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  1. snowbryneich

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I thought it was interesting that she gave her mother's name as Dr Holly Maddox, when her name is June Osborne - she didn't take Luke's name (Bankole?) when they married so where did Osborne come from? In the book June's father is not in the picture at all (spoiler below) so why would her mother give her his name? Seems unlikely, I'd assumed her mother's surname was Osborne as well until this episode.
  2. snowbryneich

    Masterchef (AU)

    I did think George was talking about the pork fat causing the fire he was implying that the fire might have been caused by them overloading the oven - earlier on we had Larissa trying to fit as much pork belly in there as possible (so they would have more to serve) hence them being penalised.
  3. snowbryneich

    Masterchef (AU)

    The favourite least favourite elimination seems an utter swizz to me, yeah some people picked things that they just didn't like or disliked for reasons that actually meant they weren't that hard to cook with but I still think some people thought ahead and were like we're being asked this for a reason - yeah I totally hate lamb. They should have asked for a couple of option and tried to give things of approximate difficulty - I mean tripe/dried fish and cauliflower/ broccoli are not on the same level.
  4. snowbryneich

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    I liked some of the changes - the whole big argument Bree and Jamie had before she even finds out about Roger being cut makes sense given how it makes Jamie appear but I miss him going to Claire for advice after and being told apologise which does actually work. And I wish they hadn't had Jamie claim Ian has a crush on Brianna which kind of undercuts his proposal being a way of making it up to her because they've now had it be all him selling Roger to the Mohawk which I think also undercuts him volunteering to be the one adopted by the Mohawk which in the books I think he does as much for Jamie not to have to do it and miss out out on his wife and daughter as to make up for his part in things. It's a lot easier for Ian to make a new life for himself after all. I assume Claire didn't defend Ian and Jamie so that they could have the next big misunderstanding where Jamie spends the journey to the Mohawk wondering if Claire would prefer Frank to him just like Brianna. But actually, I've never really considered did Claire tell Jamie about to her promise to Frank to not look for him while Frank was alive? I know he later finds out Frank wasn't the best husband - I think Claire and her glass face give a bit away when he is talking about Laoghaire and how things were between them. Because otherwise given Claires timing - coming back after Frank's death Jamie could think he was second best. (Rare moment of insecurity for the King of Men there.) Roger does have a reason to stay in the show at least - in the books he knows he was beaten and sold to the Mohawk by Jamie Fraser and up until they come to rescue him he worries Bree was so mad she was in on it. In the show he just got jumped by a random bloke - I do think there is a resemblance between Sam and Sophie but it's not the eerie book resemblance where Jamie is obviously her Dad so Roger can want to get back to her without thinking she had this set up for him as he worries in the books.
  5. snowbryneich

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    That's right - I think at this point they have done the foundations and I think they put the roof on the surgery for Roger to stay when he arrives back and they do a bit more roofing which allows Jamie and Claire to move in and not be kept up by Jem crying at night. (Bonus of being a grandparent) and Roger then eventually moves into the cabin. It's just occurred to me that the glass windows in the current property are probably for ease of filming and light so maybe it is meant to be the cabin. I did really want to see Claire's surgery but I guess you can see part of it in the current house with her hanging herbs and the jars of alcohol etc.
  6. snowbryneich

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    Ian is not meant to be innocent, but he's not meant to be a hottie either - He's repeatedly described as gangly and homely at this stage - Claire even thinks at one point his hazel eyes are his 'one claim to beauty'. When he comes back from the Mohawk he's all lean muscle from hard living but still skinny and obviously, then his tattoos mean he becomes very distinctive. The cabin is so much nicer than I pictured - I wasn't sure if this was meant to be the big house (mainly because of the glass windows) the cabin never has those in the books they have windows of flattened horn (let in light but not much use for seeing out of) but then it's not big enough to be the big house which had an upstairs and a surgery separate from the main room.
  7. snowbryneich

    S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    The reunions were very well done I thought. I thought Sam nailed Jamie's reactions and enjoyed the familt feel. Though there were a couple of bizarre bits. Why was Brianna telling Lizzy to be ladylike when in the book at this point she's marching round in breeches. She never really cares for the 18th century expectations of ladylike behaviour. I would have been totally okay as well if they had chose to cut out the Jamie having a piss against a wall (tree in the book) when Brianna finally finds him. Like he touches her face in both show and book and it's meant to be touching and yet part of me is just like WASH your hands first. Ahem I was sad Brianna never went to River Run and met Jocasta. I hope she still goes there when they go to rescue Roger as that's the beginning of her relationship with Lord John but I wonder if they might be done with River Run the way they are condensing it. She could stay on the Ridge with Murtagh in the show. But I really want to see both Ian's proposal to Brianna and hers to Lord John as they are probably my fav parts of this whole mess. The things they insist upon on the show are weird. Like oh we have to have them sitting on a bench when Claire sees then like in the book. They aren't on a bench they're on a cart because Claire is back on the Ridge and she's sees them drive up together (with the glass for the windows that the house already has in the show.) In the book Roger doesn't actually get to give Jamie a name. He is going by Mackenzie instead of Wakefield but Jamie actually asks him if he's Mr. Mackenzie to which he says yes. Presumably because a real introduction would have involved his first name and stopped the comedy of errors in its track. I loved the bit where Jamie saw Brianna smiling in her sleep and knew that was like him. And while Lizzy is getting a lot of flack I think her suspicion of men in general is explained by her history. And I liked they've kept her book crush on young Ian who remains oblivious at this point. Oh yeah my dog is handsome. Bless him.
  8. snowbryneich

