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  1. Maddie is the most boring point. Girl I’m tired, give me clips of my favs at this point 😒
  2. Gabby was cut over weight but Maddie looks soft 85% of the season? girl ok Kelli jewel-tone sausage encased Finglass.
  3. LEGIT it's SO bad. they should've just kept the song they had last year because this new one is a hot ass mess.
  4. i'm finally watching the first episode and i cannot tell y'all how much i hate the new theme song.
  5. Blah blah blah, Cassie can shove that “she’s worked hard!!!! she’s so poised and graceful!!!!!” bullshit up her puffed and fluffed ass and around the corner. Everybody knows she shouldn’t have made it the first time, nor should she have made it when she was out there stumbling and damn near falling on her face her last season. Even hard body Jay basically said “if this was any other Cassie, would we be giving her a pass?”.
  6. All the way on the right end with the turquoise disaster on.
  7. I’m still #GinaForPoint 🤷🏾‍♀️
  8. Hannah looks like a Barbie doll 😍
  9. If Kat was cut, I’m throwing in the towel for this season. Seeing her dance in person and seeing her IG, she would be such a fun, sweet, and talented addition (and 50 girl laterrrrr!) to the team. Kelli has made a lot of screw ups but please don’t let Kat be one of them 🙄
  10. I understand wanting to root for VK and all that jazz, but you cannot keep skimping over what she did last year. She was disrespectful, bratty, and entitled to a position on a team that Auntie Kelli told her that she was going to have. Trust me, I was low key rooting for her too, before it came out that she threw several TCCs and vets under the bus just to make herself stick out and to further push herself onto DCC. I’m completely turned off from the Victoria Kalina boat, and would rather watch paint dry than to watch her flail around and her gums flap in that good ol Dallas wind.
  11. Lol all my coaches and teachers were famous for saying this. We’d have two-three months before the first competition or a month before the first game and hear “y’all are running out of time! the first game is right around the corner!” It’s to keep people on their toes so that they’re constantly working to better themselves and the team as a whole. It’s annoying but I get why it’s done.
  12. Maybe they learned from last year that dragging things out until the end is emotionally damaging and anxiety inducing and would rather cut girls now than have several full scale meltdowns in their office. Or maybe they’re just trying to make sure they have room for the Beast of Bethusela 🤷🏾‍♀️
  13. i feel a lil whacked out cus i like the new intro 😭 on another note, i wonder if we’ll be getting more scenes getting to know each tcc instead of getting major focus on the same 4 tccs.
  14. I think it is tonight, and if not tonight then tomorrow.
  15. Skeletor: You are now looking at your teammates for the 2019-2020 season! Congratulations! Victoria: also chill on the outtie bellybutton slander 🙄 i am a proud outtie belly button holder!
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