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  1. I swear, all the talk about "world class" and "elite" performers is a load of bull. They make sure they take a major struggler every year, and cut a better dancer to do so. They do that strictly for the show. The stupid show is more important than having the best team.
  2. I'm not expecting a lot of retirements this year. I know if I were a vet I would not want my final year to be this crappy year where they didn't get to dance on the field. That being said, my guesses for retirement are Briana, Kristin, Lexie. Maybe Savannah, especially since she keeps getting passed over for everything. I wish to heaven Maddie would call it a day, but I don't think she will.
  3. Exactly, we only see what thwy show us. We have heard rumors that VK was nasty and rude to everyone in camp, that both a rookie and one of the weakest vets are sleeping with players. I know if 2 of my coworkers were breaking a major rule and the boss chose to ignore it, then cut me, when i followed all the rules and went above and beyond for them, then I would have a major attitude.
  4. There were rumors that one of the rookies only came to dallas to follow the player she is screwing. If that is true then she may have been referencing that.
  5. Yikes, this jackasses comment has me even more pissed about brennan getting cut
  6. Wow, Kristen's family are calling Kelli put now. hope Kristen was planning on retiring, because i think she is toast for sure now.
  7. Lol, right? She probably got kelli's sticker, which is the only sticker that counts.
  8. Im interested in what happened, maybe they will tell us next week. Also from the screenshot posted earlier i am seriously annoyed that lexie got 2 judges stickers for show group, and made show group, while hanna got 3 and didn't even make the team.
  9. Interesting, and she got booted from show group this year, like Jalyn did last year? Or am i mixed up?
  10. I always assumed they interviewed a bunch of people and then when they edited they used the interviews of the cut girls, because by the time they are editing finals are over and they know who was cut.
  11. Well, so far i have found the first 2 episodes to be boring. I am hoping it will get more interesting when the vets show up. Also, what is the point of them wearing the masks into the room, taking them down to dance, putting them back up to file out of the room, then take the off and visit with each other? Like, really? Why wear one at all? And it isn't a bubble if you have a seamstress coming in one day and getting 2 inches away from everyone.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHVj8OwMy3W/?igshid=tikxwz9b8v8o Wow, why does taylor p look so much bigger than Amber in this pic
  13. Correction, to he exact, she left sometime between the middle of october and Thankgiving
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