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  1. I think this is the best summary of an episode I’ve seen in a while, thank you !

    S09.E30: Bear

    Lol at Cole stating so “boldly” that he would be answering the door the next day Donna calls, and then he does so but doesn’t say one word, doesn’t even step out to her 🤣 I know he is a nice guy but how is his lack of manliness attractive to Chelsea..! agree with everyone re Kail handling that situation well, except for maybe the cameras filming it. Equally though, when this is her job and livelihood to provide for her children, it must be a tough balance between hiding parts of your life and still showing your life & your story 🤷🏼‍♀️ Her boys are so sweet and well behaved. I may be the only softie on this forum but i wish people would give Jade & Leah a break re their men. Both girls wanting to make it work with their baby daddies is every teen mom we’ve seen if you ask me, so it must be a natural instinct. Obv I don’t condone unhealthy relationships, but these girls have good intentions. I found it heartbreaking to hear how Jeremy spoke to Leah, he is so emotionally unavailable. He Wouldn’t give her the courtesy of a proper conversation to end things. Of course she was hoping he would put up a bit of a fight for her, all she wants is for her feelings to be reciprocated, isn’t that all girls?! Why is she being criticised so heavily for thinking that he might have feelings for her again when he started hanging out with her & hooking up with her, but he doesn’t get criticised for using her and yes I do think leading her on? He asked her out to dinner etc. showing interest then removing that interest again, playing stupid games, yet she is the one being blamed for “falling for it”. I just hate double standards for men & women!
  3. This x1000!!! Briana should have told him where to go. Scumbag. felt sorry for Jade having to sort a mess that shouldn’t be hers to sort, she has enough to deal with felt sorry for Leah getting her heart broke. Jeremy shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up. His work has not changed and that was one of the main reasons they didn’t work out. I get that his grandpa falling ill was out of his control and just bad timing, but you still feel as if life is showing Leah this isn’t meant to be.

