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  1. Catelynn and Tyler, maybe pop Vaeda in her stroller, head to the zoo and be glad of the visit. I selfishly wish these visits were filmed..! I like Tyler’s mom. She seems really solid amidst all of the dysfunction. Notice how Catelynn is eating salads every time they eat out on camera now. looks like Amber’s arrest is going to be aired in the finale Cheyenne is going to frighten this guy away with her crazy rushed marriage and more kids talk, I cringe for her. Reminds me of Farrah pushing Simon for pretty much the same things. Way to turn a guy off of you !
  2. It’s time to roll these 2 shows into one. For entertainments sake I would watch Catelynn, Amber, Jenelle and Kailyn. Maybe bring back Farrah. The end 🤷🏼‍♀️ Cheyenne, Maci and Chelsea have one storyline on repeat. For Cheyenne it’s how new partners deal with her and Cory’s relationship. For Maci it’s what a bad father Rhiiine is to Bentley. Ditto for Chelsea and Adumb. I think it’s too late to try to include Mackenzie, plus she doesn’t come across as the brightest girl. Leah just has nothing going on. Idc about whoever this Jade girl is. Its not hard to make this one show MTV, save on production costs.
  3. Yep Amber did say she would bring James, but I guess that was too much effort for her in the end. I was waiting for her to explode in that traffic. Her “omg duuuuuude” sounded eerily like Jenelle. She couldn’t have any less interest in Andrew and seems to be trying to convince her delusional self that he is the love of her life ? More Jenelle similarities. also, since when is 4 or 5pm “night-ish” ?! Wtf ! the “in the industry” comment was laughable. How are MTV getting away with trolling Amber with the sloth everyyy time ?! How has she not addressed that 🙈
  4. I’m still against Nessa pushing her own personal gripes with Jenelle, it’s just not the setting. I would give anything to get up there and ask Jenelle the really difficult questions. Not with bad intentions to cause hurt but to really put her on the spot about her marriage etc. no doubt she would still storm off, but keep it relevant to the show at least. Yep they really let Barbara off the hook. At least chelsea admitted what has so often been discussed on here, how her “ideal custody situation” would be Cole adopting Aubree and Adam completely disappearing out of the picture. Doesn’t work like that hun. Drews comments to Kail about half siblings I didn’t have a problem with, he is stating actual facts. The reality is that they are half siblings and not full siblings, regardless of what way Kail wants to portray it. I don’t see it as being particularly insulting. By suggesting there is no difference you are only going to confuse children further and also is she just trying to normalize having multiple baby daddies ? Like there is no distinction between a family of say 3 boys with one father and a family of 3 boys with 3 different fathers? Of course there is a distinction and having multiple children by different men is not something that should be encouraged. Sure, it happens, but nobody sets out with that intention because it’s obv not ideal.
  5. I don’t agree with what Nessa did at all. Her job is to be an impartial host, not to pick personal fights with the cast members on camera. There are all kinds of difficult questions she could have asked Jenelle about this past season and instead she made it personal. Highly inappropriate and unprofessional. She must realize she can’t call out every single person who disagrees with the actions of “her man”, so why corner Jenelle ? And especially in that setting?! She should be fired.
  6. Did I miss something or did Leah have just one scene in this episode? I found this episode pretty boring tbh. The description used the word “surprising” twice, but it was really just more of the same ? Definitely no surprising twist 😂 I agree that Kail has one rule for herself and a different rule for everyone else. But I can see why she would want somebody going to the “meeting” with her for support, & I guess Chris would be her number one choice. Just trying to see it from the perspective of a single mom vs a couple.
  7. And I agree that the Easter 2018 incident was a clear violation of the order and was disgracefully irresponsible on the part of the Linds. They undoubtedly have a past history of violating court orders and being in complete denial of their sons issues. But the particular incident on this weeks episode, was it a violation or not?, not so clear, though opinions are certainly divided on this!
  8. Unfortunately, even us lawyers can’t predict every possible scenario that may arise in the future and so unfortunately a court order doesn’t give you explicit instructions, it’s just not feasible, particularly in family law, the court order simply states what is allowed and what is prohibited in general terms. Any disputes then yes your lawyer should be your first port of call and if they can’t provide the level of clarity required then it’s back to court for a ruling on it, which is actually quite common. All parties know for future reference then, so @Christina87 makes some good points. If as you say they were intentionally ignoring the parts of the order they find inconvenient, then they wouldn’t have bothered contacting Chelsea or letting her know. Also, Aubree didn’t say that Donna said her mom wouldn’t let her have her. She said she wanted her to come over but she “wasn’t sure it would work out”, which is a far more diplomatic way of letting her grandchild knows she cares about her and has an interest in seeing her, without throwing Chelsea under the bus.