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    This is true. I do love when Jamie seems to accept Roger more and starts calling him Wee Roger - the man is all of an inch or so shorter than him right? I love the scene when Jamie wants to go hunting and he bursts into Brianna and Roger's cabin early morning and Roger's trying to preserve his modesty and Jamie is just like 'This is no time to be hanging about bare arsed Wee Roger.'
  9. snowbryneich

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    Roger's hanging is actually in book 5 due to a misunderstanding with his great great great (etc) grandfather. In the book the local tribe is Tuscora not the Cherokee and so they take him to the Mohawk because they don't want him to be local so it could still end up with the Mohawk that they trade Roger too. He's also going by Roger Mackenzie which is probably quite sensible given the large percentage of Scottish population in the colony and only manages to give his surname to Jamie and Ian but Bree has them all looking out for Roger Wakefield. When Bree (who is a talented artists in the books - I don't think this has come up in the show?) draws Roger to help Jamie look for him they realise what has gone on and Jamie and Ian (and Claire) go to get him back while Brianna goes to River Run with Jocasta. Claire goes because Brianna doesn't trust Jamie to bring Roger back. They get Roger back from the Indians but when they were there Roger killed a man not aware they'd come to get him (he's in a bad state and a fellow prisoner is being executed at the same time)and to replace the dead man someone has to be adopted into the tribe. Jamie plans to volunteer but Ian beats him too it, then on the way back they tell Roger that Bree is pregnant but also that it might not be his due to the rape and when he is hesitant over this situation Jamie sends him away and tells him not to bother coming near Brianna unless he's prepared to claim her and the baby. He turns up near the end of the book and does so after living rough for some time.
  10. snowbryneich

    S04.E08: Wilmington

    In the books, Frank also knows he is sterile but not at that point. It comes up when Claire is thinking about the conversation they had when he told her he was going to leave he revealed he'd been tested ' a few years back' and learned he was sterile. This is just before Brianna turns 18 so a few years back implies he got tested long after adopting her. But it was part of why he wanted to take Brianna as the only child he would ever have. So he didn't know when he adopted Brianna in the books and he does tell Claire - eventually. In fact in book 1 when Claire is wondering if there is something wrong with either of them that they haven't conceived before or after the war, seeing wee Roger makes her bring up the possibility of adoption to Frank as there a lot of war orphans needing homes and Frank thinks he couldn't love a child if it wasn't really theirs which I always find ironic on reread.
  11. snowbryneich

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Sun pat - the main brand of peanut butter in the UK today was introduced in 1946 so it would have been available in Scotland in 1968/when Brianna travelled :) Though we still don't have grape flavoured jam so they'd have to make do with blackcurrant.
  12. snowbryneich

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    I'm curious as to why Eden ends up drowned/on the wall? it's been established via June that fertile adulteresses can redeem themselves in this way. Omar's wife (Heather?) ended up a handmaid because they were harbouring June (arguably a worse crime than adultery) They seem to presume Eden is fertile so Nick had to sleep with her - why hasn't she been made to become a handmaid? More for shock value?
  13. snowbryneich

    S02.E07: After

    I didn't get the impression Waterford had authority over Cushing - he was arrested for being a traitor and they said the eyes had been given evidence. So it was more they'd managed to fake up some evidence to put his loyalty in doubt - which given Nick is an eye and involved in Mayday and was helping should have been easy enough to scare up rather than Fred outranking him.
  14. snowbryneich

    S02.E06: First Blood

    Oh absolutely sorry - that wasn't in response to Fred being dead - it was in response to a post wondering about Nick being able to get out of marriage with reassignment. I would think Gilead allows remarriage for men at least if something should happen to a Wife and probably for widows if there is a man of status available. I bet the commander whose Wife (Marisa Tomei) was declared unwoman had a new child bride even before the colonies finished her off as Unwoman is probably the same as dead. Thinking about it logistically, giving they are fighting wars and that in Gilead soldiers are only men, there are probably a lot of econowives who end up widowed and reassigned unless they can find some reason to classify them as handmaidens.
  15. snowbryneich

    S02.E05: Seeds

    As a very half hearted knitter (I like it - I am useless at maintaining gauge so i mostly make scarfs) I am seriously impressed that Serena does so much fancy knitting in the books (June thinks she does fancy knitting to make it trickier because life is so boring) because presumably knitting is allowed but knitting patterns are not - I have a couple of simple things I could make without a pattern but even more competent experienced knitters I know need patterns for fancier things - I suppose Serena has nothing but time to practice getting it right.