself out now ... 😆
  4. Hey, y'all! In addition to Carter being COO, did you know that Paris is passionate about her work? Maybe I am not delving deep enough, but I just thought the reason Zoey doesn't want Paris is working at FC is because she is jealous of Paris' budding relationship with Zende. Do Wyatt and Flo also have keys to Steffy's house? I thought it was odd that they had let themselves into the cliff house.
  5. I came here to also post that I enjoyed Paris' singing. Zoey ... not so much. I just cannot warm up to her. I think that some of the other actors weren't singing the carols along with Eric because maybe they don't sing so well? It looked like Brooke and Zende were lip syncing, but that's OK. Loved Brooke's red dress. Very sexy and classy. Now, regarding any possible return of RM. I think it would be a cold day in hell before Brad Bell would invite him back. Also, as it has already been mentioned, RM's real passion is music and it sounds like he's being kept pretty busy in that area. Lastly, I am sure I read somewhere that RM said that as he's gotten older, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to memorize lines, etc. Surely, there are better actors out there who could replace TK if we are so fortunate that he leaves and goes back to AMC, which I am sure would make him very happy, especially is he doesn't have to commute coast-to-coast. That's got to be a drag even without COVID restrictions. Whatever the case, it seems he has been working hard to spiff up. Looks like he's lost quite a bit of weight and his hair also looks a lot better. For anybody who is reading today ... Merry Christmas!
  6. "Paris" didn't even dress that flashy on "Empire," and her current attire would have been perfect for her character on that show (whose name I forgot.) Hopefully, Zende will give her some pointers on how to dress for her formal interviews with Ridge and Eric. Zoey would probably sabotage her by recommending something completely inappropriate. On an aside, wouldn't Forrester HR be working with outside executive search firm to find the new head of the FC Foundation? Why is the COO tasked with that? (I know they have an HR department because it has been mentioned before when hiring interns and models.) ITA with @LittleIggy. Unfortunately, nepotism is rife in the workplace. A totally inexperienced and inappropriate person is brought in, then, it is up to the long-term, loyal existing staff (who probably got passed over for the promotion) to bring them up to speed. Seen it happen over and over again. It's either that or a young, inexperienced person with the "right" credentials is brought in because the company can get them cheaper than promoting a well-qualified existing employee.
  7. Actually, the B&B just hired a new "fashion consultant" to style the actors' wardrobe. https://www.soapcentral.com/bb/news/2020/1204-erica_pelosini_leeman_joins_bb.php
  8. I think that Heather more or less answered her own questions about why she is unable sustain any type of authentic lasting relationship with a man. She reminds me of a woman I know who is in her mid-50s. She claims she wants to settle down, but her goal is to have as much sex with as many men as possible, even during COVID! That is crazy, contradictory and dangerous behavior.
  9. Did anybody catch that the shirt Liam was wearing today was the same one in "the photo for Kelly." /wink /wink Liam sucks. That's all I have to say. If Liam and Steffy want to be back together so badly, then I say let them. Both Hope and Finn deserve better. I don't know if it's with each other or not, but they both need to move on for good. What is probably going to happen is that Liam will go back to Steffy, Hope will eventually get together with Thomas and Finn will be let go. It's too bad that Sally isn't still around. I think that Sinn v2. would be worth exploring. Those two might balance each other out nicely. Then ... once Hope is securely with Thomas, Liam will bounce back into her orbit.
  10. Disappointing week on all fronts. Steffy can't "love" Finn that much if she was willing to throw everything away for the remote chance that the Waffle was going to ditch Hope and come "home." Really? Hasn't Steffy learned by now? I wished that Eric had let Quinn twist in the wind longer, but I couldn't stand her ongoing nagging and berating of Flo and Shauna. (Not that I feel an iota of sympathy for those two.) I also wanted Shauna to not be so forgiving about the horrible way Quinn treated her. So, is that SL all wrapped up now? What next? Eric should have insisted that before he took Quinn back, that she had to promise that she would never ever bother or badmouth Brooke ever again. I would have added apologize, but any apology from Quinn to Brooke would be insincere. I can't help that I was hoping for a bitter divorce, then Shauna vs. Donna for Eric. Lastly, has TK lost weight? He actually looked decent in his rumbled beige suit the past few days.
  11. All of her ensembles in general, bother me. I can't get used to the trend of clothes half on and half off.
  12. Sludge needs to dial it back like 11 in the hospital. He always comes off so rude and obnoxious. Barking orders at the doctors. If I had been Finn, I would have calmly but firmly told Sludge to go cool his heels in a regular waiting room. When Ridge demanded to "see the scans," I couldn't stop laughing. As if he could read and interpret them. Anyway, I was also shocked that Ridge would even entertain the idea of a Steam reunion. I would be thanking my lucky stars that my daughter finally found a decent guy and could break free from the ToD. I agree that he also needs to chew Liam out for his continued waffling as well as encouraging drinking by a recovering addict. The icky yellow blankie of despair on Steffy's couch sure gets a workout, doesn't it? Ewww ... Something bugs me about the way nuZende recites his lines. It's like he's trying out some type of European or regional accent that I can't put my finger on. Reminds me of Dorit on RHoBH. I am ready to move back to Quinn vs. Shauna for a while.
  13. This could all be avoided if those crazy kids used birth control!
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