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  1. Aunt Carol…I’m sure there are many who have not had lobster in any form; however, it’s the “country kid from wherever” part that annoys me. 🤷‍♀️ watched Tempties (no sound) up until the oven gloves and then said 👋. When Alberti wants to he can be an effective presenter. Unfortunately, that’s not often.
  2. Rick selling lobster: ”I’m from Minnesota, I’ve never had lobster rolls”. (Kind of believable, since he struggled to get the meat from the shells). That whole “I’m from” thing is so tired. He’s lived in PA for at least 25 years while at the Q. He claims to be a wine aficionado. Did you learn about wine online? Do you NEVER dine at fine restaurants? And if he’s for real on his dining limitations…boring 😴 Just curious…is there a joint that sells only “juicy Lucy’s” in West Chester?
  3. “COME ON????!! WHO HASN'T? lol (BUT.. I'm not on television)” My point exactly. Caro has absolutely no finesse. I’ll bet she can burp and fart with the best of them.
  4. Dave’s opener…”We have 4 BIG hours for you in today’s show…” Forgot to mention that at least TWO were going to be KitchenAid…followed by another hour of, yes, KitchenAid…and that voice. 😵‍💫
  5. Caro with Zakarian…staff must have forgotten to put any towels out for her. 💭”Oh, wtf, I’ll just wipe my hands on my pants💭
  6. ShopHQ has their own Rachel. Her name is Natasha C. She talks over anybody onset or off. She’s exasperating on MacKenzie Child’s shows (how HQ snagged that high end brand is still a wonder). Why can’t these folks just STFU for a few seconds? They ask the OAP to describe or give history, and then talk all over the response. 🤦‍♀️
  7. Been with the Q for years. Remember when Rick D was hired, and his teaming with Kathy L …even his engagement announcement (complete with pics of the couple on the slopes) and Kathy offering her condolences to Rick’s girl. My point: Rick, you’ve made your bones…and millions for the Q. STOP acting like a rookie, whose job depends on his impression with management. It’s tiresome. It’s old. It’s annoying. Give it a fucking rest.
  8. Been looking forward to the new brand, House No 9. They opened…via gushing Alberti..with a throw. 😴 Had high hopes for some new decor, but…😴 OK, I have no idea what houses 1 thru 8 had to offer, but #9 doesn’t even measure up to a Home Goods clearance section. The Vendors…Smith Brother and associate…😴
  9. Remembering years ago…90s?…Pam went on the “LA diet” and lost a ton of weight. She looked very trim and did lots of Q fashion “promos”. Meantime, I thinks she’s had a few children and naturally gained weight. She looks fine in a larger size because she’s tall and carries it well, but the hair and the fact that she’s usually squeezed into Q clothes, does not serve her well. I agree she deserves an award for years of service 👏
  10. Agree with you, but still can’t stand her. 🤷‍♀️
  11. “MBR and The Brothas”. Whoever scheduled that combo hit pure genius. She was having a great time, did a good job, and the guys seemed to really enjoy her. So did I. 👏 all ‘round! Now, stay tuned for the following “lunatic fringe”…🤯
  12. The shoes offered on FFANY tonight are nothing like before. The items tonight are like clearance table stuff. The good news is that it’s moving quickly.
  13. I snapped the photo of Jane from my HD tv. I didn’t enhance or adjust anything. Only edit was trim.
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