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  1. As of this morning, Pop has changed the schedule yet again, to weekdays from 7--10AM.
  2. It's sickening how many of these people who are guilty as hell will give interviews swearing that they're as innocent as a newborn. And I don't just mean that it's supposedly pathetically obvious to the viewers, I mean finding out x amount of time later that they've been arrested.
  3. This was a really bizarre one, but it's genuinely terrifying to see how elaborate a conspiracy to take someone down can be.
  4. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a30753289/call-the-midwife-season-10/ And it's been renewed through Season 11
  5. This version is much shorter, but it shows some more clips from the movie: It's an incredibly haunting and beautiful song, and the lyrics strongly allude to his fractured relationship with Madeline. More TV spots: From the Oscars: From the NBA All-Star Game: That moment in the Oscars commercial where Bond and Madeline exchange "This is it" is intriguing. I'm guessing they're off enjoying an idyllic life in Italy when the bad guys catch up with them. (Ripping off The Bourne Supremacy). At some point, Bond believes that Madeline has betrayed him. He dumps her and runs off to Jamaica where Letter draws him back into service. He returns, finds Madeline working for MI-6. . . and I have no idea about the rest, but I think I can guess the beginning fairly well. I also wonder if for the first time, a lot of the movie will be told in flashbacks. A lot of the Bond/Madeline scenes have that look about them. The soundtrack will be released on March 27. A spectacular performance from Eilish:
  6. The theme song will be released tomorrow.
  7. It annoys me that someone is always left out of the "Memoriam" segment and that the reasons for doing so are always bullshit. If time is an issue, they need to shorten or eliminate any of the hundred other filler segments they always have. And will you PLEASE alphabetize the damn thing?!
  8. Nothing against Renee Zellwegger, but I was really hoping for a shocking upset in the Best Actress category. It looks like I've really got to see "Parasite" now. Is this the first time a movie has won Best Picture and Best Foreign Film?
  9. Exactly. Like I said, there's no way Romano wouldn't have assigned someone to go, or gone himself, or ensured that there was a nice big wreath from the hospital in the hopes of wrangling a donation. I rewatched the episode where Gallant was killed. It's so haunting seeing Frank's reaction when the military guys show up looking for Neela--he knows exactly what they're going to tell her.
  10. As far as I know, they're already planning for it. I hope she makes it to that point, as she'd be the first in British history and the first female. Imagine if she lives even longer. They'll have to come up with an entirely new term, because no one's gotten that far. https://www.msn.com/en-us/Lifestyle/royals/prince-harry-revealed-he-has-been-in-therapy-for-seven-years-to-cope-with-loss-of-his-mother-after-being-introduced-on-stage-by-meghan-at-star-studded-jpmorgan-summit-in-miami/ar-BBZLmqH?ocid=ob-fb-enus-280
  11. I mentioned this on the TWOP page shortly after I joined. The first few seasons had a lot of realistic overlap between the characters even if their stories weren't necessarily connected--Peter asking about Carol after her suicide attempt, Doug offering Peter his condolences, etc. By season 8, Mark only seemed to interact with Elizabeth, Carter only with Abby, Peter only with Cleo, etc.
  12. Exactly. That's why it was so glaring. I got condolence cards from my classmates and co-workers after the respective deaths of my sister and grandfather when I barely knew a good chunk of them. If you can have Doug telling Peter "Hey, I heard about your mom. I'm sorry." when the two of them weren't really friends, there's no way the entire ER staff shouldn't have somehow reached out to Carter about his grandparents. Especially considering their semi-celebrity status in ER's version of Chicago--a money-grubber like Romano would surely have been angling for some kind of bequest from the Carter Foundation.
  13. Heh. How often and how far do you run that 12 miles isn't challenging? I barely got a spot in the Brooklyn Half. I'm going to do NYRR Five Borough Series this year. I would have done it last year had I not gotten into the marathon.
  14. It always annoyed me that the rest of the ER staff was absent from the funeral. Huh? He's worked with these people for almost a DECADE and none of them show up at his grandmother's funeral? Not even a mention of them sending flowers or something? How. . . tacky. This is the same show that had Doug offering Peter his condolences when the latter's mother died even though the two of them barely knew each other, but somehow, no one says anything to Carter. Did anyone even know that his grandFATHER died? Because no one mentioned that either. My sister abruptly died a week into my second year of medical school and when I returned, I received a sympathy card signed by EVERYONE, even people I'd probably never even spoken to.
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