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  1. The govenor has given the greenlight for basically everything to open. This seems like a standpoint of protecting themselves from the potential law suits if they have an outbreak while hosting the general public's children. I imagine training camp for the employees (cheerleaders and players) will go on as long as the Govenor does not shut everything down again.
  2. In all fairness, there is no way to know why someone is retiring. We know the public reason they give. I would be very surpised if someone posted on insta that they were retiring because Kelli is a Bitch, or they hate Victoria, or anything negative like that.
  3. Right? If the source for that number id Kelli or Charlotte, then I don't believe it for a minute
  4. Kinsey would greatly benefit from a visit with Marshall. Can someone who knows something about dance look at her insta and report back? She has a ton of videos and I can't tell of she is good or not. Lol. She does a lot of leg extensions with her foot flexed. It looks weird to me, but maybe it supposed to be that way?
  5. Some of them don't have a snowballs chance in hell, but there are some good contenders in the mix. Paige is cute but the dancing, at least in the video posted, is weak. Juliet is Vivien 2.0. Morgan picked about the most unflattering shorts and pose she could find.
  6. I don't like that picture of her posted above wirh her ass hanging out. I'm sure she has something underneath that skirt, but the angle of the pic makes it seem that she is bare assed under there. Tacky!
  7. And i googled "middled aged skinny blonde who works for trump" and Kellyanne popped right up
  8. She just isn't particularly pretty, imo. People say Gina doesn't have the "face" for point, but I think she is light years more attractive than Daphne. In a few years Daphne will look like that middle aged, skinny blonde that worked for Trump. I forget her name, she is skinny and haggard looking. EDIT: Kellyanne Conway
  9. I could do without another year of Maddie. I think she is fine for the team, but as point? Hell no. I would put almost any of the other 36 girls there before her. I don't get why everyone on the facebook group thinks she shits gold and farts rainbows. It must be the underdog/ comeback girl storyline.
  10. i think Maddie is a very boring point, and I'm cringing at the thought of another year, or 2 or 3, of her as point.
  11. Right? Lol, i cant wait to see how they work this
  12. The Governor of Tx just announced that non essential offices could reopen on may 18th but with only 5 people or 25% of their staff ( whichever is greater) in the office at a time Gyms can open at 25% capacity, maintaining 6 feet distance between people, and locker rooms must stay closed. Classes held outside dont have a capacity limit but you have to stay 6 feet apart Assuming he does not further loosen restrictions on june 1st, then if training camp is run like a gym under these rules, they could have it outside as long as they all stay 6 feet apart
  13. I would add Amber and Alanna to that list
  14. I like Vivian, but I tend to agree. She has gained a large amount of weight, yet constantly posts bikini shots, and talks on and on about living herself the way she is. It reeks if over compensation to me. Like she is trying desperately to convince herself and everyone ekse that she loves herself now.
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