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  1. No, I'm pretty sure that was Tag. Benton mentioned that the guy was an orthopod and that was Tag's specialty.
  2. I just realized that I forgot to note the 20th anniversary of poor Lucy's murder (Valentine's Day) and on a happier note, Doug and Carol's 20th anniversary (I'm assuming they married soon after she joined him in Seattle.
  3. She was a grade-A hypocrite and of all the things I hated about her, that was the worst. I don't think there was anything that she blasted others for that she either had done or would do herself. I was so glad when she got a little comeuppance in that episode when a drug rep brought food and she went on and ON about how no one should eat it. This turned out to be good advice regardless, because everyone who ate it got food poisoning--including her, who of course ate it after telling everyone not to.
  4. Apparently not. After all the excellent work they did to redeem Janet and make her a respectable citizen--one of the most realistic and extensive character redemptions soaps have ever done--I was very disappointed when she returned as "Janet From Another Planet" yet again. ETA that someone named AddieCate has also been posting a lot of early-to-mid 90's episodes from GH, Loving, and AMC.
  5. I love her. (I'm assuming it's a she) I once stayed up all night watching ANC episodes from the mid-90's.
  6. I liked her Janet. So did I. She did an excellent job with her. I was completely on her side throughout most of the things she did.
  7. Next week's schedule. I'm not clear on what the theme is supposed to be though. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/bb-and-yr-announce-new-theme-weeks-2/
  8. I can't stand that scenario of "Person is doing/about to do/has done something lousy, then sees themself in the mirror and feels sickened and ashamed by their actions." And add on a disgusted shake of the head to top it off. It started out okay, but then it seemed like every show was trotting this one out.
  9. I especially hate him in that episode where his house is destroyed by a tornado and the community bands together to build him a new one. It turns out to be a piece of crap and he blows up at everyone. Hey, maybe if you hadn't been so unbelievably fucking stupid and irresponsible so as to not have insurance--"It's a form of gambling!"--maybe you could have afforded to repair your house or buy a new one instead of having the gall to blame the townspeople--who, for all their idiotic ways, were genuinely trying to help you--for your misfortune. That bit where he yelled at Marge, "My family can't live off of your good intentions!" is infuriating. You mean the family that YOU failed to provide for? There's also the Fridge Horror of wondering what other kinds of insurance he doesn't have because of his idiotic beliefs--car (which is flat-out illegal), health, life, etc.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/prince-harry-meghan-markle-report-074526890.html I have no idea if this is accurate--it is a tabloid after all--but I have to admit that as much as I love them, I'm a tiny bit unsympathetic. Of all the places to move because you want privacy, you choose LA? There's another article, much nicer (which I've lost unfortunately), that has Kate denying reports of clashes with Meghan.
  11. Coincidentally, this week is "villains" week. Next week's schedule, which is highlighting the Abbotts: https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/bb-and-yr-announce-new-theme-weeks-2/
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/belgian-royal-family-says-crown-130000985.html Good for her. You rarely hear about the royal women doing this.
  13. https://pagesix.com/2020/05/23/prince-harry-was-the-driving-force-behind-megxit-not-meghan-sources/?_ga=2.62690532.997983666.1590332832-amp-ClIlWNLWQRImhCMPff8xGQNSowDsMPmTwk9l0UuMZQO5hiv1K4oDgxpRLRypwP4F Maybe people will stop Yoko Oh No ing Meghan now, though I doubt it.
  14. No, it was some one-off character named Jana. I forget the motive. By that point, I was thoroughly disgusted with the storyline and the way Carmen was turned into a supposed Asshole Victim. Neil and Carmen had a completely mutual flirtation/fling which Dru reacted to by trashing Carmen's apartment and later physically assaulting her--incidents that Neil witnessed!--yet viewers were constantly told "Carmen's an evil tramp who tried to seduce sweet, innocent, happily married Neil and is pressing trumped-up charges against Dru out of revenge for Neil rebuffing her." Um, that's NOT what happened. Newsflash, people. No one is telling you to be best friends with the person your spouse is fooling around with, but being cheated on does NOT give you carte blanche to commit crimes.
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