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  1. Tired of Lurking

    Season 2 Talk

    Gawt damn. That ending. I think I need to take a small hiatus from powering through. That was intense.
  2. Tired of Lurking

    Season 2 Talk

    Strongest episode of the season so far. Kevin's admission of guilt and remorse really caught me off guard. I was bawling right alongside. Wonder who the mystery woman is? I didn't see Clay joining the Assholes coming, so that was an awesome twist. Looks like we are rolling to another strong finish! I am off today so I should be able to binge through it.
  3. Tired of Lurking

    Season 2 Talk

    First post! This is definitely not how I expected season two to be told and, though it's even slower-paced than the first season, there are a few things I really dig. I'm kind of in love with Snarky Ghost Hannah. I think having her be the voice of the audience in teasing Clay about all the annoying things he says and does is a welcome addition. Wish she would have called him out on his dumb "kissing half the school" comment though-- if he's trying to prove himself different than the other boys, that isn't helping. I also really enjoy the sense of humor. Between the 'am I racist?' line and Alex's deadpan sarcasm and even the cripple humor, I am definitely enjoying the levity. Wasn't expecting so much in the middle of all the angst from these two seasons. Justin, ugh man. That's a heartbreaking story if I've ever seen one. However, I'm really happy to see Tyler find a crew of outcasts. Here's to hoping he ditches the guns and isn't the subject of season three. I still think Marcus is beyond redemption and don't expect him to prove me wrong on the next episode. Get well, Skye.