  9. You’re talking about an order made at least one year prior to the incident on this weeks episode that we are discussing. To our knowledge, Chelsea did not go back to court claiming the Linds’ behavior on this weeks episode constituted a violation of the original court order. So a judge has not made any determination on what we we are discussing at the moment. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  10. Em, obviously. This is simply a forum for expressing opinions on issues that arise in the show, like whether or not the Linds violated the court order. If I were the Judge, I would say they certainly did not. And that’s before even hearing the Linds side of the story.! No, a judge has never had to determine this particular incident, that we know of? I’m not here to defend the Linds, but let’s not wrong them either. In my view, had Chelsea merely heard afterwards that Adam had been at their house while Aubree was there, that is clearly not ok and would be a clear violation of the court order. But the fact that they contacted her when the problem arose, i.e. when Adam turned up at their house, and they didn’t play dumb, they knew Aubree would have to be removed from that situation and advised Chelsea of this, means they acted on this situation. We don’t know the rest of the story to comment. Did they ask Adam to leave and he refused, did they threaten to call the cops on him if he didn’t leave, why couldn’t they have dropped Aubree home themselves, we don’t know. As@Christina87 points out, there was likely no clear procedure in place for if this scenario arose, and the Linds reacted as they saw fit, whether they was correctly or incorrectly. But what a horrid situation for all involved and especially for Aubree. The Linds were obviously also upset that that had happened during their time with Aubree, they went to lunch with her that week. They’re still human & trying to juggle a lot, regardless of whether or not much of this was self inflicted due to bad parenting or whatever, what is clear is that they care deeply for Aubree and she cares for them. I hope it can be sorted for all involved, even if it means going back to court.
  11. This 🙌🏻 The Linds didn’t violate the court order. Chelsea is being a melodramatic dimwit only seeking to push her own agenda i.e. making the Linds disappear so the world might believe Aubree is Cole’s daughter.
  12. Kail’s hotel room was bleak, wish they would’ve explained that better/ shown more of her weekend “getaway”.. Glad she could laugh at Jenelle’s pettiness though. Aubree is way too smart for Chelsea- “what could she say to that though?” That Mandi producer is Chelsea’s #1 superfan, it’s painfully unprofessional and cringe worthy to watch. Briana could do well to drop NY John and settle down with Devoin now. I wonder if they’re secretly hooking up, it must be attractive to her to see him interacting so positively with her girls.
  13. Another reason I don’t believe Cole’s story. It was Donna who texted Chelsea to say Adam had turned up at her house so Chelsea would have to come collect Aubree, as per the court order. So for Cole to come home and say that Donna stood at the door saying she was confused as to why Aubree had to leave just doesn’t add up ? She was the one who informed C&C that Aubree would have to leave. So she didn’t breach the court order and she certainly wasn’t confused about it. Not that I believed any of Coley’s little story but he has been caught out.
  14. I too seriously doubt that Cole told off the Linds as he says he did. He is a timid feminine softie who wouldn’t say boo to a cat, despite the tough image he attempts to portray on tv now by inappropriately cursing in front of his young children. Cringe. He probably stood meekly at the Linds’ door and waited for Aubree to come out. I don’t even believe that a court would suspend the Linds visits based on this once off breach of the court order. By the sounds of it, it was a large family gathering and Adam was never left alone with Aubree. I think they would get a pass this once. In the same way Chelsea creates pressurized anxiety-inducing conversations with Aubree about adoption, Briana in this episode did the same with Nova and the name change “issue” which of course, like the adoption, is not actually an issue at all, has no urgency and is purely created by the mothers, who in turn put these life changing decisions on their young children who are simply too young to understand or make those decisions!!!! So hard to watch.
  15. Couldn’t agree more, it’s so dumb and unnecessary atm. Both girls should have Briana’s name or else hyphenated names. Why confuse a child like this. And it’s not like Devoin requested it. Briana & her great ideas. I thought Leah & Jenelle looked really pretty this episode. Andrew and his friend seemed like typical drug users, Andrew is full of shit too. From next weeks preview it looks like he doesn’t even show up to meet with Barb. Chelsea asking Cole if her outfit was “sexual” in front of her preteen daughter, and Coles response rating her “hotness”. Ammm Inappropriate much??! The adult conversations in front of Aubree make me mad, it won’t be long before she’s into adolescence, let her be a child while she can.
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