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  1. Same thing with "Seduced By My Neighbor". Although, one can legitimately Hand Wave that her husband's insurance settlement helped. The dreaded Friends Rent Control trope. "I work one day a week and get paid five dollars an hour, but my apartment/house is nicer than what someone with a six-figure salary could afford. Also a staple of Hallmark movies. Money aside, that aspect of it never makes any sense--why would one person need such a huge house?
  2. Because in all likelihood, she'd be either faking, exaggerating, or completely responsible for whatever was making her bawl and Jason's exasperation would be because he knew this. He once said something like that when she whined that if she and Robin both fell down, everyone would step over her to get to Robin. He bluntly declared, "Robin would actually be hurt. You would be lying."
  3. So, apparently, Will and Kate are being criticized for their "cold" birthday greeting to Harry. Jesum peace. Wait until Queen Elizabeth dies and the speculation starts that Charles murdered her because he was fed up with waiting to take the throne.
  4. Happy Birthday, Harry! https://www.yahoo.com/news/meghan-harry-birthday-instagram-084608278.html
  5. As is the movie. I just saw it and I'm still not sure if it's finished because there were so many times I thought it was, only for it to keep going. Yeesh. That said, it wasn't bad, per se, just insanely long. I'm so glad that his mother had the sense to stipulate that her money only be sent to whatever school in question. She must have known his father would try to steal it.
  6. I was idly looking up "The Women Of Brewster Place" and I just realized that it's been 30 years since it aired. I only saw it once, but I thought it was wonderful.
  7. They always worked better as friends. Racial difference or not, I always thought they were doomed regardless. She was vivacious and fun-loving, he was. . . NOT. POP is having a "special guest star" marathon starting at 2pm Sunday. And they'll be having bi-weekly marathons Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting this week.
  8. Meghan has been mom-shamed for going to the US Open final because of course she has: https://www.yahoo.com/news/meghan-markle-viciously-mom-shamed-012312268.html Three guesses who's doing it. To top it off, according to the article, they're a complete hypocrite.
  9. Heh. Me too. Queen Charlotte sounds lovely. As does Queen Elizabeth the 3rd, or even Queen Diana. I have nothing against George, but I really wish Charlotte had been born first. There won't be a queen for a very long time after Elizabeth passes and even if George's firstborn is a girl, we'll all be gone by the time she takes the throne.
  10. The Cambridges escorting Charlotte to her first day of school: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/princess-charlotte-marks-her-first-day-school-brother-prince-george-n1049876?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_nw Kate looks beautiful.
  11. Any idea why this didn't end on the skating rink like the Christmas episode usually does?
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/meghan-markle-making-her-first-201500448.html
  13. The early morning repeats are going to skip from Season 3 to Season 5 (if they haven't already), likely to once again avoid being on the same schedule as the midday ones. "Penitence" Danny groaning while Martin ripped the blood pack off of him and sarcastically apologized for hurting him was hilarious. And vaguely homoerotic. 😀 It's a shame that not only did this guy turn up dead, the killer seemed to be such a nice guy until the final reveal.
  14. Anyone else notice that a hell of a lot of the actors who guest-starred on Cold Case also did on this show?
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