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  1. This is the 8th episode. You're talking about something from an episode that happened after this...clean you write "SPOILER" so people like me who like to read comments of the current episode are not spoiled. 🙄
  2. Love this show but it was so triggering with Ka'Kwet and Bast situations. Every time they show it. It's triggering and it pisses me off.
  3. I felt like there were signs that Mr. Philips was "gay". He kept bullying Cole for no reason. He was even harder on Cole than he was on Anne. Also when he finally kissed Prissy, I didn't see or feel any affection in it. I felt like his face showed he didn't like it or was not interested in it. Then when Cole was in there with him alone. I was thinking something would happen and boom it basically did when they were staring at each other while kneeling. I'm glad that Prissy decided not to marry him. That man was awful. He deserves to be alone. He was such a horrible teacher!! That Billy kid....if only I could jump through the screen...he irks my nerves
  4. Other moms have been on Housewives reunions. Let's not act like it hasn't been done before.
  5. THANK YOUUU!! ALL OF THIS!!! People sitting up here dissing Candiace because she calls out Ashley's BS!! Ashley has been putting people down EVERY season and when its finally her season to be gossiped about she wants to play victim. NO MA'AM, NO HAM. NO TURKEY!!! KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY!!!
  6. Yes she didn't want to be questioned but that didn't stop the girls especially Ashley from bringing it up all the time. Regardless of the many times she asked them to let it go. So she remembers what she asked of Ashley and the girls. She is just giving Ashley a taste of her own medicine.
  7. I will be the odd one out and say I actually like Candiace and she is one of my favorites. Monique was my top but she has moved down to number 3. Candiace, Karen, and then Monique for me. I need people to stop acting like Candiace picked up that BUTTER knife to threaten Ashley when she did NOT. Candiace picked up the butter knife to mimic Ashley talking on the microphone at Monique's Rainbow Shower. Candiace talks with her hands. So when the conversation got heated she still had the knife in her hands..hence why Candiace was like "it could of been a spoon" or whatever. Candiace didn't say Ashley shut up/get out of my house or I'm going to cut you or stab you with this knife. She simply was arguing with the girls using her hands. The knife just happened to be in her hands. It could have been a fork, spoon, chop stick, her phone, etc. She didn't threaten the girl and I agree with Candiace on that. The bad she did was throw the knife at her. I loved Monique but I felt she was throwing Candiace under the bus. That was a private conversation between her and Candiace. There was no reason to show Ashley the conversation. AT ALL. Mo could have said "Ashley, I have no issue with you and I do not partake in the foolery" and kept it at that. Candiace is supposed to be Mo's friend so I don;t understand how she doesn't see she was wrong in showing a private conversation between them two. My best friends would never do that. That is where I feel like Mo be acting shady and fake sometimes. I understand why Candiace feels the way she feels at Mo. At the beginning of the season Mo didn't give a flying duck about Ashley. Ashley caused a whole big issue with Mo and her family. Now all of a sudden Ashley "lost a baby" and is trying to get pregnant Mo is like best friends with Ashley. Like I can be sympathetic for Ashley but that doesn't erase the damage she has done. I believe Katie and I believe that EVERYONE talked about Ashley and her situation with Michael. I feel like Monique is trying to save face but she really don't give a F about Ashley either. Candiace is supposed to be her good friend when others are ganging up on Cadiace...a real friend will have your back and or not partake in the gang up. Candiace participated in the gang up at Katie's house. I personally believe that Mo and Candiace be having a different convo and that is why Candy be saying Mo don't like Ashley. but when Mo gets infront of everyone she plays dumb. Just like when Candy was getting on Ashley about drinking and getting pregnant. It didn't come out of left field because Ashley told Candy that she was going to cut down on drinking because she was getting pregnant but yet she kept drinking a lot. So I would be looking confused like Candy at Ashley and looking confused at Mo too if she is doing something different with just them two. Giselle I have lost so much respect for her. She is funny but she was dead wrong for doing that at her BEST FRIEND's event. I do not care if she felt Mo was fake. Mo knows how to be cordial. Giselle needs to learn that. She could have just hugged Mo back and talked after the event. I would have been pissed at Giselle if I was Robyn. I pray she doesn't back down next episode. That preview for next week.... Ashley is trash. Yeah she called you dumb but what Ashley said is not on the same level and was straight up trash. This is why Ashley is at the bottom of my list. Her having baby doesnt mean anything either. I still feel like the baby is an insurance policy for her to have money. Ashley loves saying other people don't have jobs but what does Ashley do??/ Like what is her job besides this TV show??
