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  1. i kind of expected it and was trying to prepare myself, but it still stung a lot because a lot of the teams in my conference had been talking about getting together. i also really miss my teammates and my coaches and being on campus. it still stings and i've been pretty bummed out about it all day, but i'm trying to stay positive!
  2. well friends. covid has officially taken my senior cheer season and school year from me. got word today from my coach that the conference decided to do a bubble with our basketball teams, and effectively, cheerleaders will not be allowed to be present, as well as no fans in the stands. they've cancelled spring football and all other spring and winter sports until 'further notice'. i want to stay positive but it just feels like everything is just going completely downhill :/ not to mention the mess i'm going through in my senior paper class. on the upside, my old man of a dog went to the vet and got a clean bill of health! <3
  3. chile have y’all seen monique’s instagram post?
  4. broke chris telling candiace to shut ha ass up had me ROLLING. also karen is inserting herself into this situation in such a dramatic ass manner. she's still playing both sides. and ashley stated that she wasn't actually there for the altercation, therefore, she needs to shut the hell up and focus on her business arrangement ass marriage.
  5. What the hell is with Robin and managing money/money problems???
  6. Hey! a traditional sew in is usually the perimeter of her hair + a section up top (usually called leave-out) is left out to cover the tracks. Her hair is braided and the extensions are sewn onto the braids which can be covered with a net to prevent excess tension that will pull her hair out. Traditional installs are pretty good, as long as there isn't much heat being put on the leave out which can cause it to get ate up and broken off. 😇 also yea, Bri usually wears little to no makeup usually, but during cameos I've noticed she wears a lot more makeup. I can relate because on picture day for my team, I usually have a full beat, but regular game days and what not I really don't wear foundation and just opt for a natural kind of look.
  7. Gizelle’s coochie conniving ass husband has no image to upkeep, I have never rolled my eyes so damn hard.
  8. “I don’t know in what order it happened” ”I don’t know what happened” but you told big Chris in the kitchen while you were washing Milani’s hair exactly what happened and what went down
  9. watching the game with mom and dad and seeing a few glimpses here and there of the girls. i wish we could get like a game day stream of some kind of them but 🤷🏾‍♀️
  10. i'm still annoyed with monique for making me side with candiace.
  11. I was just about to come in and say the same thing. Monique is doing the most on her IG Stories at the moment. I would screenshot but they’re all videos.
  12. Tonight’s episode goes to Gizelle’s dad!! I could tell he wasn’t feeling it when she first brought it up, and even more so when she brought it up at dinner. Monique taking zero responsibility for the fight is something that’s really making me side eye her, and her acting as if Candiace was the one that is completely in the wrong is showing how immature she still is. Big Chris being annoyed with her should’ve been something of a sign where she should’ve been like “okay, well, when you put it that way I’m wrong as well”. And her insisting that Candiace threw the wine glass; girl gravity threw that damn glass when you yoked that girl up like a puppy being snatched up by by their mother.
  13. so maybe im tripping or maybe i didn’t watch the same episode as Monique, but Monique started that and egged that fight on. she threw the first punch and regardless of how much shit candiass talks, i just feel like that fight was...unnecessary. but was that Karen screaming “MONIQUE LET HER GOOOOOOOO” like that LMAO
  14. I want better for Ashley.....I truly do.....but lord is the girl dumber than a bag of used chalk
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