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  1. I was just about to post that. What the hell?
  2. Meal ticket or not, her support doesn't surprise me. I've said this a million times--these guys are sick, not stupid. Over and over again, they cultivate this image of "Mr. All-American Wonderful Nice Guy" (or British, as the case here), and cap it off by making sure to target people/children unlikely to tell or unlikely to be believed even when they do speak up. This is exactly why whenever these scandals break, the public's overwhelming reaction is "I just can't believe he'd do something like that" rather than outrage, even if no one wants to outright say that the accusers are lying. They had a mostly happy marriage and have managed to stay friends despite an ugly divorce. It's not hard to see why she'd be in denial or even sincerely believe that he's innocent.
  3. "Beverly Hills, 90210". Dylan's father is father is killed by a car bomb right in front of him. He proceeds to scream in agony over and over and OVER again. Wrenching. "Blue Bloods" After shooting dead her would-be rapist/killer, Frank Reagan gathers his sobbing daughter Erin in his arms and comforts her as if she were a child instead of a grown woman with a child of her own--"Shhhh. It's okay." A very poignant and powerful reminder that no matter how old you are, when you're frightened/sick/hurt, you just want your mommy or daddy.
  4. Definitely a hit. When she nails it, she really does.
  5. That actually made more sense, as the girls were sixth graders. It was more plausible that the majority of them hadn't started yet.
  6. Exactly. Cosby had a a house full of women, yet we only got those two VSEs about Rudy and Claire, respectively. And it's ridiculous when we don't even get that much. Full House had THREE girls living in that house, plus a fourth who frequently visited, 2 of whom surely reached the age of menarche and a third who likely did too, but we got no mention of it. And a show like that could have gotten some good mileage out of them lamenting that they didn't have their mother to talk to about it.
  7. I hate the No Periods, Period trope. Once again, I'm not asking for 24/7 discussion of this issue, but it's ridiculous how absent this subject can be, especially on female-dominant/centric shows--Full House, Cosby, Just The Ten Of Us, had houses chock full of women, including several girls who undoubtedly reached the age of menarche at some point in the show's run, yet somehow the topic never came up.
  8. I did hear something to that effect, but it's still illogical considering the demographic the books were geared to. Plus, it insinuates that there's something improper about a girl's completely natural and inevitable development. Why bother with brief allusions to breast growth if you're not going to bother going further? If Mary Ann needs to buy a bra and Stacey has "filled out the top of her bikini", as she brags in one book, then puberty has clearly begun and they are highly likely to reach menarche any day now. And they often discussed and gossiped about bras, so never mentioning menstruation--again, especially at that age--makes no sense. And if she wanted it to be "wholesome", why bother tackling major issues like illness, death, and racism? These are okay, but a girl starting her period isn't? Again, that's why I was impressed that the "Twins" series averted this.
  9. Indeed it was. 😊 I LOVED getting that catalog and I loved it when the books came. That's how I built my collection.
  10. I HATE him. I'm sick of him being described as this "charming rogue" when he's an emotionally and verbally abusive jerk. From the very beginning, he gets a sick thrill out of provoking her to anger, then laughing in her face at her reaction.
  11. I went crazy whenever my library got a new shipment of them. Them and Sweet Valley High. I guess because there was a demographic they wanted to consistently appeal to and knew that they would lose them if the characters aged. What I did find ridiculous was the No Periods, Period trope. No one in this group of 13 year old girls has started menstruating yet? One or two or even half of them not having started is plausible, but there's no way none of them have. I was surprised and impressed that Sweet Valley Twins averted this--first with a friend of the girls, then with the girls themselves.
  12. I find that argument horrifically offensive. I don't care how desperate you are to get laid, no decent person is going to turn to a CHILD for gratification. By that same argument, there would be no sex scandals in Jewish/Christian houses of worship because their clergy ARE allowed to date and marry. A priest desperate to get laid could easily sneak off and find himself an ADULT to cavort with. I agree with all of this.
  13. Exactly. I'm so tired of people arguing, "But he's good-looking/rich/happily married! Why would he need to molest/rape women?" The obvious underlying sentiment being that because this guy could easily find a willing sex partner--or already has one--that he couldn't possibly be a rapist. But as stated, it's not about the sex, it's about violence and power.
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