  8. I would love to say that I honestly like Candice. Yes she is spoiled and is used to getting what she wants. The person to blame in that is her parents. This is why she's the way she is now. It also doesn't help that her mom does emotionally and verbally abuse her. Her mom is negative energy. I agree with Karen that Candice needs help. She needs therapy by herself and not with her mom. She needs to be able to confront her own demons. Deep down inside Candy resents her mom and fears she is going to be like someone she resents. That's why she gets so heated when people bring up her mom and compare her to her. Also she talks about her issues with her mom to them but just because does doesn't make it right for them to use that against her and attack her. Anyway my favorite people used to be Giselle and Robyn but that stopped after season 1 on to season 2. Giselle just does tooo much. Like she is funny I admit. However, she has moved down the ranks. Her behavior and messiness is disgusting. So now my favorite is Monique, Candice, and Karen. Robyn is slowly coming back up because she hasn't been doing anything for the past two seasons. Actually Ashley is dead last for me. I CAN'T STAND HER A**. Ashely & Mo convo in store: I do not agree with Monique about Candice. Yes Candice was over the top with her anger and she let her emotions get the best of her. but Candice mom is a trigger that sets her off to the top. She has mommy issues. My issue is that even though Candice went over the top with her emotions Ashley was the one in the wrong. Candice invited Ashley over to taste food because it will help Chris. She never had ill intentions for Ashley coming. If it wasn't for the food and for Chris Ashley wouldn't have been invited. Even when Ashley came Candice was nice and complimented her. Ashley is the one who thought Candice invited her over with ill intentions and because of that Ashley came over guns blazing ready to pop off. Ashley is the one who threw shade at Candice and popped off with the mouth. If Ashley really wanted to settle that issue with Candice she would have done it privately but yet she did it in front of the group to make Candice look bad and for Ashley to have possible backup. Not to mention throwing shade by saying they live in Candice's mom house. Regardless of the situation if the mom paid for her house and or they are splitting cost. Truth of the matter is that Candice lives there and it is her house. Ashley doesn't have to like Candice but what she needs to do is respect the person who lives there. Ashley had crossed the line and was doing to much. Especially when Ashley lives in Michael's condo. He clearly kicked her out last season. Ashley talks about Candice not having a job but what is Ashley without Michael? What does Ashley actually do in life? Anyway, once Ashley got kicked out the house. She should have left and never came back regardless of Giselle inviting her back in. Ashley was the instigator in this situation. Also Candice picked up the knife to use it as a microphone to demonstrate what Ashley did at the rainbow shower when she started arguing with Ashley. She did not deliberately pick up the knife to point it in her face. Ashley, Candice, Robyn, & Giselle: Sucking Dick Comment The person that started that issue was Giselle! That is who Ashley should be upset with and not with anyone else. The one who started it and caused EVERYONE to be in the business was Giselle. If Giselle was a "true" friend she would have never brought up the way she did in front of the group and she would have never thrown Robyn under the bus. Ashley wants to blame Robyn and Candice as if they were conspiring against her together when she should be the one blaming her husband for not keeping his hands and comments to himself. Robyn and Candice didn't even mention it to each other. Robyn was not trying to hurt Ashley. Robyn didn't even tell Giselle which is a BIG deal because she tells Giselle everything. I believe Ashley knew what happened and then the law suit for the butt thing didn't help and that is why she was so "mad" and it was a trigger for her when anyone brought it up. I believe she was trying to get pregnant so bad so she can secure her life with Michael. Monique & Candice I believe that Monique is genuinely trying to help Candice. She wants her to realize that she is going down a lonely road if she doesn't stop what she's doing. Monique didn't talk to her rudely but i think people fail to realize that Candice shuts down anytime someone brings her mother up. That is the issue with Candice and what is stopping her growth as person. Until she figures out the issue is with her deep in and let all that anger and resent she has from her mother go. She will continue to ruin her relationships with friends and her husband. So people have to know how to talk to someone to give them advice. Everyone doesnt respond the same way. Candiace vs Everyone I understand why Candiace reacts that with everyone. Last season Candiace was new and she just sat and watched everyone. So she was able to observe and see the shit people do. So I understand why she is upset because everyone is ganging her on like she is the one causing trouble. Everyone has been having issues with Ashley so its funny to see them just defend her from Candiace. Candiace is not coming at Ashley for no reason. They all say the shit behind Ashley backs so when Candiace calls Ashley out on her BS..the BS everyone says off screen then they want to attack Candiace and tell her to "chill". Like I was with Candiace. They ALL talk about EVERYONE but have the audacity to try to tell Candiace she is wrong. So i understood why she was upset with Monique and Robyn. Especially when Monique lost her cool last season and threatened to choke Giselle with an umbrella and it was an altercation like in the house. Regardless if it was a butter knife or umbrella. BOTH got violent yet Candiace is the one who is getting dragged. I love Monique but it did come off fake to me. I guess she wants to be nice to Ashley because Ashley was trying to get pregnant. idk. I just feel like they don't have the right to tell Candice to stop when they continue to be shady AF to one another.
  9. I hate that the stars do not research what show they are going to be on. That way they can see the personalities and people they are going to be working with. Also I'm sorry but I don't see why they expect everyone is going to treat them like royalty. Sorry when you come into the challenge house you are just a regular person and still competition to them. With that being said, the stars came on here being extra sensitive this season. With Casper feeling some type away about not being picked first, to Arian getting offened by Devin's comment, to Selita being butt hurt because she popped off at Kailah and wanted to to play victim when Kaliah popped back off at her. As much as I can't stand Shane and Kailah, im sorry they werent really being rude. They were just talking about the game like they always do. Brook and Selita were just being sensitive and not understanding like bruh this is their life. This is what they do. Selita popped off at Kailah first. With the whole "first of all, and etc." She was talking about Kailah which is why she jumped in. Selita said, "Y'all" not you...but yall meaning shane and kailah because they were the ones talking... Don't dish out attitude if you can't take it back. Don't expect for people to not be themselves because you sre a 'star". Selita could have said we can disgree but don't curse at me. I don't like it instead of walking off acting like Kailah did her wrong. I swear the stars be acting butt hurt which is why i always go for the champs.
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