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  1. Not sure if this has benn posted, but Abigail is starring in a lifetime movie that comes out soon
  2. I dont think that was it, i believe they make every effort to place the kids back with birth parents, or with family, if possible. I believe in both cases family members ended up reunited with the children
  3. I think he said he is going to pursue a private adoption, so I hope that works out for him
  4. I think the poster touched a nerve by disparaging his hair.
  5. She is delusional if she thinks she has an advantage looks wise.
  6. I thought Taylor posted about going on a road trip in her ig stories, but I dont know where
  7. Right? I know someone mentioned an organization rule about quarantine for 14 days after a trip, but they were not the only 4 who took trips that weekend.
  8. Everyone seems to be assuming the girls have to social distance while performing. The players, obviously will not be, so why should the girls? Is it just for show? A lot of them live together, and they are all going out and socializing together so what is the point?
  9. Ow hat did Kelli say about the tackle incident? In jeez, it was obviously an accident
  10. That #blessed shit gets on my nerves too, especially in relation to material things. "Here is my new BMW #blessed" its like they are saying " look at me, jesus loves me more than you"
  11. She's a mess, nothing even remotely attractive about her.
  12. I am reading this to mean Kat isn't the only one fraternizing, so if she goes down she is taking others down with her.
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