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  1. Yes, it's not like Rory not to check the start time of the meeting herself instead of just relying on what Paris (at the time her archenemy) told her. But this brings me to the stupid, powerless teachers at that school. Miss Whats-her-face in that newspaper meeting and then on other episodes there is a male teacher (the whom Paris calls "Bedwetter") - they just sit back and let Paris talk to her peers like that? Yeah, yeah, they're trying to teach kids how to act in the real world, how to speak up for yourself, etc. - here's an idea, how about modeling that for the kids and not letting them
  2. Yeah...except money isn't everything. Randall has a hole in his life story, only partially filled by the relationship he got to have with William. It's natural for him to wonder about his mother, about what could have been. William and Laurel weren't just drug addicts in a tenement - they were people first. Laurel was beautiful, young, had ambition, and William was a dreamer, a poet. Yes, in practical terms, the fact that their lives were partly consumed and then tragically altered by addiction can't be denied, and yes, practically speaking, no child should have to grow up in insecure or
  3. Steven is disgusting. I mean his character even more than his physical junk. High and manipilative. How the hell does someone like that get a spouse and a place to live??
  4. Leneatha in the first few scenes had a heavy (pardon the pun) sadness to her - it was almost palpable. When she said later that sometimes she ate just because the food or the opportunity for the food was there and she wasn't necessarily hungry, I thought that was such an important point and one that Dr. Now didn't address (on screen) per se, but is exactly why he recommends people get therapy. She has had many disappointments and sad events in her life and we all know what happens when we bury stuff and don't (can't) deal with it. I am not now nor ever will be anywhere near 600 lbs, but I h
  5. I have a question. When we see Kevin's kids, they look like they can't be more than 10 years old. Yet both Kevin and Randall look way older than 50 in that scene. If Kevin becomes a dad at 40, then I think something is wrong with the math. Could he have had those kids with someone else and not Madison?
  6. Oh, Future Kevin - you sly, delicious silver fox, you. Yowza! Kate playing her voicemail messages to Kevin as he straight-up lied to her face at the grocery store was hilarious - Chrissy Metz has great facial expressions. Gotta say - I did not see the Kevin/Madison hookup coming. Madison does bring some pretty good snark though. It would be jarring for anyone to find out that your friend and your sibling were hooking up - give Kate a minute to get used to the idea. The Big 3 at the cabin was great, but as someone mentioned above, I wish their time there had been longer and a bit
  7. Oy with the inconsistencies already. Regarding Richard and Emily's wealth, didn't they buy a wing at Yale in Rory's name? Don't you have to be like, mega-rich to do that? They don't strike me as mega-rich. Rich enough to be annoying, yes, but not multi-millionaires. Rory's told us that the Gilmores came over on the Mayflower and it was implied that Richard's mother, the Original Lorelai (played by the marvelous Marion Ross) had $$$ (remember when Korn rented her summer home?? LOL). But where did their big family money come from? Who was Richard's father and what did he do? How you
  8. Really liked this episode and didn't want it to end. Little-girl Kate was adorable and I loved the dreamy quality of her scenes with Jack. I liked the pacing of the episode. As someone mentioned upthread, I too have a sinking feeling that Teen Kate's boyfriend will try to or succeed in committing suicide. He is clearly fighting demons and it's sad to watch. That said, he is also a dick to Kate. I get why she seems to give him a pass - he made her feel seen, though in a different way than her Dad did, and what girl doesn't desire that? Mandy Moore as Older Rebecca is....everything.
  9. You know, Meghan often has interesting points to make and I get that it's sometimes hard to get a word in edgewise on that show with everyone quacking over each other. And I get that as The Only Conservative at the Table (as she's always reminding us), it can be frustrating to feel like you can't get your point across because everyone is getting more time than you and you keep getting cut off, etc. What I don't get are Meghan's tantrums...for that is what they are...making sour faces, scowling and saying "whatever!" or "just forget it". That is childish behaviour and it's disappointing
  10. There is plenty to talk about. Kate and Toby absolutely DO need to talk about his new, healthier lifestyle. He doesn't need to stop going to the gym or apologize for it, and he can still throw out his old pants if he wants. But Kate and Toby are not just chums or neighbours - they are life partners, and they owe each other some honesty, even if it's painful. What's the point of marriage, otherwise? Toby's journey into (presumably) better health is his own, in the sense that as adults, we all have and can exercise choices. But you can't blame Kate for wondering, after she's been in th
  11. Yeah...I get you. I don't think I would put up with shitty behaviour from potential future in-laws either. Belittling, demeaning and being unkind - that's a no go and they were jerks to Jack. They get no passes from me, in case that wasn't clear. But he could have just said "I was in the war and saw people being murdered, etc., so yes, it WAS real". He could also have told them their comments were hurtful and inaccurate. His pontificating was not necessary to me. He showed up because Rebecca asked him to, against probably all of his gut instincts. That took courage and deserves praise.
  12. Ugh... I like Patricia Heaton but I don't know if this will work for me. The character was so jittery and jumpy through most of the episode and kept shrieking in that high-pitched tone throughout the episode - I wanted to turn the sound down. I did not like the chief resident boss-lady doctor nor find her believable - she was all bluster with no real gravitas behind her, and I bet that's not the actress's fault - it must be hard to share a screen with an established star who is chewing the scenery all around you. But all she did was talk down to everyone - I realize it's just the
  13. "Why'd they make you see a psychiatrist?". Ross: "On account-a my rage". Funniest delivery ever of that line, gets me every time.
  14. I love the Anne of GG analogy - a very on point comparison. Totally geeking out that anyone remembers Anne's Story Club! LOL. A of GG is one of my favourite books ever.
  15. I appreciate reading your take on it, and yours is an interesting perspective. My view is that this is the first time you're meeting someone's parents - you can stand up for yourself without giving away your life story or "taking a stand". They don't care about monsters under the kid's bed - it would have been sufficient to say that the war was very real to him and give some examples of what he saw/experienced during the war. But just like fries come with a burger, drama comes with the Pearsons. I guess that was more my point. That, and that the Pearsons never miss an opportunity to give
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