    S09.E27: Bailout

    Major thumbs down to - Briana dissing Devoin in front of Nova Jade’s darker hair Kailyn calling her son “a little shit” x2 (wince) Lux eating what looked like a house key in the back of the car kail saying - “third times a charm in baby daddies and houses”.. baby daddies, really?? Chelsea’s pig almost eating the cake off of her one year old (repulsive and frankly dangerous) chelsea saying cole collected Aubree because she has “so much on today”, probably getting her nails done for her bday. She was home with the baby when they got home 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. I see different angles with Briana. I don’t think she’s a bad mom. Yes she is used to others minding her children and so she’s used to an easier life than most teen moms/single moms. Which is probably why travelling alone with her 2 children is a bigger deal to her than it would be to others. But equally, I can see since becoming a mom that it’s not easy to travel with young children on your own. Yes a relationship should be a 2 way street but John doesn’t have the responsibility of children, it’s easier for him to hop on a plane and come down to her. Not saying she should never go to him, but she has done a number of times so I wouldn’t say she’s been hugely lazy about this relationship. She allowed her mood to affect her behaviour at his family gathering, which was wrong, but you can see how she would be awkward there when her and John were on bad terms and she was emotionally rocky and anxious about everything that day. I’m shy and don’t like my other half letting me alone for too long at large gatherings of people I haven’t met before so I don’t blame her for asking that. He disregarded her wishes anyway. She left him at her family gathering yes but he didn’t ask her not to, he didn’t have a problem with it so he’s a different personality type. Idk I just don’t hugely blame her for anything this episode and just hope she sees she needs to meet someone locally for it to work when she has kids.
  6. That scene where Jade was crying was the first scene in this series i felt any emotion towards. She has been let down by those closest to her whose job was to protect her, love her and support her. Losing Sean is a blessing to her that she cannot fully see yet, she only sees her loneliness. As someone else on here said, she really deserved to get this gig and I’m glad she did now. I do think she can get it together by distancing herself from her family and going to therapy. im rooting for her. I miss Leah and Corey as a couple ! He really looked out for her. Chris threatening to spit on the cameras made me nauseous. Kristen and Kailyn not condemning that was even worse. Kristen must be a total walkover.
  7. I always wonder this too! Something has to explain why Chelsea talks to her mom like that! I don’t agree with her switching Aubree’s school either, Aubree has been through enough upheaval. They already live out in the countryside so it’s not going to be quieter. Chelsea will want to move again in another couple of years. Selfish decision. Sidenote- isn’t Chelsea’s moms name Mary? Some people call her Doris and some Lois ? I don’t get it ? Leah’s girls are basically already teenagers, sad that she has robbed them of their childhood and innocence. Gracie might as well be 14 the way she acts.
  8. Have Briana and John broke up since ? He looks so disinterested in her / moving to Florida. She did the Teen Mom special of essentially proposing to him then 🙄 Jade’s grandfather could’ve been her brother. Her mom looks like a real piece of work. I have zero tolerance for people calling 911 in non emergency situations, makes me so mad. I cant at Cole, I’m sorry. There is some irony in his femininity shining through at a pride parade though ..
  9. Two excellent points, only wish someone in MTV would read these threads and take notes! I can’t at Victoria getting knocked up on that trip !! 🙈 Does anyone else find Cole so annoyingly weak as a man? It sounded like off camera he wasn’t interested in moving, but Chelsea only had to say how great it would be & he immediately started chiming in agreeing with her and going along with it. I get the feeling he just does whatever she says to keep her happy and either has no opinions of his own or just keeps them to himself always. I just find it so unattractive in a man.
  10. Chelsea is so horrible to her mother wow. She comes across as such an entitled dramatic selfish girl. I can hardly watch all of the inappropriate conversations she has in front of her daughter. Cole is a saint to put up with her it equally weak, she needs someone who will call her out on her behavior. I have no interest in Jade, can’t beat Jenelle drama. Too late to be bringing new girls into these shows. leah and Jeremy act like teenagers i thought kail actually looked pretty good in that swimsuit? As a mother of 3 young children. The body shaming her makes me sick.
  11. Catelynn and Tyler, maybe pop Vaeda in her stroller, head to the zoo and be glad of the visit. I selfishly wish these visits were filmed..! I like Tyler’s mom. She seems really solid amidst all of the dysfunction. Notice how Catelynn is eating salads every time they eat out on camera now. looks like Amber’s arrest is going to be aired in the finale Cheyenne is going to frighten this guy away with her crazy rushed marriage and more kids talk, I cringe for her. Reminds me of Farrah pushing Simon for pretty much the same things. Way to turn a guy off of you !
  12. It’s time to roll these 2 shows into one. For entertainments sake I would watch Catelynn, Amber, Jenelle and Kailyn. Maybe bring back Farrah. The end 🤷🏼‍♀️ Cheyenne, Maci and Chelsea have one storyline on repeat. For Cheyenne it’s how new partners deal with her and Cory’s relationship. For Maci it’s what a bad father Rhiiine is to Bentley. Ditto for Chelsea and Adumb. I think it’s too late to try to include Mackenzie, plus she doesn’t come across as the brightest girl. Leah just has nothing going on. Idc about whoever this Jade girl is. Its not hard to make this one show MTV, save on production costs.
  13. Yep Amber did say she would bring James, but I guess that was too much effort for her in the end. I was waiting for her to explode in that traffic. Her “omg duuuuuude” sounded eerily like Jenelle. She couldn’t have any less interest in Andrew and seems to be trying to convince her delusional self that he is the love of her life ? More Jenelle similarities. also, since when is 4 or 5pm “night-ish” ?! Wtf ! the “in the industry” comment was laughable. How are MTV getting away with trolling Amber with the sloth everyyy time ?! How has she not addressed that 🙈
  14. I’m still against Nessa pushing her own personal gripes with Jenelle, it’s just not the setting. I would give anything to get up there and ask Jenelle the really difficult questions. Not with bad intentions to cause hurt but to really put her on the spot about her marriage etc. no doubt she would still storm off, but keep it relevant to the show at least. Yep they really let Barbara off the hook. At least chelsea admitted what has so often been discussed on here, how her “ideal custody situation” would be Cole adopting Aubree and Adam completely disappearing out of the picture. Doesn’t work like that hun. Drews comments to Kail about half siblings I didn’t have a problem with, he is stating actual facts. The reality is that they are half siblings and not full siblings, regardless of what way Kail wants to portray it. I don’t see it as being particularly insulting. By suggesting there is no difference you are only going to confuse children further and also is she just trying to normalize having multiple baby daddies ? Like there is no distinction between a family of say 3 boys with one father and a family of 3 boys with 3 different fathers? Of course there is a distinction and having multiple children by different men is not something that should be encouraged. Sure, it happens, but nobody sets out with that intention because it’s obv not ideal.
  15. I don’t agree with what Nessa did at all. Her job is to be an impartial host, not to pick personal fights with the cast members on camera. There are all kinds of difficult questions she could have asked Jenelle about this past season and instead she made it personal. Highly inappropriate and unprofessional. She must realize she can’t call out every single person who disagrees with the actions of “her man”, so why corner Jenelle ? And especially in that setting?! She should be fired.
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