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  1. “Nan Dolls.” I’m from the Ozarks, those were very hot when I was a kid. Mainstay of middle class decorating! So I’m guessing the uncle drilled the closet peephole to the girl’s room?
  2. I fell asleep during last week’s ep and didn’t feel compelled to re-watch, and I stopped watching this one. I’m disappointed that we’re back to Claire-getting-threatened, Jamie-getting-beaten, general torture porn from seasons past. Despite the purported stakes, Claire doesn’t mind mouthing off at/offending their only ally/family on the continent. Lather, rinse, repeat, but this time in “North Carolina.” Also, Jamie’s bangs are terribles.
  3. You mean the physics of the girl who we abruptly and suddenly learned was being poisoned and an invalid killing someone her own size, pulling teeth, and transporting the bodies? Which is it, show? I agree, the “physics” research is dumb.
  4. I wanted Camille to tell John as they led him away in handcuffs not to say anything without a lawyer!!!
  5. Not sure it is really an irrelevant point, as it’s engendered so much discussion. I would respectfully disagree there are cultural power differentials that make it acceptable, say, for a 25 year old female teacher to sleep with an 18 year old senior, but unacceptable if the genders are flipped. Camille may not be in a position of authority over John, but she’s old enough that I find her thing with John to be squiffy, regardless of their genders. Mileage certainly may vary, of course. I see the John thing as just one more in a long line of bad decisions Camille has made since returning home,
  6. It always bugged me that for someone so “overprotective” and controlling as Adora, she and her husband take apparently no steps to ensure Anna does not sneak out, given there’s a killer on the loose. That mansion doesn’t have an alarm? Dad can’t sleep on the couch to make sure she isn’t creeping down the stairs (lord knows he ain’t in Adora’s room)? But, I guess it makes some weird sense, if Adora has some MBP thing going on, or Camille’s vision her mom is involved in the murders is true, that Adora would not be that concerned so as to actually take some basic steps to avoid teena
  7. KC (or the majority of it) is in Missouri. Now, since this is clearly filmed nowhere in Missouri, let alone the bootheel where this is supposed to be... You’re right though that St. Louis would be closer.
  8. I don’t know if the source material provided an age for Camille. If so, and if it is “late 20s” as someone has suggested, I just think casting a well-known actress who is in her 40s changes things. At that point, Camille has been away from home/Adora longer than she was at home. I think that tells a different story than someone who is ten years or less out from under Adora’s thumb. Both can be interesting, but they are different.
  9. Amy Adams seems a bit old for her role, at 40ish, if Camille’s supposed to be in her late 20s. She’s hardly a cub reporter, for one; I roll my eyes every time Curry calls her “cubby,” b/c she should be an established professional woman. Also so agree it’shard to see how she has cut words on her back.
  10. And, with the quick flashback cuts and vague timeline, it’s super-hard to piece together what she’s remembering, what happened, when, and what’s real/imagined. I feel the show has waaaaay promoted style over content. Like, I got it already. Southern gothic vibe. Now, can you tell the story already?
  11. Yeah, the show could have cut out 10% of the shots of Camille drinking and driving her way around town, and put in some foreshadowing of the Munchausen’s stuff before this ep. Nothing indicated prior bouts of illness with Amma — nothing seen, no comments by the chatty folks of Wind Gap, etc. I’m not getting how Adora could have physically killed two teenage girls and hauled them around the woods and town, if that’s the turn this is taking.
  12. Harvard, that famed bastion of Republicanism... (sarcasm)
  13. It will be interesting to see how/if the show will keep audience interest by having so much focus on characters and events other than the central Claire-Jamie relationship. I agree... I don't think the show really needs MORE Frank. For those of us who haven't read all the books, Frank holds very little interest. The show seems at times to play what happened between Jamie and Jack as a variant on coerced/reluctant consent. That is an awfully hard thing to pull off, and do so in a way that is thoughtful and respectful, rather than exploitative, dumb, and trashy romance novelis
  14. I find it kinda gross how the show continues to try to emphasize a special connection between Jamie and Jack, like they have a "thing," rather than the reality. I just don't think it's artsy or clever or whatever they're going for to portray rape survivor and rapist in that way.
  15. I think the supposition is this was several weeks later, and it was Perry's influence and example that was leading to Max's misbehavior. So, his death, and the therapy I'm sure Celeste is giving him, is probably ameliorating things. Plus, the adult:child ratio on the beach was 5:6, unlikely Amabella's at any risk.
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